AIGETOA has accepted invitation of AUAB to attend the meeting but requested the forum to include the demand of SAB and E2-E3 Scale for JAO/JTO and AO/SDE equivalent grade

AIGETOA has accepted invitation of AUAB to attend the meeting but requested the forum to include the demand of SAB and E2-E3 Scale for JAO/JTO and AO/SDE equivalent grade

AIGETOA governing body has accepted the invitation of the Convenor, AUAB to join the meeting scheduled to be held on 21.06.2021 in the larger interest of employees and the organisation. As the agenda of the AUAB doesn’t include Superannuation Benefit Fund(SAB) and approval of Pay Scale E2 for JAO/JTO and E3 for SDe/AO, the AIGETOA has written to the Convenor, Chairman and all constituents of the AUAB to include these two demands in the charter of the AUAB for any future struggle. The association will be represented and participate in the today’s online meeting at 05:00 PM.

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AIGETOA ITPC Pune District Conference:

On, 20.06.2021, District Conference of AIGETOA ITPC Pune was held at 15.00 Hrs via Online Mode followed by Election of New District Body. It was attended by AGS Sh Fazal Ahmed Ji, MH Circle Team consisting of CP Kamlesh Deo, CS Ashish Jain, CFS Praveen Kamble, ACS Ankit Gupta, Nikki Jagwani and Jitendra Karambelkar, AIGETOA Members of ITPC PUNE and Executives of ITPC.

The whole meeting lasted for around three hours and updates about all issues were given by CHQ and Circle Team.

New AIGETOA ITPC Pune district body elected on 20.06.2021 with President, Secretary and Finance Secretary as detailed:

District President : Shri Vijay Dhanke

District Secretary : Shri Riyazkhan Mulla

District Fin Secetary : Shri Vivek Srivastava

Team AIGETOA extend congratulations to the new team of ITPC Pune chapter and Circle Team assured for their full support.

“A popular saying tells that Patience Pays but it seems not in BSNL…” Loosing all the hopes for an amicable solution to the HR issues and revival of BSNL, AIGETOA serves notice for organisational actions :

AIGETOA serves notice for organisational seeking attention of the management as well as Government of for fixing up of the responsibility towards failure to revive BSNL, Pay Salaries and medical benefits in time and the complete failure to resolve the long pending HR issues either.

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In the recent agenda meeting held on 11th June 2021 under the chairmanship of Director (HR) wherein certain specific assurances were given with respect to settlement of issues and it was categorically assured that a committee will be formed immediately after the meeting, a new proposal for replacement of E1A-E2A pay scales by E2 and E3 Pay Scales shall be sent on 14th June Itself, the committee for FTTH service connection will submit its report immediately, the meeting for restructuring shall be convened within one week with Majority Association etc. It was also informed that management will finalise a fixed date for salary disbursement in line with other statutory payments. However, till today, no appreciable action has taken place despite categorical assurances on many issues. Further, with regard to seniority list issue, the legal opinion which was read out in the meeting clearly stated that Quota should be incorporated while drawing the seniority list but it is understood that management is trying to obtain modified legal opinion just to oppose the genuine vacancy year based seniority concept which was installed in BSNL after so much discussions and legal scrutiny and with the same hierarchy except one person being changed and management is trying to go back from its own decision out of some frivolous reasons.

On the promotion front, no appreciable efforts are being seen from management except for buck passing on the legal complexities. In the meeting held on 9th December CMD BSNL directed Personnel section to process the JTO to SDE (DPC) and it was explained by HR team that reservation issue will not be a show stopper on JTO to SDE promotions and now management is reluctant on publishing the notice for even LDCE exams also. It was informed to us in the recent agenda meeting that Jabalpur CAT judgement is expected shortly and that even if it doesn’t come, management will move ahead now as more than six month has lapsed and we don’t consider the JABALPUR CAT JUDGEMENT as show stopper any more. Now as reported in the website of some other association, they are linking up the matter with reservation issue. Hence there is no point in hoping for any positive outcome now from management.

Similarly, the SDE to DE promotions and AO to CAO promotions have been put on rest in BSNL citing reservation issue. Despite our request to not to tag the matter with SLP pending at Hon’ble Supreme Court and instead try for an in house settlement with mutual consensus amongst all the contending groups, management chose the easy way of filing an SLP which is making this situation more complex. Now management is citing the same SLP as the show stopper in issuing both the promotions. It will be pertinent to mention that executives in grade of SDE ( List -8) and in the grade of AO are stagnating for almost 10 to 17 years now.

