Another Proud Addition to Team AIGETOA – DS SNEA Nagaur, Rajasthan Circle Shri Rajesh Choudhary Joins the Association :

It’s indeed a proud moment for Team AIGETOA Rajasthan that DS SNEA Nagaur, Rajasthan Shri Rajesh Choudhary AGM has joined the AIGETOA. His joining further strengthens the association and brings more experienced leadership on board.

AIGETOA aims to represent and address the aspirations of executives from various cadres and streams. By joining AIGETOA, executives can actively contribute to shaping the future and work towards the betterment.

The joining of Sh Rajesh Choudhary DS SNEA highlights the inclusive nature of AIGETOA, where executives from all backgrounds can come together under one umbrella to bring about positive change. It emphasizes the importance of collective action and unity within the association.

Congratulations to Shri Rajesh Choudhary on joining AIGETOA, and best wishes to the entire team AIGETOA Rajasthan.

The only alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

Join AIGETOA – Be the change Yourself.