Team AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL 20.11.2020:

Team AIGETOA comprising of AIP, Shri Ravi Shil Verma and GS, Shri Wasi Ahmad met CMD BSNL on 20.11.2020 in his chamber and held detailed deliberation on various issues including 4G roll out and pending promotions.

4G Rollout by BSNL: We apprised CMD BSNL about our discussions in the DoT with various officers including that of the brief meeting with Hon’ble Secretary (Telecom). We told CMD BSNL that it seems that Government is sticking to its decision for involving only domestic players in the 4G core technology through BSNL rout to promote Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Scheme. But it’s also a fact that no domestic vendors have the proven 4G Technology to meet out the customer’s requirement of the service. The proposed methodology of DoT Committee for rollout of 4G Services in BSNL through introduction of SI, PoC testing, tender bidding by local vendors, commercial production and supply of equipment and rollout of the project by successful local bidder has lots of uncertainty. This will not only consume time but also a question mark about sustainability duration of the service. If the whole exercise got failed then BSNL will again back to square for loosing such precious time, which is crucial in the industry. So, the dependency of BSNL on such new local entrants to roll out its 4G service will posed a serious question on the viability of BSNL for which whole exercise of BSNL Revival Program was approved by the Union Cabinet last year. It seems government is forcing its decisions on BSNL without considering its technical and financial viability in its extreme desire for Atma Nirbhar Bahart Scheme and thereafter the employees will be held responsible if the decision will backfire. Although our BSNL Board under the esteemed leadership of CMD is putting all facts and figure in front of decision making authorities to protect the interest of BSNL but our responsibility as association gets multiplied to ensure that any adverse decision on BSNL should not be forced and AIGETOA is committed for it.

We also lodged our strong apprehension to the CMD on this non proven technology implementation in BSNL and its consequence on the viability of the organisation. We have seen how the employees were targeted for the downfall in the revenue of the BSNL, whereas it is a proven fact that wrong policy decisions were the main culprit behind the present state of BSNL. We requested CMD BSNL for seeking compensation for the losses of BSNL which is occurring because of the delay in rollout of 4G services as well as demand full project cost to implement non proven technology to carry forward the Atma Nirbhar Bharat theme of the government else otherwise BSNL should be allowed to procure the industry standard equipment for the 4G roll out in BSNL with open tender, where state of art equipment can be procured to roll out the service and maintained for long duration to recover the investment as well as earn profits by allowing all vendors including MNCs in the process. We also apprised CMD BSNL that AIGETOA has also taken up the issue of not allowing BSNL to upgrade the network with add on orders and requested him raise the issue once again.

Further, if government is so determined for local 4G Core deployment in BSNL then it should also come forward to bear the cost of employees related remuneration from government exchequer and immediately implement all benefits irrespective of profit/loss theory including 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scale, Full Superannuation Benefits, LTC restoration, Medical and Insurance Care, Perk and allowances to all the employees. AIGETOA has decided to take up this issue of delay in rollout of 4G services to highest echelons and is prepared to start organisational action against such detrimental activities for stopping BSNL growth. We also requested CMD BSNL for ensuring the proper maintenance funds to ensure smooth functioning of the services.

HR Related Issues: We also discussed the Promotions issue with CMD BSNL. We apprised him that almost all the preparatory activities for the JTO to SDE DPC is complete and now decision needs to be taken with respect to treatment of vacancies. We told CMD BSNL that now the go ahead is urgently required for the DPC Process. We apprised that the process is going on smoothly under direction of the Director (HR) and the association is cooperating to maximum possible extent to get the order issued in current month. We further apprised CMD BSNL about the problems associated with promotions in other cadres like SDE to DE, AO to CAO, CAO to DGM and DE to DGM Promotions. We requested for an immediate intervention and action from his side to settle this impasse and ensure resolution of these issues. The CMD BSNL assured that he will be having detailed discussions next week. CMD BSNL told that he is currently totally involved in the 4G related and other viability related issues of BSNL and is having some very important meetings scheduled next week with various government agencies including PMO and Neeti Aayog. He shall be convening the discussion on HR issues after next week. He assured once again that management will not do anything which will stop the career prospects of executives and there is no adamancy as such with respect to number of vacancies and the same shall be decided taking into account the career aspects of Executives.

