Update of JTO to SDE DPC and LDCE :

Team AIGETOA met concerned officers in Pers Section and requested for executing the DPC at the earliest to avoid any last minute hitch. Details from two circles is pending which is being pursued. Though many executives will be promoted in ongoing exercise but still many within the same batch may be left out which is not good specially taking into cognizance of the fact that training centers marking pattern differed from circle to circle. Team AIGETOA is aware of this frustrating situation and shall be taking all efforts to convince management to execute the DPC for next lot also at the earliest. In the current DPC of JTO to SDE (T), all available vacancies upto 31st December 2022 shall be filled up. We request all the affected executives to exercise patience and wait for their turn. Association shall be taking all efforts to ensure that no body remains left behind in Promotions.

Team AIGETOA also met authorities in recruitment section and expressed disappointment on the delay in notification of the LDCE exam for JTO to SDE (T). We highlighted that despite go ahead from higher management, the LDCE has yet not been notified. We requested them for immediate notification of LDCE exams for vacancies upto 31st December 2022. It is understood that Recruitment Section is working on the notification and shall take all efforts to issue the notification without any further delay.