Updates of AIGETOA CHQ Meeting with PGM Pers held on 29.04.2022

Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman AIGETOA and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS-II AIGETOA met PGM Pers today on 29.04.2022 and discussed following issues.

Promotion in from SDE(T) to AGM Grade :

We enquired about the status of promotion and it’s progress. It was informed that Pers team is on Job and are under discussion with various stakeholders to arrive at a firm consensus. The legal position as on date has been explained to each of them and now they all have to take a holistic approach so that the process of promotion can become smooth and hassle-free. It was highlighted that management is determined to extend the promotion in line with directions of GoI and will take all necessary steps to execute the same at the earliest. We told that under any circumstances, there should not be any delay. While we assured that association will also take all necessary steps to develop a consensus but at the same time association will not accept any delay by making this non consensus as an excuse. We said it should be the duty of management to follow the judicious path and justice should prevail for all.

We also highlighted about lack of proper monitoring wrt completion of APAR data capturing in ERP. PGM Pers assured that his team is on Job and all necessary monitoring is being done to complete the exercise at the earliest.

We also categorically stated that all the vacancies upto 1.1.2022 should be filled up and as being done in the case of SDE Promotions, vacancy arising out of the look after DGM post should also be taken into account. We also requested that expeditious action of framing of MSRRs should be done where stagnation criteria and fast track promotion policy should find its due place. PGM Pers assured that whatever that has been assured to AIGETOA, shall be taken care of and there is need to have patience, ultimately interest of everyone shall be ensured. We also affirmed that all these executives have faced enough in their years as JTO and SDE due to various reasons and discrepancies and now there should not be any injustice to anyone. While we also believe in continuity but at the end no body should be left out without justice and it’s the duty of the association and management to ensure justice for all.

OTP Transfers :

We requested for issuance of OTP transfers as it is already delayed. PGM Pers assured that today it will be issued. We requested for consideration of all genuine cases. PGM Pers assured that all cases which satisfy the criteria shall be taken care of and if any one is inadvertently left that can be taken care of subsequently.

Promotion to left out JTOs of 2008 batch and status of modified MS RRs :

It was informed that all left out JTOs of 2008 will be covered soon.

The issuance of modified SDE RRs shall also be done soon. It was highlighted that apprehensions raised by AIGETOA on the RRs shall be taken care of while issuance of modified SDE RRs.

Reversal Issue :

We expressed our resentment that April 30 is almost over and even file has not been put up yet. PGM Pers told that he will direct the section to process the file in next few days. We once again told that as assured at various platforms, it should be resolved in positive direction.

Status of Process of Transfer of long Stay list circulated in February 2022 :

We expressed that after issuance of list and taking of options from executives, any unnecessary hold up leads to apprehensions and unfair practices down the line for encashment of hardships by some mischievous elements. Hence Department should take an immediate and firm decision on this aspect and Juniors should not be made Pray for such indecisive actions. PGM Pers assured that he will discuss the apprehensions raised by Association with Director and CMD BSNL and assured that there will not be any injustice.

Friends, Team AIGETOA is on job and we assure that at the end Justice will prevail and association will go to any extent to ensure this. All stakeholders belonging to different groups should have patience and faith in the team.