However, despite this discussion, we once again reaffirm our deadline for the JTO to SDE DPC within current month and firm positive movement on the promotional aspects of others cadre and the pay loss related issues. If management fails to execute the promotions within this committed period, we will move forward with our organisational action programs. Similarly, if we don’t see firm positive action on promotions in other cadre and the Pay Loss related issues, we shall be going ahead with the organisational actions program. Management has to fulfil the commitments it has made with association in agenda meeting and accordingly association is committed to go to any extent to achieve these rightful dues.

Updates of Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Director HR on 18.11.2020:

AIP AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS AIGETOA Shri Wasi Ahmad and VP AIGETOA Shri Badri Kumar Mehta met Director HR again on 18.11.2020 and discussed upon the pending issues. A review of all the pending issues and commitment as extended in the agenda meeting on the important points was done.

JTO to SDE DPC: It was informed to Director HR that data from almost all the Circles have been received and minor pending data shall be reaching corporate office by this weekend. We requested Director HR to ensure that DPC is done and promotions orders are issued by next week as committed by him. Director HR assured that his team is on job and shall try to get this completed as early as possible. We categorically informed Director HR that we have exercised enough patience and accordingly we will be constrained to adopt the path of organization actions if orders are not issued by next week end.

Pay loss Issue: (22820, E1 plus five advance increments and TTA to JTO DR pay fixation): We told Director HR that we have submitted our inputs in October itself and despite passing of one month, the matter has not been referred to any committee for examination. We requested for an early action on the issue. Director HR assured to look into the matter and will decide to get it examined by forming a committee, however he was still non committal. We shall be pressing it further and told that in absence of any positive action, we shall be adopting the path of organization action. We also apprised Director HR that association has raised the pay scale issue before DoT also in its brief meeting last week and we are expecting and agenda based meeting very soon.

SDE to DE and AO to CAO promotions: We requested for exploring an acceptable solution to all groups. Director HR told that PGM Pers is working on the issue and a solution is being tried to be found out. We said that how BSNL does it is not the matter. We told that how fast BSNL does it is the matter and hence BSNL should try to expedite the solution as early as possible by taking all groups into confidence.

Finalisation of SDE Seniority List for VY 2006-7 and publications of SDE Provisional Seniority List for 2007-8 VY onwards: It was informed that personal wing is examining the matter and decision on the same shall be taken very soon.

Settlement of SDE 2007 Reversal issue: Director HR once again assured to look into the matter and resolve the issue at the earliest as decided earlier.

Rule 8 and Rule 9 cases in JTO/JAO cadre: We apprised Director HR about the pending cases of various circles for request transfer under Rule-9 and Rule-8. We requested Director HR to consider genuine Rule-9 cases and start issuing the order. Director HR told us that he will discuss with Sr GM Estt and very soon will take decision in this regard.

Lifting of ban on forwarding of deputation cases to other organisations: The matter will be examined by HR team.

Friends, though outcome of today’s meeting is also assurances only, however keeping in view the volatile situation in which our organization is placed in, we have decided to wait till this month. If there are no postive solution to the issues as committed in the agenda meeting, association will not hesitate in starting the organisational action programs. By the end of this month, if issues so not move towards settlement, then we will be left with no options but to start intensive struggle for ensuring our basic rights. Accordingly, all CSs and CHQ OBs are requested to remain in ready state and start mobilising their Members. AIGETOA is firm on its decision to go to any extent for this.

Further with regard to the nasty updates on the lie machine of one of the proclaimed corners, we request all to not to pay any heed to their gimmics. They themselves are exposing themselves in their writeup. They say that they have opposed post reduction and in the same update they are trying to justify the stand of management which shows their double speak.

They say that they have removed those responsible for the court cases but at the same time they have rewarded the master minds with plum posts in CHQ.

However, we will not waste our time on replying to their nasty updates. Our reply will be in the form of results not words.


