Meeting of Team AIGETOA CHQ with GM Pers and his team :

Meeting of Team AIGETOA CHQ with GM Pers and his team :

Sh Ravi Shil Verma All India Chairman, Sh Veerabhadra Rao All India President, Sh Sunil Gautam and Sh Rakesh Meena CS NTR met GM(Pers) Sh S N Gupta and Pers Team for discussion on pending issues:

JTO to SDE Promotions :

We expressed our strong resentment on the non issuance of promotions in the JTO to SDE cadre despite approval and notification of the revised SDE RRs. We reminded them about the consistently missing deadlines despite the assurances given by the apex of the organization i.e. by CMD BSNL in meeting dated 21.03.2023 and Director (HR) in the agenda meeting held in February. We said such type of continued ignorance on the long pending issues is basically denting the trust of executives in the system and the same is never good for any organization to flourish.

After detailed discussions, it was finally agreed that all available vacancies upto 31st December 2022 shall be filled up by 25th May 2023. LDCEs shall be also notified simultaneously in which all the eligible JTOs can appear for promotion on the fast track basis. We requested them to expedite the process further and ensure the promotions in next few days. We also insisted that LDCEs should also be notified immediately to benefit more JTOs. Further, simultaneous processing of both the streams will minimize the legal hurdles also.

SDE Reversal Issue :

We told GM Pers that SDE Reversal is another issue which has kept unsettled despite repeated assurances at various levels. We insisted upon immediate conclusive action on the issue to ensure that these innocent SDEs do not suffer any further. GM Pers assured for a speedy action on the issue.

SDE to AGM Promotions and Increasing AGM & DGM vacancies:

We have reminded the deliberations and discussions held in our AIGETOA agenda meeting ( 08 & 22-02-2023 ) and separate meeting with CMD & DIR HR on 21-03-2023. GM pers said that as and when directed by Director (HR), action shall be initiated. AIGETOA Team shall be taking up this issue further with Hon’ble CMD BSNL and Director (HR) for a speedy resolution.

Issuance of OTP cases of Karnataka Circle :

The issue is under consideration and the same shall be processed along with the long stay transfer cases expected to be held soon.

Retention/Modifications/Cancellation cases

We informed that many cases have not been considered and requested to consider the same at the earliest.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL on 30.12.2021:

Team AIGETOA met with CMD BSNL on 30.12.2021 and held detailed deliberation for more than half an hour on the issues of Implementation of Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Grade, Promotion in various Grades/Streams, Revisiting of stagnation Criteria of JTO/JAO and introduction of same in SDE/AO Equivalent Grades, Fast Track Promotion Channel and ongoing BSNL Revival Measures. Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP attended the meeting from AIGETOA side. The GS/AGS AIBSNLEA also accompanied in the meeting and participated in the deliberation. The meeting held in positive atmosphere and lasted for more than half an hour and detailed deliberations held on each and every point.

Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Grades:

The association presented the issue of standard pay scale to CMD BSNL and apprised that AIGETOA has held three meetings in the DoT in last Two Months and come to the conclusion that mere sending of reminder letter to the DoT as done on our request may not be sufficient to get the desired result. The current reminder letter has brought the issue once again on the discussion table but more needs to be done for the final settlement. This issue is Residual of 2nd PRC and sent to the DoT after Approval of Management Committee of BSNL BOARD on 06.06.2016. The Backbone Cadre of BSNL, JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent grades are still working with Provisional Scales of E1 and E2 despite passage of 14 years of 2nd PRC in BSNL. MTNL merger is again under discussion and it is the most appropriate time to settle the issue of E2-E3 to bring parity among the entry grade executives i.e. JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade of the two organizations’. The scale of JTO/JAO in MTNL is E2, whereas the scale is provisionally E1 in BSNL till date and so any possible merger will face challenges both legally as well as organizationally and damper the prospects of the whole merger process.

After detailed deliberation, it was assured by the CMD BSNL that he will look into it afresh towards solution. He assured us that he will be taking this up with Hon’ble Secretary DoT for initiating reconsideration by DoT. We are of the firm believe that it is the best time to re-initiate serious dialogue through multiple platforms for settlement of the E2 and E3 Scale issue for BSNL. The issue is linked with the approval of DoT and hence the association has again started working in that directions and holding regular meetings on the issue at different level in the DoT and BSNL. With intervention of CMD BSNL with apex at DoT, the issue is going to get a fresh push for resolution.

