Call received from Deptt of Telecom (DoT) to GS-AIGETOA on the issue of 4G roll out in BSNL:

Today, GS-AIGETOA got a call from DDG PSU from Dept of Telecom about the issue of delay in 4G roll out in BSNL as raised by us to Hon’ble MoC & IT Govt of India and Secretary DoT vide our letter dated 01.10.2020. It was emphasized by him that DoT is very concerned about the roll out of 4G Services and following up with BSNL Management to utilize the opportunity as given by the government in the form of the free allocation of bandwidth for the services. We raised our serious apprehension to derail the much hyped rollout of 4G Mobile Services by BSNL from certain quarters, which is evident in the form of cancellation of 4G Tender of BSNL in the last moment on the name of indigenous equipment and formation of committee on the issue by the Dept of Telecom. We highlighted about serious bottleneck in mobile data speed in absence of commercial launch of 4G by us and difficulties faced in survival of BSNL in competitive telecom market when other operators are moving towards 5G Services.

DDG PSU was affirmative about our concern and asked us to have a detailed meeting on the 4G and other issues as raised with authorities in DoT on a suitable date. AIGETOA CHQ team will be meeting them very soon as directed.

In the meanwhile the Committee formed by the DoT on the issue has submitted its report which will be shared to BSNL very soon. He said all necessary actions shall be taken for an expeditious action for ensuring 4G services by BSNL.

Click here for the letter given by AIGETOA on 01.10.2020

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