AIGETOA Meeting with Restructuring Team on 15.02.2021:

AIGETOA Meeting with Restructuring Team on 15.02.2021:

The Recognised Representative Association of BSNL Executives i.e. AIGETOA was invited by the BSNL management for the formal discussion with Restructuring Committee on 15.02.2021 to present executive side view on the ongoing restructuring process including cadre strength reassessment. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of respected Director (HR), Shri Arvind Vadnerkar ji, where other members of the restructuring committee comprising of Shri R K Goyal PGM(Pers), Shri Saurav Tyagi Sr GM(Estt), Shri A M Gupta Sr GM(SR), Smt Samitha Luthra GM(Rectt), Shri Rajeev Kumar GM (Finance) and Shri Manish Kumar GM (Restructuring) represented the management side and the association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma – All India President, Shri Wasi Ahmad – General Secretary, Shri Badri Mehta – Vice President and Shri Sunil Gautam – Asst General Secretary.

The meeting lasted for more than two hours where AIGETOA presented the implications of BSNL’s proposal on the career aspects of the executives and consequent stagnation associated with the proposed man power plan by BSNL. AIGETOA also presented it’s detailed presentation and model for the upcoming cadre Restructuring along with the positive implications of the proposed hierarchy by association. We categorically mentioned to management that any reduction in posts beyond stipulated norms can not be accepted. In the discussion, AIGETOA Team highlighted the apprehensions in the mind of executives due to VRS and suggested solution to fade the resentment so that motivation can be achieved at each level in executive cadre for mutual benefit of employee as well as the organisation. The association categorically put on record that long term stagnation of any grade will be harmful to the growth of the organisation and executives should now atleast be given proper opportunity to excel in their careers. We once again highlighted our firm opposition with respect to MT recruitment and emphasized that two levels of entry in organisation is not acceptable to us. We also presented the model of Internal fast track promotion policy as per the stand of the association .

The whole discussion was held in an amicable atmosphere with a positive thought process and a clear intent to come at a best possible solution without any dent to the caterer aspects of executives. It was heartening to note that our concerns were appreciated by the members from management side including Director HR. However, we have clearly highlighted our stand with respect to the restructuring process and career aspects of executives across various streams and cadres.

The meeting was positive and submissions were well taken by the Director HR and Committee Members. It was agreed that management will work over the proposals submitted by the association and the more deliberations shall be held if required.

Thereafter two more meeting of Restructuring Committee has been held in two days and we hope that target assigned by CMD BSNL with respect to restructuring process as per assurance given to us in the meeting is achieved. Once there is clarity in numbers of posts, promotion process in other cadres and streams (Except JTO to SDE DPC which is already in process and shall be notified once the judgement of Honble CAT Jabalpur is received) shall be initiated. We once again reiterate that though there is improvement vis-a-vis initial proposal by Deloitte but still we have miles to go to achieve our objective and we sincerely hope that management will definitely consider our submissions with respect to the proposed career prospects of executives to avoid resentment and unrest amongst executives.

Meeting with CMD BSNL on 10th Feb 2021:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP and Shri Vivek Kumar OS met with Shri P. K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL in his chamber and discussed various issues pertaining to Restructuring, Stagnation in Promotion, Salary disbursement, 4G Service rollout, Cluster Penalty Issues, FTTH MSO/TIPs issues along with its slow penetration and its speed issue especially east zone, Standard Pay Scale reminder from BSNL to DoT etc. The meeting lasted for more than an hour and exhaustive deliberation held on all aspects with the hon’ble CMD BSNL, who gave a patient hearing to all the points raised by the association and acknowledged them in right perspective and explained his position also as well agreed on many proposals put forward by the association.

We apprised our concern over inordinate delay in the ongoing restructuring exercise and emphasized that it is resulting in stalling of various other activities on this pretext. We further raised the points of cadre restructuring where many sections are giving varying information w.r.t. to proposed strength in various grades under different stream. We explicitly told that any reduction of sanctioned strength in promotional posts affecting the career progression of the executives will not be accepted by the association. Detailed deliberations were made on various aspects and future career growths including incorporation of Fast Track Mode in Promotions for the meritorious executives. It was also highlighted that now its high time that proposed cadre restructuring should immediately be discussed and deliberated with the Recognized Representative Association to take viewpoint of executive’s side by the concerned authorities else the whole exercise will be a futile one. CMD BSNL acknowledged our concern and explained that being an important activity, it has taken some time and he expects proposal to be ready by 2nd week of March 2021. He further assured that nothing will be finalized without discussion with recognized representative association. He said that formal discussion will be done with the association in this regard. He also categorically told that management is not averse to the career growth of our employees and he will ensure that a fine balance is kept between career aspiration of our people and the need of the organization. He also told that how he has already given clearance to go ahead with the SDE Promotion immediately after our discussions on 9th Dec 2020 but unfortunately the matter got stuck up at Hon’ble CAT Jabalpur. He assured that other promotions will also be executed, once they arrive at a figure without linking it with approval of restructuring plan. He said that while its duty of management to ensure the necessary career progression but at the same time employees should also not try to put unnecessary blockage and should apply prudence in thought process.