Promotions in various Grades and Streams:

The discussion held on Promotion in various Grades/Streams including JTO to SDE, SDE to AGM, AO to CAO and AGM to DGM equivalent. It was appraised by CMD BSNL that he is not averse to the Promotion in any grade till not stayed by any Court of Law. Accordingly, he has directed to complete all promotions through DPC of Pre-VRS period in First Phase if not under legal entangle in the Court. Accordingly the process was initiated in all streams and some order also issued. The ongoing JTO to SDE promotion of left out candidates got stuck up due to obstacle created by certain section. Fortunately, intervention of the association at right time brought it back on the track. We assure one and all that the Promotion of subsequent batches is equally important for us as well as it is also our responsibility and we will get it done soon. As we believe in Execution of Promotion and not Creating Obstacle in Promotion. We have ensured more than 4500 Promotions in SDE equivalent Grades across streams in last Six Months and we will ensure further in coming Months with your support.

SDE to AGM Promotion was taken up with CMD BSNL and apprised that our fellow executives are waiting for this from 8-17 years, whereas the required residency period is just 7 years. Field Units are reeling with acute shortage of Officers in the grade of AGM and DGM in both Telecom and Finance Streams. CMD was apprised about the mechanism suggested by Dir HR to call for legal opinion to find out the ways in view of the SLP at Hon’ble Supreme Court, where the case has been heard and Order has been reserved on 26th October, 2021. It was informed to us that BSNL has challenged the decision of Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh, which has declared the June-2018 AGM Promotion provisional and hence department is unable to move forward. The association once again suggested exploring the Promotion in AGM Grade by considering promoting all SDEs, who have competed seven years of residency period in the grade. This will not bring any major deviation in the current structure considering the fact that hardly 5K SDEs are available with the said residency period. The AO to CAO and AGM to DGM equivalent Promotions were also apprised and deliberated. Field requirements and one time relaxation were also discussed for executing these promotion orders.

CMD BSNL patiently listened our arguments and echoed our concern but apprised that without getting legal position he may not arrive on any conclusion and so he suggested us to sit with the HR Team and find the ways to move ahead on these promotions. He told that he himself is concerned for these promotions considering the long stagnation as well as requirement of the officers in these grades and hence any legally tenable solution will be welcomed. We appraised that without ensuring promotions in these grades, we may not move forward and hence some solution must be find out for peace in the organisation. We will further take up the issue with Director HR and PGM Pers as discussed.

Notification of LDCE for Subsequent Batches of JTOs:

We requested for early notification of LDCE examination in such a way that executives from all the subsequent batches can appear in the exam. It was assured to us that association request shall be given due consideration and management will come out with solution soon.

Time Bound Promotion in SDE and AGM and Equivalent Grades through Stagnation:

We appraised that despite of passage of more than twenty one years of formation of BSNL, no definite career progression has been provided to the executive fraternity. BSNL approved policy is not finding the ways to implement and hence it was suggested to ensure the Time Bound Mechanism through Stagnation Route to ensure reaching of the executives to at least up to AGM Equivalent Grades in a definite time period. The stagnation criteria of 12 years introduced in the JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade for Promotion beyond Sanction Posts is not at all acceptable and must be revisited. A stagnation criterion in the SDE Equivalent Grade should also be introduced to Promote Executives to the AGM Equivalent Grade post beyond Sanctioned Strength in a Time Bound Manner.

It is our firm demand to make the Stagnation criteria in such a way that an Executive reaches to AGM grade in a span of around 15 years. Enforcing stagnation as the criteria in RRs for next promotion will make the Promotions Time Bound as well as they will remove the major lacunae of earlier approved policy and hence may be acceptable to all stake holders.

CMD BSNL suggested that the Recruitment Rules framing/modifications are under way and the decisions will be taken only after taking inputs and submission of the association. He suggested for getting into discussion with the HR Team as the Recruitment Rule drafting is underway and submits the suggestions. He assured that the points raised by the association will be judged on merit and incorporated to maximum possible extent. We apprised that the association will not sit quiet without getting a Time Bound Criteria for the Promotions up to AGM Equivalent Grades.

