Congratulations on the Indigenous 4G Beta Launch – A Proud Moment for BSNL :

Dear Friends,

Congratulations on achieving the much-awaited 4G Beta Launch. We convey our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all BSNL executives to Government of India under the able leadership of our Hon’ble PM, MoC, MoSC & Secretary DoT. We also convey our thankfulness to the untiring efforts of DoT, BSNL Management and the teams involved in making this day a reality for which each BSNL employee is feeling proud. BSNL is a proud partner in the launch of indigenous 4G technology making India only the 6th country to do so.

Thanks once again to all those involved in ensuring this wonderful day for all BSNL Employees. We once again reaffirm our commitment for all such endeavors taken for the well-being of BSNL and its Executives.