Draft SDE RR issued for suggestions of the Association:

Draft RRs for SDE Telecom and Equivalent cadres has been issued for the comments and suggestion of the association. Draft RR contains 12 years criteria for stagnation beyond the sanctioned strength in line with the restructuring approval of the BSNL Board.

However, we wish to inform that these are draft RRs only and discussion/deliberation on the same with AIGETOA will start. We assure one and all that till the stagnation criteria is properly addressed and brought to the satisfaction level, Association will not allow the RRs to be finalized. This is just a beginning of the acceptance by management that there should be a provision of Time Bound Criteria in the existing RRs. We have to move forward much ahead in this to ensure that the new RRs rewrite a script which treats all equitably and everybody gets a chance to reach higher position with sufficient age profile on their side and to achieve this unparalleled faith and patience is required. We assure one and all that AIGETOA will not fail in its objective to ensure equitable justice for all not like previous history where BSNL Recruits were left behind like orphans.

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