Adoption of Fast Track Promotion Mechanism in BSNL:

We highlighted to start Fast Track Promotion Mechanism in BSNL to give younger generation a suitable path to reach the echelon of their career in BSNL. BSNL has no management succession plan resulting into a crisis in middle and higher middle level management. BSNL is still struggling to introduce a system to push its own recruited executives to take the driving seat in the department and instead depending on the officers from the Department of Telecom. The recent trend has already given a message and delay of incorporation of Fast Track Promotion Mechanism may pose a serious crisis in coming days. We also demanded to convert the DR DGM seats into an Internal Fast Track Mechanism at DGM Level immediately and subsequently add more seats to it.

CMD BSNL appraised that he fully agrees with the idea of the association and more than willing to introduce such system in BSNL and assured to discuss with HR Team and the Association also to bring such changes during ongoing Recruitment Rule Modifications.

BSNL Revival Measures and Pan India 4G roll Out:

It was raised by the association that the healthiness of BSNL has not been achieved despite of the passage of more than two years of revival package by the Govt of India and roll out of the 4G is still pending while no discussion on the testing of 5G.

CMD BSNL once again confirmed that all stake holders are giving a serious push for an early 4G rollout by BSNL and he is very hopeful that it will be started in second quarter of the next financial year as per the target time. The indigenous technology used in the 4G Roll Out is going to play a vital role in the process. He apprised that the PoC phase of 4G testing is going in right direction and expected to meet the time line smoothly. The government is keenly watching the process as well as sustainability of BSNL and all necessary measures are taken to achieve the goal. A comprehensive discussion was held on this topic also but we are restricting ourselves strategically in the interest of the organisation and details will be shared at a suitable time.

We extended our thanks to the CMD BSNL for considering our request and releasing the funds of five months for pending SAB Contribution. We requested that remaining part of the SAB should also be deposited at the earliest. We also requested for clearance of Rule-8/9 cases in the current financial year itself.

The meeting ended on a positive note and association will be following the issues further. We assure the fraternity that our decisions to defer the call and getting into discussion table on the above stated points as well others was need of the hour. Any absentee from the discussion table in this crucial juncture of the formation/modification of Recruitment Rules may cause irreparable damage and hence we decided accordingly. The issue of E2-E3 is crucial and parleys in the DoT from the Association as well as taking up the issue at the level of Secretary (T) by CMD BSNL are equally important for approval. If we found that management is moving away from its promises, the association will not wait and resume the program with full vigor. Accordingly, the period should be utilised to educate all about status and be in readiness mode in case of any eventuality.

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) on 10.09.2021

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 10.09.2021 and held detailed discussions on promotion to BSNL Executives. It is informed that Restructuring is in very advanced stage and it will be presented to MC in a couple of days.

  1. We demanded that all eligible Executives as on date should be promoted before restructuring and only viable option is Time Bound Promotion for all eligible Executives before the Restructuring. BSNL Board has approved Time Bound Promotion Policy in May 2018 itself and promotions should be ensured in a time bound manner for all eligible Executives, we demanded. The concern on Reservation can be addressed by incorporating a provision for following Govt/DoPT guidelines on Reservation protecting the constitutional rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria. We also told that other issues which have been raised by various sections from time to time may be addressed in the policy by involving all the stake holders and drawing a consensus. It will be pertinent to mention that Management Committee of the Board is empowered to decide on such changes in the policy.
  2. We also requested that before Restructuring, all the Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives should be made regular DGM(T/F) as sufficient vacancies are available and thereafter all posts should be filled on regular basis. Further, a merit based fast track promotion should also be introduced for DGM equivalent and above grade for promotion to higher positions from among meritorious BSNL Executives to lead BSNL by creating adequate number of such posts. Current MTRR and DGM RRs should be scrapped altogether and replaced with internal fast track mechanism.

Earlier CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met and deliberated the Restructuring process and its deadly consequences on career progression of the Executives. Even small increase in the number of posts is not going to address the issue. There is a huge disconnect in numbers proposed by management and actual requirement of the posts to ensure smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings. It is also deliberated that the existing vacancies especially in AGM/CAO equivalent grades are also not getting filled owing to complexities associated with respect to SLP at Hon Supreme Court, relating to Reservation and the management is also not trying for any solution taking excuse of the situation.

After detailed discussion, it is decided to work jointly for the career progression of all the Executives either by making Time Bound Promotions without linking it with availability of vacancies or by getting so many numbers of posts which ensures smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings in a time bound manner without stagnating any Executive in any cadre or stream.