If they have shown true intent and not ditched us, then those recruited by BSNL in JTO would have been working in DGM grade instead of struggling for first promotion of SDE. But their ideology kept us denied all our rights and when we are trying to set the things right, they are out to detail it but we assure that they will not succeed.

We however still suggest and request this negative minded person to come to the terms of reality and try to strengthen the hands of unity and extend their support to AIGETOA in ensuring the resolution of long pending issues. However, we know that they will not mend their ways and hence the best thing which we can tell all is to ignore their gimmics and concentrate on the right path.

Team AIGETOA meeting with Senior Officers of DoT at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi on 12.11.2020:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri BadriKumar Mehta VP and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh OS met with senior officers of Dept of Telecom at Sanchar Bahawan, New Delhi on 12.11.2020. The details are as follows:

Meeting at with DDG (PM), Dept of Telecom: Team AIGETOA met with DDG (PM), Shri Sanjeev Gupta ji on a prescheduled appointment regarding 4G deployment in BSNL and raised our serious concerns over inordinate delay in its roll out and its after affect on BSNL. The DDG apprised about the development in details and the DoT strategy for rollout of the 4G deployment in the BSNL keeping in mind the government ambition to achieve Atma Nirbhar Bharat Scheme. We appraised the need to procure equipments of standard specification with single core which can support all technology i.e. 2G/3G/4G simultaneously instead of having separate core for 4G and 2G/3G as well as Release 15 specifications to meet the latest requirement. But it was apprised that the Committee formed by the DoT for the purpose has given its recommendations, which has been shared with BSNL managementand as per the recommendations the core of 4G has to be Indian only. Accordingly, BSNL has to work in that framework only for the roll out of the 4G services. He intimated that to implement the recommendations, PoC concept has to be explored as early as possible to save time. Although, we appraised that no Indianmanufacturer has developed the 4G core so far and by doing so, we are making BSNL a Test Bed which will have an adverse affect on the prospect of the organization. We further requested to reply on queries raised and clarification sought by BSNL vis-à-vis the Committee Report on which he assured to revert back very soon on all points raised by the BSNL. On a specific query of procurement of hardware/software for up-gradation of existing 2G/3G sites to 4G sites as a propriety items, he replied that it was not in the scope of the committee and BSNL is free to take its decision barring Chinese vendors. It is important to note here that more than 45K sites of Nokia/ZTE can be up-graded through this route also. Friends, it is very much clear that BSNL is being asked to work as the Government Atma Nirbhar Bharat Showcase Model for the Nation. If it is so, then the government should exempt it from profitability clause and the company and its employees should be compensated irrespective of Profit/Loss theory. The pending 3rd PRC should be implemented without further dely and BSNL should also be compensated for the loss, it is incurring due to some binding decisions of the government.

Meeting with Secretary(DoT), Member(Fin), Member(Services), OSD to Secretary(T), DDG(IT), Dept of Telecom : Thereafter, the Team AIGETOA met the with Secretary(DoT), Member(Fin), Member(S), OSD to Secretary(T) and DDG(IT) in the Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi and extended Deepwali Greetings to all the dignitaries. The brief meeting happened with Shri Anshu Prakash Ji, Secretary (T) in which we apprised our new status of RecognizedRepresentative Association of Executives of BSNL and raised our concern for BSNL and requested for a scheduled meeting. He carefully listened our points and assured to meet us very soon.  The Team held detailed discussion with Member(F), Member(S), OSD to Secretary(T) and DDG(IT) on various matters of BSNL including 4G deployment, Standard Pay Scale of E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent grade and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent grade, complete 30% SAB for BSNL Recruits, 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL and other issues. We also apprised about the detail structure of Superannuation Benefits implemented as on date in BSNL.

Click here for detail on SAB

Update on Meeting of AIGETOA Team with CMD BSNL and Director HR on JTO to SDE DPC issue

It was understood that a meeting of whole HR Team was held on Friday, 6th November 2020 under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL which included discussions on the ongoing DPC Process also and how to move forward on the JTO to SDE Promotions. Accordingly Team led by AIGETOA President Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met PGM Pers and Director HR on 9th November 2020 to follow up on the promotion issue. It was noticed that AIEL II data received from almost all the circles except few was incomplete as it failed to include promoted, retired, resigned etc JTOs of 2002 to 2005 batch. Accordingly Team requested for issuance of another reminder with clarity on the subject. The letter was promptly issued by Personnel Section.

