SDE LDCE 2007 reversion Orders Kept in abeyance

SDE LDCE 2007 reversion Orders Kept in abeyance

Congratulations !!! With the strong and continuous persuasion of AIGETOA, BSNL CO issued reinstatement orders for 39 SDE Grade Executives who were reverted back to the grade of JTO (T) vide order dated 06-09-2019. The order dated 06-09-2019 has now been kept under abeyance.

However, the work is only half done. Still issues are there which needs to be sorted out and AIGETOA team is on job for that.

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Notification – Circle Conference of AIGETOA AP

Circle Conference of AIGETOA, AP Circle is notified and will be conducted on 18-10-2020.

Observers from the CHQ are

1. Shri Fazal Ahmed, AGS-3, CHQ-AIGETOA. 2. Shri M Sridhar Babu, JS(South), CHQ-AIGETOA.

All the members of AIGETOA, AP Circle are requested to participate actively and make it a grand success.

Schedule of the election of New Governing body of AP Circle:

  1. Filling of Nominations: From 08-10-2020 to 11-10-2020
  2. Nomination withdrawal: From 12-10-2020 to 15-10-2020
  3. Final nominations will be displayed on 16-10-2020
  4. Election of New Governing Body of AP Circle on 18-10-2020.

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Team AIGETOA meeting with PGM(Pers) held on 7th October-2020:

As per the schedule, AIGETOA CHQ Team met PGM Pers and held detailed discussion on various issues with facts and figures. The detailed discussion happened on the pending promotion of JTO to SDE, SDE 2007 reversal issue, Promotion in other cadres, publication of subsequent seniority Lists etc. We appraised all developments on JTO to SDE Promotions in chronological order with status and progress made so far in line with the formal meeting held on 15.09.2020 between Majority Recognized Representative Association i.e. AIGETOA and BSNL management under chairmanship of respected Director(HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi.

The PGM(Pers) listened to all submissions and arguments about it. It was nice to note that even after having joined just two days back, he was totally conversant with all the issues.

The issues were discussed on a positive note and amicable environment and we emphasised about the enormous delay that has already happened on the promotion. We requested immediate publishing of AIEL whose details are available and also requested to call for particulars of subsequent batches in due course of time. It was noticed that certain modifications were required in the AIEL which is being done. We expect the publication of AIEL without any delay now and also the letter with regard to calling eligibility particulars of subsequent batches for initiating their process shall also be issued very soon. We also requested to start the preparations for the DPC process which was agreed and directions have been given to start the activities in parallel.

It is however unfortunate to note that some corners are still trying to create confusion and are trying to dissuade management from taking right decisions every now and then. However, we have been able to overcome those obstacles and we hope for a speedy resolution of the issue very soon.

With regard to SDE 2007 Reversal issue, the necessary action to reinstate the reverted SDEs is being taken as assured in the discussions held in agenda meeting dated 15.09.2020 with AIGETOA. We are consistently following the issue and we hope for a breakthrough on this issue anytime now.

The issue with regard to publishing of lists for the VY 2007-08 onwards and promotions in other cadres were also discussed. Discussion on these issues will continue on next week.

Friends, AIGETOA team is consistently following up on all the issues. Though some corners are still indulged in their usual confusion and division tactics but we are very sure that truth ultimately wins and we will make it sure to overcome all such negativities. We are also prepared to take other course in case of any derailment on issues from the committed decisions. Let’s hope for the best and keep ourselves prepared.

Call received from Deptt of Telecom (DoT) to GS-AIGETOA on the issue of 4G roll out in BSNL:

Today, GS-AIGETOA got a call from DDG PSU from Dept of Telecom about the issue of delay in 4G roll out in BSNL as raised by us to Hon’ble MoC & IT Govt of India and Secretary DoT vide our letter dated 01.10.2020. It was emphasized by him that DoT is very concerned about the roll out of 4G Services and following up with BSNL Management to utilize the opportunity as given by the government in the form of the free allocation of bandwidth for the services. We raised our serious apprehension to derail the much hyped rollout of 4G Mobile Services by BSNL from certain quarters, which is evident in the form of cancellation of 4G Tender of BSNL in the last moment on the name of indigenous equipment and formation of committee on the issue by the Dept of Telecom. We highlighted about serious bottleneck in mobile data speed in absence of commercial launch of 4G by us and difficulties faced in survival of BSNL in competitive telecom market when other operators are moving towards 5G Services.

DDG PSU was affirmative about our concern and asked us to have a detailed meeting on the 4G and other issues as raised with authorities in DoT on a suitable date. AIGETOA CHQ team will be meeting them very soon as directed.

In the meanwhile the Committee formed by the DoT on the issue has submitted its report which will be shared to BSNL very soon. He said all necessary actions shall be taken for an expeditious action for ensuring 4G services by BSNL.

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AIGETOA Team meeting with PGM Pers and discussion on JTO to SDE Promotion

Patience, Perseverance & Persistence are key of Success


AIGETOA CHQ Team met PGM Pers today. We welcomed PGM Pers, Shri R K Goyal on his new assignment and thereafter had a detailed discussion on publishing of AIEL and JTO to SDE Promotion. We categorically emphasised that enough delay has already been done and anymore delay is not at all acceptable to us. We requested PGM Pers to immediately publish the provisional list and call for the eligibility particulars of further batches to initiate the process for preparation of next AIEL also. The PGM Pers sought one day time and called us for a final discussion on Wednesday i.e. 7th October 2020.

Thereafter team met Sr GM SR and informed him about the developments as Director HR was not available for meeting. We reminded GM SR for the maximum timeline of one month which was given to us in the agenda meeting for issuance of promotion orders for JTO to SDE through DPC. Today is the 20th Day and even provisional AIEL has not been circulated. We also reminded Sr GM SR on the timelines of other issues as assured in the meeting. This undue delay and lingering on the issues without any pretext is not at all acceptable and association is being forced to opt for the path of organisational action if things are not set in motion immediately. We categorically told Sr GM SR that now it is for the HR Team to decide for the future course of action as association has already given all its inputs based on which certain decisions were taken in the agenda meeting. None of the commitments met and assurances given in the agenda meeting has been fulfilled which is nothing but Breach of Trust which is bound to result in unrest and chaos in organisation. We requested Sr GM SR to convey the resentment amongst Executives to Director (HR) on which he assured to revert back after discussing with the Director.

Central Executive Committee Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ Notified

The Central Executive Committee Meeting of Central Governing Body Members of AIGETOA CHQ will be held on 12th October-2020 through online mode. A notice to this affect has been issued on 3rd October, 2020 and sent to the various authorities and participants. It will be the first CEC Meeting of the AIGETOA CHQ after the Membership Verification where issues will be deliberated in detailed and important decisions will be taken with regard to future action plan of the association for accomplishment of the goal.

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