Release of terminal benefits to the family of deceased employees

GS Letter to Director HR for immediately issue of the reminder letter for the standard scale

AIGETOA writes the Director HR to immediately issue of the reminder letter for the standard scale of E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO as per the decision of the agenda meeting and start follow up with the authorities of the Dept of Telecom for early release of the order. The association also written for immediate constitution of the committees on pay loss issues as discussed and decided in the meeting.

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AIGETOA second agenda meeting with the management under chairmanship of Hon’ble Director(HR)

An agenda Meeting was held today at 4 pm which went up to around 8:15 pm. The meeting was attended by President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, Dy GS Shri Deepak Shahoo and OS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh. The meeting was chaired by Director HR and was attended by PGM Pers, Sr GM Estt, Sr GM SR, Sr GM Admin, Sr GM (CA), GM Restg, GM Rectt, GM Trg, GM (WS&I) and other officers from HR wing. The agenda meeting was fully video recorded by Management and placed on record. All the points in the agenda Meeting were discussed threadbare and resolution are seen in sight on many issues.

The meeting held positively including some heated moments, when the association has to emphasize and remind failure of the management to act decisively to resolve basic issues of Pay and Promotion of executives which was firmly committed on multiple occasions. It is nothing but testing the patience of executives, who are restraining and extending nonstop cooperation despite of all odds in a hope that the next morning will be brighter in lieu of the BSNL Revival Package and full BSNL Board is in place after a long time but the darkness of stand stillness in almost all HR Issues still continues and challenging times in the absence of any proper support of MMM are not coming to an end. This situation can’t be allowed indefinitely and wordings of the association leaders may not be sounding well for the management in today’s meeting but it’s a harsh reality of the frustration growing sharply in each and every mind of the employees. If management couldn’t sense this anger in time, the resurrection of help up organizational protest is bound to happen, which will be detrimental for the organisation but the responsibilities will purely lie on the shoulder of management including HR Vertical. We are putting these facts straight to caution the management about the ground realities and employees should not be blamed for any such repercussion.

Discussion Abstract:

A major breakthrough has been achieved in pay related issues with management agreeing to send a revised proposal to DoT with highlighting of situation post VRS and almost NIL implications on Pension Part which was a major hitch in DoT for accepting the E2 scales. We have discussed the matter with senior officers at DoT also and we hope that positive breakthrough can be achieved. On the Pay loss related issues of 22820, E1 plus Five increments and TTA recruited as JTO in outsider quota, Director HR has directed to constitute a committee and examine all the new inputs given by AIGETOA. It was also agreed to extend the ambit of E1 plus Five Increments to all batches including the newly recruited GATE JTOs and JAOs. A reminder will be sent to DoT for expeditious submission of report by HR Committee. On promotion front, management informed that orders from court are expected soon. We requested management to issue the orders immediately on which management affirmed their commitment to execute the same expeditiously. List 9 and JAO gradation list will be issued within June 2021. The preparatory exercise for SDE to DE and AO to CAO will be started soon after the list 9 is finalized in June2021.

On increasing the SAB, management was non-committal, on health insurance, Committee will examine the financial implications and submit the report. Bond issues will be revisited and Rule 8 process shall be streamlined and made online. Rule 9 policy to be issued within June and genuine pending cases to be considered. The discriminatory Rule 8 clause for GATE JTOs to be removed and new guidelines on Rule 8 will be issued to circles in June. FTTH connection shall be allowed on service connections also. With respect to restructuring, AIGETOA will be called within one week for discussion on submissions given earlier. LICE for JE to JTO will be notified within one month. For maintenance and 4G issues, a separate agenda meeting will take place with Directors of other verticals and association has to submit the agenda points. CGA and extending BCF fund to all deaths in the current pandemic time was also discussed.

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Friends, all the above discussions are video recorded and hence there is no scope for any ambiguity or chest thumping. We don’t Claim we have achieved moon but we have moved the steps further and progress is clearly visible. We won’t like to make tall claims and would like to submit with all humility that Association is taking all necessary steps for getting the issues resolved. But this fact can’t be ignored that the current situation in country because of Covid has affected the working everywhere including BSNL CO. Many officers dealing the issues were Covid Positive and slowly things have started to regain normalcy and we are back on Job. This is one of the major causes of delay in resolution, which we need to appreciate but it doesn’t mean that we are going to give any relaxation to the management for failure to address these issues which are long pending.

On a lighter note, even Hon’ble supreme Court has exempted this pandemic time from the limitation criteria and accordingly we request all executives also to understand the practical difficulties and situation while citing our timelines in Shapath Patra. We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure resolution for the issues as per commitment and request you all to understand the practical difficulties in pursuing the things keeping current situation in mind.

Some people, under the influence of those opposed to AIGETOA are on propaganda spree and we don’t mind that either because some people are basically born to criticize, and this criticism is an essential part of any System. Hence, we leave it onto people to judge the truthfulness, honesty and commitment of our leadership for resolving the issues.

Finally You May Love Us, You May Hate Us but We remain committed to spread positivity, hope and affection across the organisation even to those who don’t leave a single second go waste in criticising AIGETOA and its leadership.

