AIGETOA Vows to Fight 22820 till it is achieved :

Dear Friends,

No doubt, yesterday order of Hon’ble PCAT is a big set back as we were expecting a positive outcome from this. However we have gone through the orders and we have concluded that the basic contention in our OA has not been addressed to our satisfaction and in our opinion there are many aspects of the issue which needs a wider lookout. Accordingly AIGETOA CHQ has decided that applicants in the case will file an appeal in higher court. Accordingly our legal team has deputed itself on job and shall be shortly consulting various advocates on the matter and will go with the best advocates to ensure justice for the cadre. Despite the setback, we request all to maintain calm and patience. Justice will definitely be ensured one day.

Further some groups are trying to encash on this situation and are trying to demotivate our rank and file. We request one and all not to pay heed to such persons or groups. Having done nothing for years, they only believe in criticising others. Let’s ignore them and concentrate on larger cause.

We assure one and all that we will definitely ensure justice for all.