There after, from the discussions as well as the information learnt from various corners, it was understood that while preparatory exercise of DPC is almost complete, there is some hitch on the part of higher management with respect to promotions and notification of LDCE as they were being linked to the ongoing restructuring exercise and calculation of vacancies. Accordingly CHQ Team lodged it’s strong objection with Director HR and explained him the entire position that while we have been exercising patience as we could see the seriousness on the part of management with respect to actions taken on promotion aspects, but the same should not be taken for granted and any further delay will be strongly protested. Now that the work is almost over, opening a new chapter and linking the same to a never ending exercise of restructuring will not be accepted by the rank and file of Executives waiting for their first Promotions since long. Accordingly, management should immediately act for ensuring a happy Diwali for these executives. We also explained the legal position and complexities which can arise out of this new exercise by management. We firmly told, if management is planning to reduce the vacancies beyond the stipulated guidelines of VRS in the guise of Restructuring, the same is not acceptable to us. Director HR assured that management will not do anything which will be against the career aspects of Executives and there should not be any cause for worry. We said that unnecessary delay is the only cause for worry.

Thereafter, on Tuesday, 10th November 2020, the team led by GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri B K Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met CMD BSNL and had an elaborate discussion on the promotion issue. We explained the whole issue, the complexities associated with linking the JTO to SDE DPC and other promotions to Restructuring exercise and non conduction of LDCE exams in time to CMD BSNL. We explained to CMD BSNL that organization should not start something which is going to result into an endless mess and will marr the future as well as career of executives for infinite time. Accordingly, management should immediately move ahead with DPC process without linking anything to Restructuring. CMD BSNL was receptive to our Submissions and told that it’s good that the complexities associated with the view of the management has been explained by the association and he will discuss and finalize with his HR team shortly, on the next course of action. He assured us that management has not taken any decision and anything which goes against the career prospects of executives will not be done. We apprised CMD BSNL about the restlessness and the resentment of the Executives because of non happening of promotions in any cadre and requested him to direct his team to ensure DPC immediately. CMD BSNL asked us to meet next week and in the meanwhile he will discuss with his team with respect to the inputs Submitted by AIGETOA.

Thereafter, the team again met Director HR and PGM Pers and apprised them about the discussions with CMD BSNL. Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, OS CHQ was also present in the discussions. We categorically told that we are not willing to wait beyond Diwali and ultimately association will have to resort to organisational actions to ensure justice to Executives. Director HR committed for an early action on the issue.

It was also surprising to learn that those claiming to report from close proximity of BSNL CO has forgotten to tell the executives that this decision of restructuring and DPC was conveyed by management to them during their tenure and they never chose to reject or protest against this, in fact in their recently held central meeting, no resolution with respect to the reduction in vacancies was undertaken. This shows their seriousness on promotional aspects. However, AIGETOA will take care of this. We would also like to suggest to them that instead of trying to raise unnecessary issues and confusions in the mind of management, they should do something constructive for the cadre. We will not hesitate in giving them their due credit, if they are worried about that. We would like to advise them that their recent reward to those responsible for trying to stop the Promotions has exposed their intents and double speak. On one side, they are exercising caution to their Members and on the other side, they are rewarding the masterminds with plum posts.

Friends, as you are aware, that we have set for ourselves a maximum target for Diwali for ensuring DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions, but that does not appear possible as of now as even the Complete AIEL Data has not been sent by Circles yet and VCs/APARs from many circles are still pending. In view of this, CHQ AIGETOA has decided to wait up to the last week of this month to ensure DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions and if management do not come forward with promotions orders by last week, the association will be compelled to serve notice for organisational actions. All CS/CPs/CHQ OBs should immediately start preparing for the same. All CHQ members/CS/CPs should also ensure that missing AIEL data be sent by all circles within two days.