We also highlighted the need for introduction of fast-track promotion channel in all grades (at least till DGM) for certain number of posts to encourage our young meritorious executives for pushing them up in their career with sufficient age profile on their side which will also give a solution for the management succession plan. He was kind enough to agree with the proposal and in fact supported strongly and assured to bring some policy in that direction in next 3-4 months.

We raised matter of timely disbursement of Salary to the employees, which is their basic right as well as requirement to run the household in which they are facing acute hardship. The CMD BSNL said that he understands the pain of the employees but explained that he is finding himself helpless in meeting the deadline to disburse the salary on last working day due to non-improvement in cash flow and mandatory payment of EPF/GPF/GST/TDS and requirement of the system i.e. Electricity Bill/HSD/Cont. Payment in first fortnight of the month. We said that it is the duty of the management to priorities the payment and some way must be chalked out to find a solution for disbursement of salary on the last working day of the month. We said continued delay on salary is giving rise to huge unrest and finally association will have to take a call on conclusive actions in this regard.

We also discussed about inordinate delay in 4G rollout and the association explained its deliberation held with the DoT officials and demanded that if the new procurement is getting stuck up in the policy matter with the government then at least the service can be rollout through up-gradation of existing network especially in south and west zone, which we are saying right from the beginning of BSNL Revival Program. CMD BSNL informed that now clarity has been received on this aspect from higher side and so the department is moving in that direction and some headway has been achieved. But once again it was emphasized by him that early, stable and pan India 4G rolling out with Indian core is highly unlikely due to non-availability of the equipment as on date in the market and its future development and behavior. Although the queries raised in the pre-bid meeting is being evaluated and the same will be submitted to the DoT in current month itself for a final decision. 

A detailed discussion held about slow acquisition of FTTH customers due to several bottlenecks e.g. Speed Issue, Fluctuation in backbone network, Capacity constraints, Higher Initial cost charged by MSO/TIPs to customer vis-à-vis other TSPs, No control on MSO/TIPs etc. The penalty clause limiting to only 15% and issues associated with it also discussed and the association made suggestions on various points. CMD BSNL acknowledged all suggestions and highlighted the efforts are being made the BSNL Board but at the same time assured to look into the proposal suggested by the association for implementation. With regard to the consistent breakage in the backbone Network specially between Chennai and Kolkata, a thorough discussion happened and CMD BSNL assured that corrective action shall be taken immediately.

Meeting with Director (HR) BSNL Board on 10th Feb 2021:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS and Shri Vivek Kumar OS met with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) BSNL Board in his chamber, which was attended by the PGM (Pers) and Sr GM(SR) BSNL CO New Delhi also.

JTO to SDE Promotion issue was taken up with the Director HR and reminded about inordinate delay in issuing of the order. On this the Director HR agreed with it and accepted that the order couldn’t be issued as promised due to the court direction but said that management is determined to overcome the setback and issue the order. PGM Pers informed that all preparatory works are ready and once a relief obtained from the Hon’ble Court, management will not take time to issue the order. We requested for moving application for intervention for early pronouncement of the judgment, which was agreed, and suitable direction was issued to MP Circle in the meeting itself. We also requested for notification of the LDCE simultaneously for expediting the long awaited process. It was apprised to us that the preparatory process for LDCE is in advance stage and formal approval for notification will be processed without any further delay.

Then restructuring discussion was started and it was explicitly told that it will be a futile exercise if the views of the staff side is not taken through recognized association for protecting their promotional avenues. During discussion, we were apprised about the current proposed figure for various grades. It is understood that though the figures have considerably improved from the initial proposal and many of the suggestions given by AIGETOA with respect to new structure has been accepted but still the same is not in line with our satisfaction level.  We said now its high time that formal deliberations with AIGETOA be initiated to present the staff side viewpoints. The Director HR agreed to the proposal and invited us to give representation on restructuring to accommodate aspiration of executives. Accordingly, the AIGETOA will be giving its presentation in the coming week.

