EPF HIGHER PENSION – AIGETOA Achieves it for all including other PSUs :

EPF HIGHER PENSION – AIGETOA Achieves it for all including other PSUs :

AIGETOA fought hard and won the EPF Higher Pension Scheme case for BSNL Executives as direct applicants and then ensured that the same is implemented without any hitch in BSNL. The requirement of furnishing proof for joint undertaking was a big show stopper which was resolved by AIGETOA and it’s team by getting directions from Hon’ble High Court. The efforts of AIGETOA was appreciated not only within BSNL but also by other PSUs, Mr Kohli (The crusader for higher pension option) and various Electronic and Print Media.

AIGETOA – Championing the cause of social security for all the BSNL Recruits. Only associations fighting for pensionary benefits to BSNL Recruits.

Only alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

Believe in Ourselves & Continue Our Positive Efforts :

The principle that team AIGETOA uphold is getting acknowledged. We are happy to share our joyful feeling with all the employees. – The recognised executive association in BSNL i.e. AIGETOA (Affiliated to BMS) features in the Video twitted by Hon’ble MoSC Shri Devusinh Chauhan Ji.

We had already updated about this meeting and the discussions held where AIGETOA presented it’s inputs to Hon’ble MoSC for settlement of the residual issues of 2nd PRC ie E2 Pay scales and 30 Percent SAB along with implementation of 3rd PRC for BSNL employees. This is the second meeting of AIGETOA Team with Honble MoSC in just over a month’s time.

We strongly vouch that better days are ahead. Together we eventually ensure what’s meant to be ours..

Support & Join AIGETOA

The only Alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

Team AIGETOA Welcomed Hon’ble MoSC Sh Devusinh Chauhan Ji on his visit to Chandigarh on 28.06.2023:

Today Team AIGETOA Punjab circle comprising Sh. Amit Roy JS North, Sh. Yogesh Chhabra CS, Sh. Narinder Kumar ACS, Sh. Vivek Asthana ACS, Sh. Jaspreet Singh ACS, Sh. Vishal Chanana OS, Sh. Ajit Singh DS welcomed the Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications Sh. Devusinh Chauhan on his visit to Chandigarh. He visited BSNL Manimajra TE Core site and BSNL TE Sector-37 Chandigarh RAN site to see the 4G technology stack deployed. He stayed for a short period of time. We also submitted a memorandum mentioning all crucial issues like Standard Pay scale E2-E3, 30% Superannuation benefits, 3rd PRC, Promotion in different cadres and TA DA revision etc.

Click here for the Memorandum

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Special thanks to CGM Punjab Sh. Ajay Kumar Kararha, GM HR Sh. Akhilesh Kumar Singh and GM Nodal Centre Sh. Rajiv Kumar Goyal for arranging a crucial interaction with the Hon’ble Minister.

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Update on discussion with PGM SR on 27.06.2023

GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma has a detailed discussion with PGM SR over the phone and the Team of All India President Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Chief Patron and National Convener AIGETOA Shri A A Khan, AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar and Shri Sunil Gautam and had follow up discussion with PGM SR on the following:

Issuance of Template for capturing Data for Cadre Strength Review:

As informed earlier, Restructuring Cell has finalised and submitted the draft for approval. After approval, the same is likely to be issued in a day or two.

Modification in Immunity Guidelines:

Though SR cell has processed the case, but some of the suggestions of association w.r.t the OA immunity and Circle office body was not considered. Accordingly, we have sought another meeting with Director HR and CMD BSNL.

Compliance Report – Intra-Circle rotational transfer & posting on the long stay basis as per prescribed in tenure in BSNL Transfer Policy :

BSNL CO issued reminder w.r.t letter dated 17.02.2023 to all Circles for compliance report on man power leveling across all Business Areas/Units and execute necessary Intra-Circle rotational transfer & posting on the long stay basis as per prescribed in tenure in BSNL Transfer Policy and compliance report is to be submitted latest by 30.06.2023.

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One more impetus to call of executives unity under the umbrella of AIGETOA – Circle Body of SNEA BSNL CO New Delhi today merges into AIGETOA along with their other team members :

Today Shri D D Bansal, Ex CS SNEA BSNL CO, New Delhi announced the decision of CEC body to Join AIGETOA along with other members. He expressed his confidence in the leadership of AIGETOA and told that AIGETOA is taking the issues with right approach, they have the zeal to fight for the rights, take the issues to its logical conclusion and above all they have shown the inclusive approach without any bias. He further expressed that AIGETOA is the larger umbrella which have mix of all group of leaders and hence they are best fit and natural home to all executives in order to carry forward the aspirations. The SNEA team was welcomed into AIGETOA family by Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS, Shri Veerabhadra Rao All India President and Shri A A Khan, Chief Patron and National Convener. CS Shri Rajeev Meena and CP Shri Sharad Kumar garlanded all the incomers.

Click here for the Glimpses of the event

Friends this merger has created a new chapter in the Executive Unity and is going to give great impetus to the collective resolution of issues including the financial ones.

Another Senior Leader Shri Pritam Singh Ji also Joined AIGETOA Today. He was one of the founder members of AIGETOA and his joining back to the fold of AIGETOA will make it more strong.

Leaving all apprehensions and On behalf of AIGETOA, we request one and all to come, support, Join and Empower AIGETOA which has committed itself for resolution of all the pending issues of Executives.

Together We Will Achieve Everything.

Sh A A Khan, National Convener & Chief Patron AIGETOA
Sh Ravi Shil Verma, GS AIGETOA Welcoming Circle Body of SNEA BSNL CO in AIGETOA family

Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with PGM Pers dated 26.06.2023 :

GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India President Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Chief Patron and National Convener AIGETOA Shri A A Khan met PGM Pers and extended thanks to him for issuance of promotions. We further discussed the following issues:

Karnataka OTP Cases : Orders in this regard shall be issued by this week.

Other Pending OTP Cases : Orders in this regard shall be issued by this week.

Retention Cases on Promotion : Only few genuine cases shall be considered in due course of time. However PGM Pers advised all to join at new places as soon as possible to avoid any legal complexity in future.

Notional Promotions to the AGMs whose DPC was over in 2018 : PGM Pers told that after the receipt of the letter from AIGETOA, he has directed his team to examine the same. However, he expressed that issue raised is definitely a genuine issue and Pers Section will examine the same with Positive Perspective. Hopefully the issue will be resolved in favour of the candidates.

We expressed our thanks to PGM Pers for considering the genuine issues.

Appeal by Sh Sunil Gautam, A LICE JTO & AGS AIGETOA CHQ :

Please listen to the appeal made by Sh Sunil Gautam, LICE JTO and AGS of AIGETOA. He is sharing the facts and efforts of AIGETOA for resolving the pay related issues and cautioning you to beware of the false propaganda created by some people who have no knowledge of the issue. They are creating propaganda just to satisfy their bosses. AIGETOA has a clear plan and vision to resolve these issues. Hence, my earnest appeal is to support AIGETOA.