Update on Meeting with CMD BSNL on Restructuring

A formal meeting with CMD BSNL took place yesterday (11.08.2021) to discuss upon the restructuring exercise being undertaken by BSNL. The meeting was attended by the Director HR and GM Restructuring and association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP and Shri Rajendra Singh.

The meeting was quite exhaustive and detailed discussion took place on staffing norms, stagnation and career progression of the executives which satisfies the minimum career aspirations of all executives. Association pointed out many lacuanes in calculation of norms and many of them were acknowledged by CMD. However CMD BSNL expressed his firmness towards keeping the structure lean and thin. We stated that structure of organization can’t be transformed over night and persons, who are working in organisation can’t be allowed to stagnate just because a lean and thin structure is to be developed. On stagnation part, CMD BSNL endorsed our view that executives can not be allowed to stagnate beyond a stipulated period. He sought certain more inputs to us, which we will be submitting in 2-3 days. He also directed his team to provide the same input. On making AGM grade operational cadre, CMD BSNL was not in concurrence and said that alternative mechanism like LDCE/Selection Process can be thought of for pushing meritorious executives up in the ladder. We said in AGM grade, LDCE will not serve the purpose and instead all should be given chance to compete for the posts in DGM grade for which MS RR is already having the provision and for that all eligible candidates (JTO/JAO/SDE/AO/AGM/CAO and equivalent grade executives) should be promoted to their next grade before the restructuring exercise. This will give way forward of promotion despite of reservation and seniority issue.

On two points, there was some consensus between management and Association side but disagreement on Quantum.

1. There should not be stagnation in any cadre beyond a justified time. The management side stated that stagnation should not be beyond 10-11 years in JTO/JAO/Equivalent grade and 14-15 years in SDE/AO/Equivalent grade but association side took strong objection to this view point and demanded that the maximum stagnation of 4 years at JTO/JAO/equivalent grade and 8 years at SDE/AO/Equivalent grade can be tolerated. Further association side also ruled out introduction of any intermediate functional grade like Sr SDE/Sr AO grade and demanded no intermediary post should be created for name sake.

2. Meritorious executives at all levels need to be identified and pushed up in the ladder to take higher responsibilities. We demanded DGM Promotions strictly on selection cum merit as stipulated in MS RR instead of gifting it based on seniority which was never the intent of the MS RR.

Association shall be submitting it’s input on next 2-3 days based on which further discussion and decision on Restructuring will take place.

We also discussed the matter of Inter-Se-Seniority for VY 2006-7 onwards and highlighted various legal aspects on which CMD BSNL directed Director HR to get the same examined thoroughly before arriving at any conclusion.

Matter of left out promotions in JTO to SDE cadre was also discussed. It was assured to look into the same.

Thereafter reversal issue was discussed. Management side acknowledged the problem and stated that necessary action needs to be taken to get the issue resolved once for all.