Transfer & Posting in the grade of Account Officer

Result for LICE from JE to JTO declared :

AIGETOA CHQ Congratulates all successful candidates. It was our endeavour from day one to maximize the promotions and the first step was kept on the day when AIGETOA suggested utilization of complete vacancies available as evident from our minutes of February 2022. We have been pursuing the matter and accordingly after vigorous follow ups, last week we informed that results are ready to be declared shortly.

This has been the biggest achievement of AIGETOA that we have been able to get the system streamlined and transparent. Our efforts for the cadre will continue to achieve all the resolutions.

We once again congratulate everyone.

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AIGETOA Vows to Fight 22820 till it is achieved :

Dear Friends,

No doubt, yesterday order of Hon’ble PCAT is a big set back as we were expecting a positive outcome from this. However we have gone through the orders and we have concluded that the basic contention in our OA has not been addressed to our satisfaction and in our opinion there are many aspects of the issue which needs a wider lookout. Accordingly AIGETOA CHQ has decided that applicants in the case will file an appeal in higher court. Accordingly our legal team has deputed itself on job and shall be shortly consulting various advocates on the matter and will go with the best advocates to ensure justice for the cadre. Despite the setback, we request all to maintain calm and patience. Justice will definitely be ensured one day.

Further some groups are trying to encash on this situation and are trying to demotivate our rank and file. We request one and all not to pay heed to such persons or groups. Having done nothing for years, they only believe in criticising others. Let’s ignore them and concentrate on larger cause.

We assure one and all that we will definitely ensure justice for all.

Flash News : Extension of Date of Entry in ESS-Facility of Immunity to Recognized Associations :

Discussions were held with PGM SR on the issues related to immunity modification of the recognized Associations/Unions and support Associations. Discussion on points submitted jointly by all the three associations were also held. SR cell shall be examining the inputs submitted by association for further consideration. In the meanwhile, the date of entry in SAP portal for the facility of immunity from the transfer to the recognized Associations/Unions and support Associations has been extended upto 30.04.2023.

Previously the last date for entry was 31.03.2023 which is further extended to 30.04.2023.

Orders in this regard are expected to be issued on day after tomorrow.

Flash News: Update on notification of SDE RRs and JTO to SDE Promotions :

As assured to AIGETOA by Hon’ble CMD BSNL in the meeting dated 21st March 2023, it is understood that the modified SDE RRs are being placed for approval in BSNL Board Meeting to be held tentatively this week. With this approval, path for the Promotions of the left out JTOs of 2008 batch will be cleared and hopefully the promotions will be issued soon. In the meeting, Team AIGETOA has emphasized upon starting the exercise for subsequent batches also and we will ensure that the DPC promotion process for the subsequent batches and LDCE notification for the eligible batches are also completed immediately thereafter.

Update on EPF Full Pension Case : Need of 26(6) approval

Today 23.03.2023 detailed arguments held on the need of 26(6) approval submission along with EPF Enhanced Pension Option collection. Our counsel placed that the 26(6) option can be submitted without insistence of date as per earlier judgement on WPC 13120/2015 & Connected cases where our Kerala team along with 504 applicants were direct petitioners. The Counsel from EPFO requested for a time till next Thursday so as to get seek clearance on the same by EPF Head office.

The hearing is posted for 31.03.2023