With regard to legal issues created by the members and OBs of SNEA for staying the DPC Process, we would like to reaffirm that AIGETOA CHQ is on job and will clear all these hurdles. We would also like to request all those who are working to stop this DPC that instead of trying to stop the promotion process, they should lend a cooperative and helping hand. They should be aware that we have got the preparatory work started for further batches also and AIGETOA is committed to protect their interests also but still if they prefer to move ahead with the obstruction process, then it’s entirely their wish. We, however reaffirm all, that we will not let anybody either management or executives or any other association to play with the careers of Executives anymore and all such persons shall be dealt accordingly.

So, let’s be prepared for the cause and struggle for ensuring your rightful dues in BSNL. The last week of November is the final time line decided by us. After that there will be only one path and that is the path of struggle and organisational actions.

Come together, let’s Join Hands Together to Ensure the Bright Future for all.

Updates of Meeting with Director (HR)

AIGETOA CHQ Team consisting of All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met Director HR on 22nd October 2020 and had a review of the pending issues and it’s status. The issues discussed were as below:


The progress on JTO to SDE DPC was discussed. The sailent points of this discussion are:

The Provisional AIEL upto RY 2008 has been published and errors and omissions have been called for. BSNL CO is in receipt of around 150 representations on list 1 and around 450 on the second. The data from circle is awaited. The circles are being pursued for expeditious sending of representations by Pers Section. These representations shall be examined and all efforts are being taken to ensure a happy festive season for all. The finalisation of AIEL will not take much time as most of the data is available at BSNL CO. The AIEL particulars for RY upto 2012 has been called for to take care of filling up the remaining vacancies also. The process of preparatory work for DPC is also being initiated in parallel.

The matter of restructuring has also been discussed. There is no dearth of vacancies as of now as reported by some groups and AIGETOA has taken a firm stand that any exercise to reduce the vacancies beyond the guidelines is not acceptable to us and shall be strictly opposed. Further, it was surprising to note that one association instead of pushing management towards promotion are trying to raise confusion and fears in the HR group for court cases. However, AIGETOA is firmly stopping all such derailing exercises and confusions created by them was again cleared by our team. We would like to inform all that AIGETOA is on job and will ensure JTO to SDE DPC on the earliest possible time.

SDE 2007 Reversal Issue:

The matter was discussed and it was agreed that it needs a final solution instead of interim solution. Accordingly it was decided that a meeting of Pers Team and AIGETOA will be held to decide the final resolution of this issue.

Preparation of next list for VY 2007-08 :

The legal opinion is still awaited. Pers Team to pursue for expeditious receipt of opinion from senior advocate. The issue to be discussed in first week of November.

SDE to DE Promotions and AO to CAO Promotions:

The issue is taking time because of the reservation issue. PGM pers told that his team is working on the possibility of workable solution and they are in discussion with various groups to arrive at an acceptable solution for all. Matter to be discussed subsequently with pers section. The Promotions in other cadres are also being taken care of.

22820, TTA to DR JTO Pay fixation issue and E1 plus five increments:

The perspective of management is against the issue as of now, however detailed discussion took place on submissions of AIGETOA. We categorically told that this is our right and we will not have any compromise on this. Our Executives are facing pay loss and if this is not settled, it will result in huge unrest. Discussion on this issue shall continue further. We would like to assure one and all that association is fully determined to take these issues to finality and is prepared to go to any extent for its resolution.

Proposed CPSU Policy :

The proposed CPSU policy was also discussed. AIGETOA categorically informed that we are not against CPSU policy in general but we are aware that the policy is not going to take shape in its current form unless until statutory flaws of the policy is removed. We also told that one association is showing mirage to all and want everybody to run for it despite knowing fully well that it is not going to come. But we know the reality and that is the reason, our emphasis is on streamlining existing mechanism. We requested management to firmly convey it’s stand in black and white to alleviate the confusion amongst Executives.

Restg, promotional avenues and meeting with CMD BSNL :

The meeting is decided to be held in the first or second week of November based on the availability of Honble CMD BSNL.