The SDE to AGM and AO to CAO promotion was thereafter taken up with the Director HR and it was requested to start the preparatory works for these promotions. The Director HR sought some more time to go ahead on the process and assured to take up in the month of the March after getting some clarity on restructuring. The discussion with respect to settlement of reservation issue also needs to be intiated immediately.

On the reversal issue, it was assured that the issue will be resolved in the direction as agreed earlier. The PGM Pers has been asked to reinitiate the process once again for settlement. The list-9 finalization and circulation of provisional list 10 for VY 2007-08 was also discussed. PGM Pers informed he will move towards finalization of the list in the next month and the association will definitely be consulted before arriving on any decision. We however emphasized that there is no scope of any deviation with respect to already agreed line by BSNL and AIGETOA shall be furnishing all documents/evidences in support of the VY wise seniority in the cadre. The only thing which needs to be amended in the list in incorporation of Rota along with Quota.

We also drew the attention of the Director HR on non-formation of the committee on pay loss issues of 22820/-, E1+5 and DR JTO from TTA despite AIGETOA giving its detailed submissions as per the decision taken in Agenda meeting held in September. He assured to look into it as submitted by the association. We shall be strongly pursuing on this issue.

Team AIGETOA also highlighted that action with respect to clarification on the discriminatory clause for GATE JTOs and Bond related issues has yet not been initiated by Establishment Cell and the same needs to be initiated immediately. Further online mechanism for capturing request transfer cases has also not been started yet.  It was told that action on these issues shall be initiated immediately.

Finally we requested Director HR to convene second agenda meeting in continuity of the first agenda meeting held on 15.09.2020 with the recognized association to assess the progress on the agenda items submitted by the association. He asked the Sr. GM (SR) to convene the meeting in last week of Feb, 2021 with para wise update on all issues discussed in the first meeting.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with PGM (Pers), BSNL CO New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA CHQ team consisting of AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AGSs Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar met PGM Pers and held discussion on following issues:

1. Status of Jabalpur CAT Judgment: We apprised PGM Pers about the current position of the case and sought further course of action. PGM Pers told that since decision is expected shortly, there is no point in reaching to higher court as it may further delay the things. As far as the preparedness of BSNL is concerned, they have completed all the preparatory exercises and as soon as go ahead, is received from Hon’ble Court, BSNL is fully prepared to issue the promotion orders. We however requested him to direct the BSNL Counsel to mention the judgment pronouncing at the tribunal, so that it can be further expedited.

2. List 9 finalization: We discussed the issue that list 9 (for VY 2006-07) which was published in August, 2020 is still provisional while the provisional list 10 for 2007-08 has also not been published yet. We further told that some executives, whose VY needs to be upgraded has also not been done yet. PGM Pers told that the list will be finalized in this month itself. We further told that there should not be any second thoughts on applicability of VY based seniority in the lists and any deviation from the agreed line will be opposed strongly. PGM Pers told, before finalizing anything, matter shall be discussed with association and no unilateral decision shall be taken. Once list 9 is finalized, list 10 shall be published.

3. Promotions from SDE to AGM and AO to CAO: We requested to initiate the preparatory exercise for the same and necessary approvals which needs to be taken to start the process. PGM Pers told that this needs to be discussed at higher level to achieve clarity in the process. Accordingly association shall be discussing the same with CMD BSNL and Director HR on the same.

4. SDE 2007 Reversal issue: PGM Pers assured to initiate the discussion on the same expeditiously for a full and final settlement of the whole issue.

5. Pending Transfer Cases in Accounts and Finance Cadre: We once again highlighted the continued delay on this and requested to issue these orders. PGM Pers said matter is under discussion and he hopes for an early consideration of the requests.

All the above matters shall be discussed once again with Director HR and CMD BSNL in meeting to be held this week.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with GM(Restructuring):

Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP met GM(Restg) BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi and discussed the ongoing restructuring works in detail. The detailed discussion happened about the ongoing restructuring of various vertical levels and cadre structure. The association presented the view points on both aspects and it was emphasized that the cadre restructuring should be carried in such a way that the career progression of the executives shouldn’t be hampered. It was appraised that the promotional avenues should be kept intact to bring motivation among executives to give their best for the organization in this tough scenario, where all constraints are being faced by them in field units. It was further explained that the role of executives have been further enhanced due to change working pattern and bringing of SLA based maintenance as well as provisioning by outside agencies. It was requested by the association that the exercise is abnormally delayed and continued lingering on of this exercise is leading to huge level of uncertainty and frustration in the minds of all executives. We further requested for immediately initiating the formal discussion with AIGETOA to streamline and finalise the process. We categorically emphasized that any further delay is not acceptable to this association and restructuring should be completed at the earliest now. GM Restg told that he will apprise the views to higher management also. He further told that discussion in this regard has been on. He told that Establishment section has been asked to give input on the cadre strength. He further told that AIGETOA view points with respect to the BA Restructuring has been taken into consideration while processing the amendments to the structure. He said management is open to all suggestions to keep the career prospects intact. It is further learnt that view points given by AIGETOA with respect to cadre strength and promotional Avenues during varous meetings with CMD/Director HR has been given due weightage and some change is there with respect to initial thought process of keeping the posts to be a bare minimum. Now things are getting improved but still it is not as per satisfaction level of executives. AIGETOA is keeping due track of this exercise and any dent to our future prospects shall be strongly opposed. The restructuring issues shall be further taken up in the meeting with Director HR this week.

Notification for Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meet on 17th Feb 2021

As per provisions of the constitution of AIGETOA and subsequent discussion/decisions among Central Headquarter Executive Committee Members, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meet of AIGETOA CHQ is hereby notified to be held on 17th February’2021 (Wednesday) through online video/audio mode. The meeting will be held as per the following schedule.

Date & Time : 17th February’2021 (Wednesday) from 10:00 to 18:00 Hrs

Venue : Online Mode [Links will be shared to all participants individually]

Notification for CEC. Click here

AIGETOA Meeting with senior officers at DoT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA comprising of GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AIP Shri R. S. Verma, VP Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar, AGS Shri Sunil Gautam, OS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and Smt Roopmala Priydarshi met senior functionaries of the DoT at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi. The meeting held in different span including Smt Anita Praveen Add Sec(T), Shri P. K. Sinha Member(Fin), Shri B. K. Member (Services), Ms Anshuli Arya Administrator (USOF), Shri Sanjeev Gupta DDG (PM), Shri Shahnwaz Alam DDG and other officers of the DoT, Sanchar Bahwan on two days (3rd and 5th Feb, 2021) and a range of subject related to BSNL viability, 4G rollout, clearance of pending amount by USOF to BSNL, Standard Scale E2-E3, 3rd PRC was raised by the association and discussed in detail.

In the meeting, Member (Fin) raised his concern over slow progress in other arms of revival package and emphasize faster rollout of 4G, renting out of vacant space and land monetization to gather more revenue to improve financial health of the company. We raised our concern and requested for requisite support from DoT for sustainability and clear roadmap for revival of BSNL. He assured that the DoT is committed to extend all support within the frameworks but asked us to find the ways to improve the system within BSNL also and raise it to the management. We apprised how young executives, who joined the department after 01.01.2007 is still suffering with the loss of pay, whereas standard pay scale proposal of E2 and E3 is still pending at DoT. The 3rd PRC didn’t implemented in BSNL on the reason of non-profitability clause whereas BSNL is being asked to implement 4G rollout with certain condition. The proposed condition is commercially non-viable option in compare to other TSPs rollout and it is also delaying full-fledged rollout of 4G, which will ultimately result in the loss to the employees in terms of delay in Salary and non-extension of PRC and other monetary benefits. He acknowledged our concerns and explained position of the DoT and the government and suggested various measures.

The meeting with Additional Secretary(T) and Member(Services) also held but the matter were discussed in brief due to their prior engagement. The AST advised us to have a detailed discussion with Joint Secretary (A) and after precipitated talk, the matter may be taken up at her level for final decision. The association will be pursuing with the Joint Sec (A) with detailed agenda points in the coming days especially for E2-E3 and 3rd PRC implementation.

The meeting with Administrator (USOF) held on the matter of the pending amount to be reimbursed by USOF to BSNL. We apprised matter in detail in line with our letter of Jan-2021, which was accepted by her and assured that she will direct the concerned official to settle it earliest. Thereafter the team met with Shri Shahnwaz Alam DDG in this regard and explained the matter of Rural Wi Fi Hotspot and its claim raised by BSNL, which is pending for payment. Smt Roopmala Priyadarshi accompanied in the meeting and explained the subject matter in detail. The DDG gave a patience hearing and assured positively.