Associations agreed to pursue for implementation of the Board approved Time Bound Promotion Policy of May 2018 with incorporation of provisions for following Govt/DoPT guidelines on Reservation protecting the constitutional rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria.

Associations will also demand that all the Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives should be made regular DGM(T/F) as sufficient vacancies are available and thereafter all posts should be filled on regular basis. Issues raised by AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA on the policy will be pursued to be implemented. It was discussed that changes required to consider those issues can easily be addressed by Management Committee of the Board.

Associations agreed for incorporation of a merit based fast track promotion should also be introduced for DGM equivalent and above grade for promotion to higher positions from among meritorious BSNL Executives to lead BSNL by creating adequate number of such posts. Associations will also demand for scrapping of Current MTRR and DR DGM RRs and replaced with internal fast track mechanism.

Other than promotional aspects, all issues pertaining to Pay, Promotion and Pension shall also be jointly pursued by all.

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD BSNL on 09.09.2021:

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA and SNEA met CMD BSNL Shri P. K. Purwar and communicated that if BSNL management is going ahead with Restructuring and post reduction without working out the promotional avenues for its Executives and finalizing the future road map to fill up the top management positions in the company with meritorious candidates, then it is going to meet stiff resistance and opposition from all the Executives. Normally, norms are framed after conducting extensive work study in the field units, but no work study took place and restructuring process has been converted into a pen paper exercise aimed only for reduction in posts. The inputs given by Associations highlighting the shortcomings of the restructuring proposal has been completely ignored and management moving ahead with drastic reduction in posts which is not at all acceptable.

We said that management cannot simply ignore the fact that BSNL Board has approved a proposal in May 2018 where they want JTO/JAO Equivalent level Executives to reach to post of AGM in a time of 15 years of service. Such type of demeaning of Executives where management wants JTO/JAO/SDE/AO Equivalent grade officers to stagnate for as long as 12 years for their first promotion and 25 years for its second promotion will lead to a disastrous situation in BSNL, where every Executive will be in a state of unrest and will give rise to a serious conflict. We categorically demanded CMD/BSNL to put on hold current restructuring proposal and requested him to deliberate a proposal which leads to a complete transformation of organization in all respects including the work culture, motivation, promotional avenues, and recognition of Merit.

BSNL Board has approved Time Bound Promotion Policy in May 2018 itself and promotions should be ensured in a time bound manner for all eligible Executives, we demanded. CMD BSNL said that he remains open to further discussion and told us to discuss with Director HR, BSNL Board.

Later, both Association leaders met Shri Vivek Banzal, Director(CFA) and Shri S. K. Mishra, Director(CM) also and demanded Time Bound Promotion for all eligible Executives, before the Restructuring.

Meeting update on E1+5, Rule-8, Rule-9 & GTI Disbursement

Team AIGETOA including AIP and VP met Sr GM Establishment today and sought the progress on various pending matters.

It is informed that Establishment section shall be sending for processing the committee formation for E1+5 Increment to restructuring cell with directions to process the case of nominating new committee members.

It is also informed that the revised policy for Rule 9 and consolidated instructions on Rule 8 is finalised and will be issued shortly.

With regard to GTI payment there was some technical obstacles with respect to the disbursement. As per final resolution it is decided that LIC will pay the consolidated amount to BSNL and BSNL CO will transfer the amount directly to nominee of the concerned executive. A separate account will be opened by BSNL for the purpose.

All the above cases are under active persuasion by the CHQ team.

Submission by AIGETOA on the Pay Loss Issue faced by the executives recruited in pre-revised E1A Scale after 01.01.2007 through extending initial basic as 22820/-

AIGETOA has submitted the detailed representation on the Pay Loss issue of executives recruited in pre-revised E1A Scale after 01.01.2007 by resolution on extending initial basic as 22820/-. The committee was formed for review of the same by the persuasion from AIGETOA which was under back burner before. AIGETOA was also called on for a detailed discussion with the committee and similarly the inputs from other associations also taken by the committee. The rules , legal directions, at par principles and natural justice need to be done on the matter. We have met concerned officials and we are expecting and requested for a positive recommendation by the committee to provide justice to one of the most deprived matter of pay loss , which will definitely uphold the morale of the hardworking executives.