From the meeting, it was also clear that one particular group is trying to create confusion both in management sides as well as within executives. Today they are shedding crocodile tears on everything and trying to dissuade all with non-existent fears. Having failed in their attempts, now they have invoked restructuring issue and are shamelessly requesting management to reduce the number of posts. The duty of association should be to protect the interests of fraternity but they are completely working against the welfare of Executives. Their website itself shows their true intention where they are saying only DE to DGM Promotions are possible and all other Promotions are impossible. Today they are crying on SC ST issues and trying to instigate all so that by any means Promotions can be stopped. But now executives are understanding their ulterior motives and they will not fall in their traps. No body has forgotten the fact that same association did not allowed ST quota Promotions to be executed in June 2018. Now their only motive behind spreading rumour is to instigate people to weaken the strong bond between AIGETOA and SEWA. We would like to advise these mischief mongers that foundation stone of SEWA and AIGETOA is belief and faith in each other and we do not believe in backstabbing others like them.

Finally we would like to tell all that there is no derailment as of now and AIGETOA team is on vigilant mode and any such step shall be strongly opposed by us and overcome.

Updates on Meeting with Director HR on 13.10.2020

AIP AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met Director HR on 13.10.2020 and discussed the following issues:

AIEL for promotion to JTO to SDE : We thanked Director HR for the publishing of AIEL upto RY 2008. We requested Director HR to direct the concerned cell for expeditious actions to ensure that promotion orders are issued at the earliest. Director HR assured that his team is working on the promotions and all necessary steps shall be taken to expedite the promotions.

We also requested him for issuance of instructions for starting the preparatory work for further batches. Director HR assured us for the same. The letter calling for eligibility particulars of next batches shall be issued in 1-2 days so that process for filling up the remaining vacancies can also be started without any delay. We also informed Director HR that some over enthusiastic persons are trying to misguide executives to file court cases and henceforth BSNL should take all necessary actions to ensure that unmindful court cases by some executives should not derail the whole process. Director HR assured us that necessary directions shall be issued to circles to ensure that such type of derailment do not occur.

SDE 2007 Reversal issue : The SDE 2007 reversal issue was also discussed in detail. We informed Director HR that the letter issued for reinstatement of reverted SDEs has not addressed the issue in totality. Director HR agreed to our view and said that the issue will be resolved in totality. Another detailed meeting on this issue shall be held with Director HR in presence of PGM Pers. We reassure all affected executives that this issue will be dealt in totality and all the underlying apprehensions in this case shall be taken care of.

SDE to DE promotions and AO to CAO promotions: We requested to initiate discussions with all stake holders and contending parties to arrive at a acceptable solution for all. We apprised Director HR that if this issue is tagged with SLP in Honble Supreme Court, no body will get promotions for many years. We also suggested some legal mechanisms based on our discussions with advocates. Director HR said he is looking for all possible solutions and wants to ensure that SDE to DE Promotions and AO to CAO promotions also happen very soon. We shall be pursuing the issue on day to day basis and keep everybody informed.

LDCE notification : We requested for notification of next LDCEs. We requested for simultaneous notification of examination along with LDCE calender for different vacancy Years. We suggested the legal remedy with regard to this based on discussion with advocates. Director HR assured for an early action on this. We expect notification for LDCE also very soon.

Issue of HQ shift of QA and Inspection Circle to Bangaluru : We submitted our strong objection on the process and requested Director HR for rollback of this decision. We said such decisions which are solely based on whims and fancies of individual officers should not be entertained. We also told that if HQ was to be shifted, why the same was not done earlier when restructuring/merger of Inspection QA took place twice. We also told that presence of testing labs at Bangalore can not be a reason for HQ shift because CGM Level officer is not involved in such testing. Director HR said that decision has been taken based on definite justification and not on wishes of an individual officer. He guided us to have a detailed discussion with Restg Cell on the issue and thereafter meet him again. The discussion on same will continue with Director HR after holding the discussions with GM Restg.

The same team also met PGM Pers also and thanked him for the publishing of AIEL. All the above issues along with preparation of seniority list was discussed. The discussions shall continue next week also.