Together We Will…Definitely

AIGETOA CHQ-CS-CP Meeting held on 06.06.2021

A meeting of the CHQ OBs, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents held on 6th June, 2021 in the back drop of the proposed agenda meeting to be held in this week with the management under the chairmanship of the Director (HR). The meeting started with all Circles appreciated the efforts of the association for providing helping hand to all executives in the Pandemic in form of welfare measure like Group Health Insurance Coverage through New India Assurance Co Ltd (A Govt of India Undertaking).

The meeting deliberated all outstanding issues both HR as well organisation survival in length and the association journey of last nine months in persuasion of these issues at various levels of BSNL management as well as DoT, Govt of India. The participants felt that the management has completely failed to rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity provided through BSNL Revival Package to turn fortune of the company. Even after passage of more than one half year of the approval of the revival package in Oct, 2019 and more than 16 months of VRS, where more than 78000 employees parted way from BSNL on 31.01.2020, the situation remains grim both for the organisation as well as employees. Even the fundamental rights of employees like Salary, Medical etc. are not being paid in time putting all employees in extreme distress. One Side Company’s finance is in tottering position other side the issues of the executives have been completely left to the back bench and responsibility lies on the management for this condition.

The association has given enough time to persuasion and the proposed agenda meeting will be our last efforts for resolution of outstanding issues through amicable dialogue. The executives have been pushed to the wall and now they do not have any choice but to revolt in absence of complete solution. But we do hope that management would not allow this situation to reach and resolve all legitimate issues to ensure industrial peace.

AIGETOA writes for immediate payment of the Salary for May, 2021

AIGETOA apprised management about serious resentment among employees due to regular delay in the disbursement of salary and demanded immediate payment of the salary for the month of May, 2021.

The association cited the Hon’ble High Court hearing, where the court has said that Salary is a fundamental right under Article-21 and non availability of fund cannot and shall not be accepted as excuse for untimely payment of the Salary. The association also cautioned the management for proper redresser else it may seek other recourse to resolve the issue.

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AIGETOA continuing its efforts for the Compassionate Ground Appointment against the deceased employees of BSNL in Covid Pandemic by treating it as Death on Duty

AIGETOA is continuously working for the justice to the families of the employees, who met unfortunate demises in the Covid Pandemic period. The association is demanding to give Compassionate Ground Appointment to the valid dependent of the deceased employees considering it as “Death on Duty” along with other suitable compensations for the deceased families. In this regard, AIGETOA Team is reaching out to different law makers including Ministers and Members of Parliaments for recommending its Memorandum to the Hon’ble MoC, Govt of India, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji.

In this regard, Shri Shushil Kumar Modi ji, Hon’ble MP of BJP (Rajya Sabha) & Ex Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Shri Ram Kripal Yadav ji, Hon’ble MP of BJP (Lok Sabha)and Ex Minister Govt of India have recommended our Memorandum to the Hon’ble Minister of Communication Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji for favourable decision.

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Restructuring of Training centers-Migration into zonal training centers: Working Modalities

The six training center (ALTTC, Jabalpur, Pune, Mysore, Kalyani & Guwahati) to work Zonal Centers w.e.f 1st July 2021 with reporting directly to CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad as per the following.

S.NoZonal Training CenterZoneBSNL Circle attached for BSNL trainings
1ALTTC  GhaziabadNorthJ&K, HP, UK, HR, PB, UP(E), UP(W)
2JabalpurWestMP, CG, RJ, GJ
3GuwahatiNE All NE states
4PuneCentralMH, AP, TL
5KalyaniEastOR, WB, BR, JH
6MysoreSouthKTK, KR, TN

Closure of eight RTTC (Rajpura, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and ARTTC Ranchi) immediately & closer of its training operations by 30.06.2021.

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AIGETOA writes for approval of Standard Scale & Extension of E2 to all JTOs and JAOs equivalent grade

AIGETOA writes for approval of Standard Scale and extension of E2 to all JTOs and JAOs equivalent grade. It is important to note that BSNL has recruited and promoted young & qualified JTOs/JAOs post 2K7 but continuing them in lowest Scale E1. It is inflicting severe losses to these young officers recruited/promoted post 2K7 including LICE and GATE JTOs and JAOs joined BSNL in recent years. They are facing serious losses on account of being placed in E1 Scale and thousands of them, who got recruited post 2K10 are getting initial basic of just Rs 16400/-.

AIGETOA warned that the situation has completely infuriated these young executives and needs immediate solution of their standard Pay Scale E2, else the industrial unrest is bound to happen and the association will fight for the cause.

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Collection of Suggestions and response of Members & Executives for AIGETOA 2nd Agenda meeting with the BSNL Management

Dear Colleagues,

AIGETOA proposed second agenda meeting with the management under chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board is schedule to be held on either of 10th, 11th or 12th June, 2021 as informed by the Sr GM SR. The agenda points have already been submitted to the management and attached for your reference. The meeting is happening on a long gap and after little respite in the Covid-19 Pandemic, which was one of the worst nightmares for the whole country including BSNL, where more than 200 precious lives of our fellow employees of the organisation met unfortunate end.

So, we invite your concerns and suggestion with specific points (if any) to be raised in the meeting other than the submitted agenda points. You may submit your observation and suggestions in the Google sheet enclosed. We are looking for constructive feedback in this regard.

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Here, we would like to assure that any delay tactics from the management side will not be accepted as enough is enough. Any denial or delayed response will be met with strong organizational action from association side.

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