Click here for Submission

Updates on the Issues :

E2-E3 Reminder to the DoT:

The matter was pending on account of delay in exact calculation of financial implication as exact data was also not available due to non availability of ERP package at that time. On meeting with Sr. GM Est by AIGETOA team , it was intimated that an average implication calculation will be proposed for submission after approval from CMD.

Association submission on 22820:

AIGETOA has finalised it’s documentation in support of our claim to be submitted to the committee formed for the 22820/- for the Pay Loss issue of those JTOs/JAOs, whose notification carried in E1A scale. The submission will be made in few days and the team will continue the discussions on the matter with Committee formed for the purpose. During the period we could interact with few personals and need and genuinity of the matter is already conveyed. Further we will be conveying the same firmly with all logics and hope that the committee will take it in right perspective to resolve it once for all.

Reconstitution of the committee on E1+5 Case:

The efforts are continuing in the direction for reconstitution of the committee but till now there is no substantial progress from management on this matter due to the fact that all members of the previous committee got superannuated. The pursuance for the committee is continuing and any major breakthrough will be reported once achieved.

Update on Meeting with CMD BSNL on Restructuring

A formal meeting with CMD BSNL took place yesterday (11.08.2021) to discuss upon the restructuring exercise being undertaken by BSNL. The meeting was attended by the Director HR and GM Restructuring and association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP and Shri Rajendra Singh.

The meeting was quite exhaustive and detailed discussion took place on staffing norms, stagnation and career progression of the executives which satisfies the minimum career aspirations of all executives. Association pointed out many lacuanes in calculation of norms and many of them were acknowledged by CMD. However CMD BSNL expressed his firmness towards keeping the structure lean and thin. We stated that structure of organization can’t be transformed over night and persons, who are working in organisation can’t be allowed to stagnate just because a lean and thin structure is to be developed. On stagnation part, CMD BSNL endorsed our view that executives can not be allowed to stagnate beyond a stipulated period. He sought certain more inputs to us, which we will be submitting in 2-3 days. He also directed his team to provide the same input. On making AGM grade operational cadre, CMD BSNL was not in concurrence and said that alternative mechanism like LDCE/Selection Process can be thought of for pushing meritorious executives up in the ladder. We said in AGM grade, LDCE will not serve the purpose and instead all should be given chance to compete for the posts in DGM grade for which MS RR is already having the provision and for that all eligible candidates (JTO/JAO/SDE/AO/AGM/CAO and equivalent grade executives) should be promoted to their next grade before the restructuring exercise. This will give way forward of promotion despite of reservation and seniority issue.

On two points, there was some consensus between management and Association side but disagreement on Quantum.

1. There should not be stagnation in any cadre beyond a justified time. The management side stated that stagnation should not be beyond 10-11 years in JTO/JAO/Equivalent grade and 14-15 years in SDE/AO/Equivalent grade but association side took strong objection to this view point and demanded that the maximum stagnation of 4 years at JTO/JAO/equivalent grade and 8 years at SDE/AO/Equivalent grade can be tolerated. Further association side also ruled out introduction of any intermediate functional grade like Sr SDE/Sr AO grade and demanded no intermediary post should be created for name sake.

2. Meritorious executives at all levels need to be identified and pushed up in the ladder to take higher responsibilities. We demanded DGM Promotions strictly on selection cum merit as stipulated in MS RR instead of gifting it based on seniority which was never the intent of the MS RR.

Association shall be submitting it’s input on next 2-3 days based on which further discussion and decision on Restructuring will take place.

We also discussed the matter of Inter-Se-Seniority for VY 2006-7 onwards and highlighted various legal aspects on which CMD BSNL directed Director HR to get the same examined thoroughly before arriving at any conclusion.

Matter of left out promotions in JTO to SDE cadre was also discussed. It was assured to look into the same.

Thereafter reversal issue was discussed. Management side acknowledged the problem and stated that necessary action needs to be taken to get the issue resolved once for all.

Flash News on E1 plus Five Increments

As assured in the Agenda meeting, Estt. branch of BSNL CO has referred the matter to GM Restg. of BSNL CO to expedite the matter of E1 plus Five Increments Pending before BSNL Board by convening the meeting of HR committee of BSNL Board. It is expected that by next week Restg branch will issue letter to committee members in DOT to for necessary action for expediting the decisions.