The meeting with DDG(PM) also held in detail and discussion carried out on 4G rollout by BSNL. It was apprised to us that 4G rollout has to be implemented through PoC route, whose formal order is expected to be given in March, 2021. In a recently concluded pre-bid meeting after floating of EoI, many potential bidders have participated and some of them have come forward to implement 4G in the PoC Model under the lead of System Integrator (SI). The association highlighted that in the absence of 4G, the BSNL Revival Program is not going to succeed, which is evident from the fact that the organization is still stagnant in terms of the earning even after completion of one year of the VRS, whereas other TSPs have increased their revenue by 15-20% in the same period. The association highlighted that every delay is causing serious effect on health of the organization and ultimately employees are suffering. The employees are not getting salary on time and delay of three weeks are persisting since long time and other remuneration are also at its bottom. The Promotional avenues are completely stuck up and the filed constraints are also very high. The look after arrangements for higher responsibilities are continuing since years together in spite of sufficient number of vacancies and availability of candidates. This has left the executives completely devastated and their resentment are growing with each passing day. The DDG(PM) gave a patience hearing and explained all aspects in detail.

Association also tried to meet Hon’ble Secretary (T) and requested for appointment which couldn’t be granted immediately on account of his busy schedule especially due to ongoing parliament session. The association will try to meet the honorable secretary very soon to apprise him about the hardship being faced by us due to no progressive growth of the organization, delayed salary, pay loss and stagnation in the career and we will request to intervene in the matter.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with Director (HR), PGM(Pers), Sr GM(SR),GM(Training) and GM(Rstg) on 06.01.2021:

All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar and Shri Sunil Gautam met GM-Restructuring and discussed once again on the restructuring exercise in view of the misleading update given by one corner.

It was once again re-emphasized that Restructuring Exercise is still not finalized. Even circle structure has not been finalized yet. Moreover, as per new decision, details have been sought from the CFA team on the number of clusters, their revenue etc so that placement of appropriate man power shall be calculated and finalized. Further, the operational norms have also not been finalized yet.

AIGETOA team expressed that the restructuring exercise is going too slow and it’s time that things should be finalized under discussion with the majority recognised representative association i.e. AIGETOA, which is the only association authorized to formally discuss with the management. We also conveyed firmly that any reduction beyond stipulated norms shall be opposed vehemently and there should not be any dent in promotional Avenues of executives.

AIGETOA Team met GM(Training) and raised our apprehension and requested for holding of JTO Phase-II and other trainings through ONLINE MODE till Covid-19 vaccination is not started or pandemic in not faded. The GM(Training) appreciated the concerns and informed that the department has taken cognizance of the concern raised by the association earlier and again it will take all necessary action in this regard.

AIGETOA Team also met PGM Pers and Sr GM SR and discussed upon the readiness of the JTO to SDE DPC exercise. We requested for immediate issuance of promotion orders after Friday. We also firmly conveyed that any further delay will result into strong organizational action as the executive cadre is already frustrated and the minds are in complete state of unrest due to continued negligence of the issues pertaining to executives. We also requested for issuance of LDCE Notification simultaneously. It was assured that work on that process has also been initiated and notification shall be issued.

Thereafter the team met Director HR and had discussion on the above two issues. Director HR firmly assured that there won’t be any delay in issuance of promotion orders and his team is dedicatedly working for the same.

With regard to the misleading update that number of posts being frozen in various grades, Director HR categorically told that nothing has been finalized yet and calculations are going on. Director HR further assured that without discussing with Majority Recognised Representative Association, restructuring shall not be finalized. We thanked Director HR and conveyed that while finalizing the restructuring exercise, the promotional Avenues should be taken care of and any reduction beyond the stipulated norms should not be done.

Dear Friends,

We once again request you all to not to get panicky due to misleading information given by few corners. They may know the reasons why they are doing this. As far as calculation circulated by them, we wish to clarify that this is the old calculation which was done during their tenure on which perhaps they may have given acceptance. They may be accepting this but we would like to assure you all that we will never ever accept any drastic reduction in promotional posts and all necessary actions shall be taken to ensure the interest of our fraternity and cadre.

We are totally committed for our cadre and nothing shall be left untouched and or unguarded. All these four months of our recognition, we have been doing the firm ground work in the best interest of the cadre and also to undo the wrongs which has been done in last 20 years. Yes results are not visible now but very soon you will start witnessing the results also and not only results, you will also feel that future path has also been smoothened. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and especially when you have to start afresh. Many will come to demoralize, demean and demotivate you but don’t lose your faith and perseverance. We request you all to have patience and faith. Association shall be taking all actions necessary to ensure the benefits of PPP and to undo all the injustices which have been meted to us in all these twenty years.

Together We Have, Together We will.