It has come to our notice that some over enthusiastic executives are trying to scuttle the JTO to SDE DPC process by exploring the legal options. By doing this they will be killing their own cause as we are working for ensuring promotions to all eligible batches and no body should feel himself as left out. It is responsibility of our association to protect the interests of all executives irrespective of batch, mode of recruitment and membership. AIGETOA understands it’s responsibility as representative association and there is no reason for anybody to be worried. We request all executives to not to fall prey to individual aspirations of few persons who were surprisingly silent when unjustified promotions were held in June 2018. Anyways let’s hope that good sense prevails.

Team AIGETOA meeting with PGM(Pers) held on 7th October-2020:

As per the schedule, AIGETOA CHQ Team met PGM Pers and held detailed discussion on various issues with facts and figures. The detailed discussion happened on the pending promotion of JTO to SDE, SDE 2007 reversal issue, Promotion in other cadres, publication of subsequent seniority Lists etc. We appraised all developments on JTO to SDE Promotions in chronological order with status and progress made so far in line with the formal meeting held on 15.09.2020 between Majority Recognized Representative Association i.e. AIGETOA and BSNL management under chairmanship of respected Director(HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi.

The PGM(Pers) listened to all submissions and arguments about it. It was nice to note that even after having joined just two days back, he was totally conversant with all the issues.

The issues were discussed on a positive note and amicable environment and we emphasised about the enormous delay that has already happened on the promotion. We requested immediate publishing of AIEL whose details are available and also requested to call for particulars of subsequent batches in due course of time. It was noticed that certain modifications were required in the AIEL which is being done. We expect the publication of AIEL without any delay now and also the letter with regard to calling eligibility particulars of subsequent batches for initiating their process shall also be issued very soon. We also requested to start the preparations for the DPC process which was agreed and directions have been given to start the activities in parallel.

It is however unfortunate to note that some corners are still trying to create confusion and are trying to dissuade management from taking right decisions every now and then. However, we have been able to overcome those obstacles and we hope for a speedy resolution of the issue very soon.

With regard to SDE 2007 Reversal issue, the necessary action to reinstate the reverted SDEs is being taken as assured in the discussions held in agenda meeting dated 15.09.2020 with AIGETOA. We are consistently following the issue and we hope for a breakthrough on this issue anytime now.

The issue with regard to publishing of lists for the VY 2007-08 onwards and promotions in other cadres were also discussed. Discussion on these issues will continue on next week.

Friends, AIGETOA team is consistently following up on all the issues. Though some corners are still indulged in their usual confusion and division tactics but we are very sure that truth ultimately wins and we will make it sure to overcome all such negativities. We are also prepared to take other course in case of any derailment on issues from the committed decisions. Let’s hope for the best and keep ourselves prepared.

AIGETOA Team meeting with PGM Pers and discussion on JTO to SDE Promotion

Patience, Perseverance & Persistence are key of Success


AIGETOA CHQ Team met PGM Pers today. We welcomed PGM Pers, Shri R K Goyal on his new assignment and thereafter had a detailed discussion on publishing of AIEL and JTO to SDE Promotion. We categorically emphasised that enough delay has already been done and anymore delay is not at all acceptable to us. We requested PGM Pers to immediately publish the provisional list and call for the eligibility particulars of further batches to initiate the process for preparation of next AIEL also. The PGM Pers sought one day time and called us for a final discussion on Wednesday i.e. 7th October 2020.

Thereafter team met Sr GM SR and informed him about the developments as Director HR was not available for meeting. We reminded GM SR for the maximum timeline of one month which was given to us in the agenda meeting for issuance of promotion orders for JTO to SDE through DPC. Today is the 20th Day and even provisional AIEL has not been circulated. We also reminded Sr GM SR on the timelines of other issues as assured in the meeting. This undue delay and lingering on the issues without any pretext is not at all acceptable and association is being forced to opt for the path of organisational action if things are not set in motion immediately. We categorically told Sr GM SR that now it is for the HR Team to decide for the future course of action as association has already given all its inputs based on which certain decisions were taken in the agenda meeting. None of the commitments met and assurances given in the agenda meeting has been fulfilled which is nothing but Breach of Trust which is bound to result in unrest and chaos in organisation. We requested Sr GM SR to convey the resentment amongst Executives to Director (HR) on which he assured to revert back after discussing with the Director.