Still after agenda meeting dated 11.06.2021, AIGETOA preferred to wait till one week to gauge the seriousness of management on its commitments, but its regretful that subsequent developments and continued inaction along with messages by management to other groups gives a clear indication that management is not sincere in honouring its own commitments made to the recognised representatives association on record.

Added to all the above issues, management has failed completely to revive BSNL despite extending of a 64000 crore revival package by Government of India in October 2019. It’s a complete failure of BSNL management that despite such a big revival package and the exodus of around 80,000 employees of BSNL through VRS which reduced the salary burden to almost 60%, today situation of the company is at a position that even the salary and medical facilities are not being extended to the employees during this extreme Pandemic Situation also. No doubt, lack of 4G service is major constraint but it cannot be the only reason for BSNL failure to revive itself as the opportunities extended by Government of India in Fixed Line Services by making BSNL a priority choice could not be capitalised at all. The revenues are not improving, the backbone network and infrastructure like OFC routes, battery, Power plants are at pathetic conditions, no improvement in mobile coverage, failure of Cluster based outsourcing of CFA and CM works are clear examples of failure of decision making authority in BSNL and the executives are being asked to maintain the services by paying from their own pockets.

The continued failure in addressing the issues be it HR, be it maintenance/development issues, be it extending timely salary or extending timely medical benefits to the employees. The subsequent non-visibility of any appreciable effort on any front ( be it HR, be it EB, Be it CM or Be it CFA) to revive the company gives a clear indication that running the company has now become just a formality. As a majority recognised association of BSNL, we cannot remain mute to such things and accordingly we have decided to move ahead with organisational action programs to seek the attention of management as well as government in addressing the major cause of concerns for BSNL and its employees.

While we have noticed long writeups on the website of one association, instead of countering their writeup, we prefer to reply with action rather than words. Instead of the words and proving who is right, who is wrong, we request that association as well as all other association to come together and fight unitedly to Save BSNL and its employees. For all others, who may be having some apprehension in their minds that why notice has been served at this point of time, we would like to inform one and all that we were waiting for the agenda meeting and after that one week time was given to gauge the seriousness of the commitments. It is very much clear now that despite categorical assurances in the meeting, management could not come up with any resolution which was committed in the first week and instead is acting contrary to the interests of the executives specially BSNL Recruits. Hence, all hopes for amicable resolution is closed now and we are left with no option but to act on organisational programs to settle our long pending HR issues. Accordingly, we request one and all to come together by shredding the association boundaries and fight for the survival of our beloved company as well as its employees.

Its either now or never. We have shown in Past our might. Its time to resurrect that Mighty Past for shaping up a glorious future ahead not only for employees but also for our beloved company BSNL.

Just Remember – Together We Can and Together Only We Can.

Requesting all to support the call given by the employees for the employees.

GS writes to Sr GM(A) for concessional FTTH Connection for below JAG Executives

AIGETOA writes Sr GM(Admin) for immediate submission of the report by the committee constituted on 28.12.2020 for deciding the modalities for concessional FTTH connection to the below JAG, as discussed in the AIGETOA second agenda meeting on 11th June, 2021.

The association expressed its serious resentment for the delay and argued strongly for early extending of concessional FTTH connections for below JAG level executives and demanded for submission of the report by the committee without further delay. It was also highlighted by the association that during recent pandemic, the executives had to face serious challenges in carrying out WFH responsibilities. In the reply, it was assured that the committee also agrees with the views expressed by the association for need of concessional FTTH connection and it will be submitting its report very soon.

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AIGETOA Continuing Its Efforts For The Compassionate Ground Appointment Against The Deceased Employees Of BSNL In Covid Pandemic By Treating It As Death On Duty:

AIGETOA is continuously working for the justice to the families of the employees, who met unfortunate demises in the Covid Pandemic period. The association is demanding to give Compassionate Ground Appointment to the valid dependent of the deceased employees considering it as “Death on Duty” along with other suitable compensations for the deceased families. In this regard, AIGETOA Team is reaching out to different law makers including Hon’ble Ministers and Members of Parliaments for recommending its Memorandum to the Hon’ble MoC, Govt of India, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji.

Now in this regard, our AIGETOA Team Jharkhand under CHQ Advisor Shri Prabhat Kumar met Hon’ble MP from Ranchi Parliamentary Constituency Shri Sanjay Seth and appraised the situation about high number of demises of BSNL employees in the Pandemic and association initiation for Compassionate Ground Appointment in absence of any government pension for the families of deceased employees. The Hon’ble Member of Parliament was kind enough and listen all grievances and not only recommended AIGETOA memorandum for CGA but also requested the Hon’ble MoC to prepare some mechanism for the start of pension to the employees.

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