Annual General Meet cum CWC Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ held on 12-13 December, 2020:

Annual General Meet cum CWC Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ held on 12-13 December, 2020:

Annual General Meeting cum Central Working Committee Meeting of AIGETOA CHQ held on 12-13 December, 2020 through online mode with open session of the two days conference held on 12th December, 2020. The open session was graced by the Chief Guest, Shri P K Purwar ji Hon’ble CMD, Guest of Honour Shri Arvind Vadnerkar ji Director (HR) BSNL Board and Shri A M Gupta ji Sr GM(SR) through online video conference. About 500 Members joined the online open session and about 1500 executives watched the program live through our website where the session was broadcast on our website Theme of the Open Session was “BSNL 2.0 – The Road Map Ahead”.

Earlier the meeting started at 10:00 O’Clock in the morning with the welcome of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Yogendra Jharwal FS, Shri Laxman Bhanoth Chairman, All CHQ Members, Circle Secretaries, Circle Presidents and Collegiums’ Members by Shri Deepak Sahu Ji, Dy GS AIGETOA CHQ. The Meeting was presided over by the AIP and mandatory provisions of the association for the financial year 2019-20 were taken up for discussion and approval of the House. After detailed discussion, Annual Working Report, Collegiums Updating, Membership Updating and Financial Report of the financial year 2019-20 of the association was passed by the house unanimously.

The open session was started in the afternoon with welcome address by All India President, Shri Ravi Verma ji. In his opening remarks, he welcomed the dignitaries, CHQ and Circle office bearers of the association and all the executives. He extended his gratitude to all executives for making AIGETOA number one association in the Membership Verification Process. He assured everybody that AIGETOA will continue to serve the executive fraternity for the welfare and upliftment of the cadre and well being of our beloved organization BSNL. He also extended his gratitude to BSNL management for successful conduction of MV process. He emphasized that executives have a lot of positive expectation from the current board and hoped that all the pending HR issues and issues related to BSNL shall be dealt with complete proactively for resolution. He extended firm support of association for the decisions which are taken for the well being of BSNL. He also said that association has also the duty to oppose the moves which will harm BSNL. He expected that under the current management team, pending issues like JTO to SDE DPC, SDE to DE promotions, AO to CAO promotions, JAO to AO promotions. Promotions in other cadres, Standard Pay Scale issue, Pay loss issue (22820 and E1 plus 5 increments), 30% SAB shall be resolved soon. Shri Verma informed management that while each and every executive is committed for fulfilling his roles and responsibilities, at the same time management should also ensure the rightful dues of employees with respect to Pay, Pension and Promotion. He hoped that discussion on the topic – BSNL 2.0: The roadmap ahead will give enough insight to all the attendees for having a firsthand knowledge about the view of the management with respect to the roadmap ahead to carry forward BSNL in post VRS era. All India President also emphasized upon the need for holding the LDCE and LICE exams at the earliest.

Thereafter, CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar ji in his address apprised all the listeners and attendees about the current status of the company, the challenges ahead, the financial crunch which company is facing, the roadblocks which are being felt in roll out of 4G services and also about the need for working together and keep the heads high to ensure that BSNL sails through this tough situation. He said, though position of the company has improved vis-à-vis the situation in which it was placed in previous year. He stressed upon the need for increasing the revenue. He said that he is aware about the day to day problems being faced by the employees and assured that whatever best that can be done in the current situation is being done and shall be done. He requested all to lay special emphasis to customer service and maintaining the services in up and running condition. With respect to pending HR issues, he said that he has told his team to work on the HR issues specially the issues related to promotions. He assured that management is committed to protect the interest of employees and will not do anything which will hamper their career prospects. He acknowledged that the management got engaged towards BSNL Revival Measures as initiated by the government considering its vital importance, which is still continuing. But he assured the gathering that now onwards management will equally focus on all pending promotions and other HR issues of the employees. He wished everybody best of luck and requested all to work with full dedication, commitment and zeal to turn for sustainability of our beloved organisation.

The Director HR Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Ji congratulated AIGETOA for becoming the Majority Recognised Representative Association. Director HR in his address said that as the head of the HR group, he is aware of the complexities involved in various issues and reiterated his commitment to resolve all the issues. He said that due to legacy structure, many HR issues have cropped up but he said that all the difficulties shall be removed and all HR issues will be settled as per commitment. He said that HR team is working dedicatedly on all the HR issues and hoped that results will be visible soon. He said that though he understands the fact that unless orders are in hand, no issue can be stated to be resolved. He said that he will ensure that the orders are in hands soon specially with respect to JTO to SDE DPC. He once again assured the management commitment for ensuring promotions in all grades, which is the due aspiration of an executive on joining as a CPSE Employee. He requested all to not to get de-motivated and hoped that together we will sail out of this tough situation.

