Team AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL and Director HR on 12.07.2021

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta met with the CMD BSNL in the afternoon and again the team comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP and Shri Vaibhav Goyal CHQ Adv met Dir HR in the evening for more than an hour on 12.07.2021 to lodge the protest against the unreasonable Speaking Order released on 09.07.2021 and demand for the promotion in grades and sufficient posts in restructuring.

Speaking Order and seniority list: The association lodged strong protest and argued against the unreasonable speaking order with both CMD & Dir HR and demanded to consider the demand of association to not go ahead to revise the seniority list and wait for the legal opinion to reach. It was told to them that the released order is against the basic ethos of the SDE RR 2002 which defines the Quota for LDCE and SCF in each vacancy year. It is a gross injustice to place and LDCE qualified SDE of VY 2006-07 below to 2008-09 SCF Promoted SDE in the seniority list. This thought process of denying justice to the meritorious executives due to one reason or other has always causes loss to the BSNL Recruited Employees and a setback to the organisation. The CMD BSNL and Director HR have given positive assurance to consider our requests.

Restructuring & Promotion: The CMD and Dir HR agreed with concern of the association that stagnation in same grade beyond a reasonable period by the executives is detrimental for the organisation growth. We argued that every executive has a right to grow in his career to a sufficient position in his career life but the initial proposal of the Man Power Planning is totally contrary to the principle due to drastic reduction in the promotion post. The CMD and Director HR both asked to submit the presentation on the restructuring by the due date of 16.07.2021. We demanded for holding of a restructuring meeting with the association and management under chairmanship of the CMD BSNL, to which he agreed. The CMD BSNL told that he is ready to listen the view points of the association and not averse to the promotion of our officers. The association will be holding meeting with CMD BSNL soon after the submission of proposal. The promotion of the AGM and CAO grades were also discussed with the Director (HR) but it was apprised by him that due to SLP filed in Hon’ble SC, the promotion on these posts is not feasible till decision on the SLP. The association demanded to extend one promotion to all executives including AGM/CAO, who have completed their residency period in the substantive grade.

DPC for left JTOs of 2008 batch: We requested the Director (HR) that left out JTOs of 2008 batch are completely frustrated and so their promotion should be ensured. We apprised him that recalculating of vacancies can give sufficient number of posts to cater the need. The Dir(HR) agreed to our request and assured to direct the Pers Cell for the same. We also demanded holding of LDCEs for SDET and LICE for JTOs for all pending vacancy years at a short interval of one month time separately to which he agreed and apprised that the management is also contemplating to hold the LDCE for SDE and LICE for JTO on immediate basis. This is also one of our long pending demands.

ERP Posting: It was apprised to the Dir HR that it was agreed by the Dir CFA to accommodate all remaining executives of ERP in NCR who couldn’t get posted in ERP modules. He assured to settle all cases within NCR as per their request. The available list of 13 request cases of ERP Ghaziabad handed over to the Dir HR for their choice posting.