Updates of Meeting with PGM SR & Restructuring on dated 04.07.2023 :

The team AIGETOA consisting of GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AIP Shri G. Veerabhadra Rao and Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand along with Sunil Gautam AGS have met PGM SR and discussed the following points and recived the positive assurance.

As per assurance given to AIGETOA, the 3rd PRC reminder letter to DoT:

As per the decision taken in AIGETOA agenda meeting, Dir HR has assured to give a reminder letter to DoT with respect to implementation of 3rd PRC. We informed that the letter has still not been issued. PGM SR assured that the reminder letter shall be written to the DoT at the earliest. We said while AIGETOA is taking all efforts to extend the 3rd PRC benefits to BSNL employees and is trying to ensure implementation of standard pay scales of E2 for JTO/JAO Equivalent, management must also reiterate its stand to DoT. PGM SR assured us for issuance of reminder letter to DoT.

Discussion on Circle office and Corporate Office Body recognition:

We once again raised the issue of consideration of Corporate office and Circle office immunity. While we tried to explain the requirements and PGM SR gave a patient hearing also but another round of meeting shall be required with Honble CMD BSNL for a concrete decision on the same. Association shall be taking it up tomorrow with CMD BSNL for further discussion.

Restructuring Letter – Issuance of Template for capturing Data for Cadre Strength Review:

As informed earlier, Restructuring Cell has finalised and submitted the draft for approval. During discussion, we pointed out that a review in positional norms is also required along with operational norms as the situation has changed now after extension of 2nd Revival Package to BSNL in July 2022, and hence the template for positional norms review should also be issued along with the letter. PGM SR appreciated the input and said that she will ensure that letter is issued tomorrow after suitable modifications.

Modification in immunity Guidelines:

Though SR cell has processed the case, but some of the suggestions of association w.r.t the OA immunity and Circle office body was not considered.

PGM SR said that she will discuss the inputs of association with higher authorities. AIGETOA shall also meet and apprise CMD BSNL on the concerns. ITPC Dev unit OA body issue and other circle’s OA body issues also discussed. PGM SR asked us to submit the letters on the issues.

This meeting ended with positive note.