GS, Shri Wasi Ahmad in his key note address first extended thanks to the CMD BSNL to grace the occasion and Director (HR) for accepting and gracing function as Guest of Honour and reaffirming his commitment for issuance of pending promotions in all grades starting from JTO to SDE and settlement of HR issues. He also thanked Sr GM(SR) for successfully conducting the 2nd Membership Verification and his apt role. GS extended his heartfelt thanks to all the OBs of AIGETOA for working day and night for the 2nd MV. He also thanked one and all executives for showing faith in us and electing AIGETOA as Majority Recognised Representative Association. He assured from the platform that the association is committed to resolve all outstanding issues of all executives and it will not leave any stone unturned to fulfill the faith and aspirations shown in us.

On the topic of the day, BSNL 2.0 and Roadmap Ahead, he spoke in length about the immediate roll out of 4G services and challenges being faced. He appraised the gathering that the government insistence to use only make in India Core for complete 4G roll out through PoC concept will suffocate the growth of wireless business of BSNL. He apprised that the association has demanded from the government to either allow the roll out the service by up-gradation of existing 2G/3G network or permit BSNL to procure 4G proven technology equipments through MNC route with 10% reserving for Make in India Project. He demanded that the BSNL Board should be given a free hand to take decision in larger interest of the company. He also took up the issue of renewal of 2G spectrum and replacement of faulty hardware of exiting 2G/3G network. He also taken up the matter of shortage of fund for maintenance in field units, maintenance region issues, optimum tapping of recent guidelines of government for mandatory use of BSNL services, objection on sharing of revenue through VAS vendors for default music etc, Sales & Marketing Activities, FTTH speed issues, network augmentation etc. He also spoke in detail about BTCL and business activities to be carried out by the BTCL and employees apprehension about BTCL, which were cleared by the CMD in his address.

Later, GS took HR issues and explain the current status and the roadmap for its resolution. He also appraised the gathering about the meeting of the association with CMD on 9th Dec, 2020 He touched briefly to all issues as detailed below:

JTO to SDE DPC: He apprised the management that waiting time is stretching beyond the patience and any further delay in JTO to SDE Promotion will be a serious setback to the waiting executives. He agreed with the views of the management that it is essential and works are going in right direction but reminded that we can’t wait endlessly and so it must be issued without further delay. The CWC is of the opinion that the association can’t tolerate further delay in SDE Promotion considering the fact that stagnation has reached up to 19 Yrs.

SDE 2007 Reversal Issue: Association thanks for the interim relief by reinstating the reverted executives to the post of SDEs but reminded the management that it is another breach of trust and not resolved as agreed in the agenda meeting to settle it permanently as one time measure. Although the Director(HR) has assured to resolve this issue in same line as agreed in the agenda meeting.

Publication of SDE Seniority List of 2007-8 onwards: The GS demanded for immediate publishing of provisional SDE seniority list of remaining vacancy year’s i.e. 2007-08 onwards on vacancy year basis as discussed in the agenda meeting and he also demanded for the finalization of the seniority list of 2006-07, which has been provisionally circulated. It was agreed by the management to look into and they will try to resolve the legal aspects in this regard.

Notification of LDCE: GS requested for notification of LDCE for SDE(T) with a scheduled of calendar for examinations of pending vacancy years at a gap of 2-3 weeks to make up the lost time. He also apprised the house that the recruitment section has competed resource exercise and decision by the CMD in this regard can be implemented at a short notice.

SDE to AGM and AO to CAO Promotion: AIGETOA apprised management about shortage of Executives in the cadre of AGM/CAO & DGM(T)/DGM(F) and requested management for immediate action in this regards. Management has also agreed to start the process in the direction of remaining promotions after completion of JTO to SDE Promotion. GS explained that already executives are working in higher grade and the said promotion is just designation change as most of the eligible executives already discharging the higher responsibilities and drawing the scale. He categorically told that look after arrangement should be stopped and executives should be allowed to work on regular basis always.

Rule 9 Cases Settlement: He apprised gathering that on request of the association, management has agreed to revisit the issue which has been temporarily put on hold. The management has agreed to consider special cases like spouse cases, lady officer’s cases and critical medical cases for those pending with corporate office.

