AIGETOA CHQ-CS-CP Meeting held on 06.06.2021

A meeting of the CHQ OBs, Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents held on 6th June, 2021 in the back drop of the proposed agenda meeting to be held in this week with the management under the chairmanship of the Director (HR). The meeting started with all Circles appreciated the efforts of the association for providing helping hand to all executives in the Pandemic in form of welfare measure like Group Health Insurance Coverage through New India Assurance Co Ltd (A Govt of India Undertaking).

The meeting deliberated all outstanding issues both HR as well organisation survival in length and the association journey of last nine months in persuasion of these issues at various levels of BSNL management as well as DoT, Govt of India. The participants felt that the management has completely failed to rise to the occasion and seize the opportunity provided through BSNL Revival Package to turn fortune of the company. Even after passage of more than one half year of the approval of the revival package in Oct, 2019 and more than 16 months of VRS, where more than 78000 employees parted way from BSNL on 31.01.2020, the situation remains grim both for the organisation as well as employees. Even the fundamental rights of employees like Salary, Medical etc. are not being paid in time putting all employees in extreme distress. One Side Company’s finance is in tottering position other side the issues of the executives have been completely left to the back bench and responsibility lies on the management for this condition.

The association has given enough time to persuasion and the proposed agenda meeting will be our last efforts for resolution of outstanding issues through amicable dialogue. The executives have been pushed to the wall and now they do not have any choice but to revolt in absence of complete solution. But we do hope that management would not allow this situation to reach and resolve all legitimate issues to ensure industrial peace.