Meeting with CMD BSNL concluded

The meeting called by CMD BSNL with Recognised Association (AIGETOA), Recognised Unions (BSNLEU & NFTE) and Support Association (SNEA) was held today, which was also attended by Director HR and PGM SR, BSNL CO New Delhi. GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and AGS-II Shri Vivek Kumar Singh attended the meeting from AIGETOA Side. The meeting was started with welcome address by the PGM SR and initial note by all four General Secretaries.

The meeting continued for more than two hours and detailed deliberations held on BSNL sustainability and various businesses in pipeline. HR issues also came under discussion including Standard Pay Scale, Promotion, Superannuation, Medical and other issues.

CMD BSNL apprised in detail about the 4G rollout and roadmap for BSNL longevity through various projects in pipeline. The operation of BBNL is also going to be handled by BSNL, which will be funded by government. Network of Bhartanet will be used to expand customers base of BSNL in FTTH segment and organisation will be benefitted a long way through the project. BSNL has given initial procurement order of 6400 4G BTSs in first phase, which will be distributed across the country for field deployment in initial phase before full fledged roll out. Further procurement of one lakh 4G BTS will also be given subsequently and whole project is expected to be completed in next 2-3 Years. The strengthening of Transmission and Battery Power Plant is also in the process to make the network more reliable.

As far as the resources for field units are concerned, it was apprised in the meeting that items of transmission network, backbone network and battery procurement process already initiated and efforts will be made to ensure their availability in coming days.

He apprised that the organisation is stabilizing and hostility towards BSNL is diminishing and this will improve prospect of the organisation with a joint efforts of employees and management.

On HR front, AIGETOA taken following issues on priority in the meeting.

Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 issue was raised by the association and CMD apprised that he is also taking up the matter with DoT on insistence of association but currently the issue is not meeting expected progress in DoT. In this regard, once again reminder letter is being sent for pushing of the issue. As the matter has stuck up, more thrust and strategy will be required to bring it on the center stage for resolution.

On AGM Promotion, association submitted figure and details to the CMD in the meeting and argued how 2006-07 and subsequent VY CQ qualified SDEs have been placed en-block junior to 2008-09 SQ SDEs. These SDEs are victims of the wrong interpretations by the management and delay in holding of LDCE by the department. This has inflicted great injustice to these meritorious candidates. We reminded that management always speaks about the meritocracy but here the merit has been crushed. Hence, its a time to extend justice to them by doing one time measure to promote all 4900 SDEs approximately, who have completed seven years of service to render justice to these LDCE qualified. We also apprise that various new projects are coming including BBNL operation, opening scope to accommodate all SDEs with more than seven years of service. CMD apprised that he is not averse to Promotion and ready to discuss the number once things started rolling down but the discussion will be within the existing framework.

The promotion in CAO and other grades as well as LDCE for JTO to SDE, left out JTO DPC and other issues were also discussed. We also taken the matter of short vacancy in the recently notified LICE for JE to JTO, which is not acceptable to us. Earlier in the day, GS SNATTA has written to GS AIGETOA to pursue for it in the meeting. The CMD assured to look into these promotion and vacancy related issues positively.

SAB, BSNL MRS, GTI, GHI, Transport Allowance, TA/DA were also raised in the meeting. The scarcity of staff at Uttrakhand and Karnataka Circles were also raised and we suggested to make tough areas of the Circles as hard tenure and soft tenure respectively to resolve the shortage of staff issues in these Circles.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Director HR.