Collection of Suggestions and response of Members & Executives for AIGETOA 2nd Agenda meeting with the BSNL Management

Dear Colleagues,

AIGETOA proposed second agenda meeting with the management under chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board is schedule to be held on either of 10th, 11th or 12th June, 2021 as informed by the Sr GM SR. The agenda points have already been submitted to the management and attached for your reference. The meeting is happening on a long gap and after little respite in the Covid-19 Pandemic, which was one of the worst nightmares for the whole country including BSNL, where more than 200 precious lives of our fellow employees of the organisation met unfortunate end.

So, we invite your concerns and suggestion with specific points (if any) to be raised in the meeting other than the submitted agenda points. You may submit your observation and suggestions in the Google sheet enclosed. We are looking for constructive feedback in this regard.

Click here of the Google sheet to capture the response

Here, we would like to assure that any delay tactics from the management side will not be accepted as enough is enough. Any denial or delayed response will be met with strong organizational action from association side.

Click here for the submitted agenda points