Rule 8 Cases and Reduction of bond period: The GS has requested Director(HR) for consideration of Rule 8 cases and reduction of Bond period in line with the discussion held in agenda meeting along with bringing of transparency in the system by invoking online mechanism. He appraised that these issues can be settled in minimum time without involvement of any financial issues for which Dir(HR) has agreed to look into it for solution.

Other issues raised by GS are standard pay scale of E2/E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent grade, Pay loss issues, SAB issues and other issues linked with finance, he shown his helplessness for immediate resolution but agreed to consider them on merit with improved financial condition of the organisation. Details are as under:

Timely Payment of Salary: GS took up the issue of timely payment of salary with the CMD BSNL and appraised the management about serious resentment in the field units due to non-regularization of salary even after ten months of the VRS implementation. It is the opinion of employees in general that when the wage bill has reduced and earning has improved, why this delay is not eradicated. Although CMD BSNL has addressed this issue in his speech but the employees are more interested to get it resolved at the earliest considering the fact that they are putting their best. The GS also raised the matter of clearance of backlog temporary advance amount, which have been spent by executives in maintenance of services. These are already on record and he demanded immediate clearance of these amounts. The management has agreed to look into it for clearance of dues in phased manner despite of the fact that fund has been given to the Circles for maintaining the services.

Standard Pay Scale issue of E2/E3: GS AIGETOA updated CMD BSNL detail about the standard pay scale issue for which he agreed to consider the same after going through the details about the standard pay scale issue. On our request to take up the matter of standard scale once again with the DoT, he consented but told that he will do it after revisiting the files in this regard. The Team will follow up with CMD in this regard.

Pay Loss Issue of 22820/-, E1+5 increment and TTA to DR JTO: GS appraised the gathering about the progress in this regard and stand of the management to wait till improvement of financial position. He apprised the management about all three pay loss issue in details and submission of documents for the formation of committee. CMD BSNL has agreed to consider them but with financial improvement only. But GS told that the issues are pending from the time BSNL was in positive and further it’s a recurring loss of affected individuals which can’t be ignored endlessly.

Increase of SAB Fund to increase it from existing 21.8% to 30%: The GS highlighted this aspect which is a social security part of the employees and the management is only extending 21.8% (EPF-12, SAB Pension Fund-5%, Gratuity-4.8%) defined contribution against recommended 30% SAB contribution of 2nd PRC. The GS requested CMD BSNL to at least increase SAB Pension Fund by 3% to bridge the shortfall in first go as it is a social security component. The CMD BSNL has agreed to consider in coming days with improved situation.

The remaining HR and other issues also discussed in length in the meeting and appraised to the CMD and Director(HR) and it was apprised that the HR should be treated as Real Resources and invested to garner the full benefits for the organisation else other no revival package will be complete.

Shri A.M. Gupta, Sr GM (SR) also congratulated AIGETOA for becoming the Majority Recognised Representative Association. He also assured for his full cooperation in bridging the gaps between association and management. He assured that HR team is working on all the issues. He looked forward to BSNL taking new strides under the current leadership. He also appreciated the role of AIGETOA leaders in precipitating the issues before management.

Shri B. Laxman, Chairman AIGETOA in his address highlighted the maintenance related problems and requested management to provide support to the executives for keeping services up and running by providing required funds and equipment. Shri Laxman also stressed upon the need for ensuring the 4G rollout at the earliest.

At the end, Shri Deepak Shahu, Dy GS extended the vote of thanks on behalf of AIGETOA. The meeting was conducted on zoom platform and managed by Shri Pavan Akhand Ji AGS and Shri Sridhar Ji Joint Secretary (South) in a professional way, which was appreciated by all participants.

Update of AIGETOA Meeting with PGM Pers

AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam met PGM Pers and held an extensive discussion with respect to JTO to SDE DPC and status there of. All the nitty gritties and teething problems if any were discussed and it is concluded that very soon we are going to see the results. AIGETOA Team is consistently on job and will ensure the promotions very soon.

Promotional modalities of other cadres like SDE to DE and AO to CAO were discussed. Work on these promotions will also begin soon. We once again emphasised that List 9 has been prepared as per extant guidelines and date of joining criteria doesn’t hold true for the lists which were not impunged list at Honble SC. In fact management should consider extending ROTA also in addition to quota.

We would like to further inform that discussion on pending rule 8 and rule 9 cases have also been discussed by AIGETOA Team. It has been assured to us that BSNL CO will look into the aspect of streamlining Rule 8 cases and a policy is being considered for rule 9 for specific cases like Spouse cases and female executives.

AIGETOA Team will keep you updated on the progress.