Team AIGETOA Meeting in the DoT, New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA Meeting in the DoT, New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS visited the Sanchar Sadan, New Delhi to meet officials of the DoT for follow up meeting on SDE RR clearance and Standard Pay Scale E2-E3.

After approval of BSNL Board, the new SDE RR was sent to DoT for clearance to notify the RR. The association was continuously following up in the DoT for its concurrence as sought by BSNL. After continuous follow up the matter, Estab Section of DoT cleared and sent to Fin section for assessing any Pensionary liabilities due to the stagnation clause introduced in the SDE RR and possible conflicts with EPP if any. It is important to note here that SDE RR has a clause of the promotion from JTO to SDE through Personal up-gradation after completion of fix amount of period. In the finance wing, various queries raised and questionnaire sent to the BSNL. After following up in the BSNL, reply of all queries of the DoTwas sent last week. It was confirmed that the reply has been received in the DoT. Teams AIGETOA elaborated all replies in detail with the DDG dealing the subject in DoTand convince him about no financial outgo of the DoT on pension due to the introduction of the stagnation system as well as cleared other doubts also raised in the meeting. It was assured in the meeting to us that after internal deliberation, the file will be processed by next week positively paving the way for clearance of the DoT. In view of above, we are expecting notification of SDE RR by next month surely. Once the notification will be issued, the process of left out JTO Promotion to SDET will be issued immediately through stagnation clause and process for LDCE will also be initiated. 

The discussion on standard pay scale E2-E3 couldn’t be held yesterday as the Member Services was attending the ongoing session at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. So, nowthe matter of Pay Scale will be taken up next week with the Hon’ble Member Services

Notification of Annual General Meet (AGM) of AIGETOA to be held on 24-25th Sept, 2022:

The Annual General Meet (AGM) of AIGETOA CHQ is notified to held on 24th & 25th Sept 2022 as per the provisions of the constitution. The annual general meet of the association will be conducted at Delhi-NCR. All Collegium Members are requested to attend the meeting. The details for the meeting are as below :

Schedule of Annual General Meeting:

Date and Time of the meeting : 24th to 25th Sept 2022 from 10:00 to 21:00 Hrs.

Place : Delhi-NCR.

Venue of meeting : Exact Venue will be informed later.

Discussion and Deliberation : 24th to 25th Sept 2022 (Sat & Sun).

Click here for the Notice of AGM

Click here for the Corrigendum for AGM Notice

AIGETOA CHQ Update from Jabalpur on AGM Promotion:

The hearing on the stay of AGM Promotion came up today after the respondent BSNL filed MA for vacation of stay and prepone the hearing as well as members from AIGETOA and others also impleaded in the case for vacation of stay at Hon’ble CAT Jabalpur.

All advocates from respondent and intervener parties members from AIGETOA & others pleaded strongly for the vacation of stay. The advocate of applicant ( MT) side strongly opposed the vacation of stay and pleaded to court that they should be given time to prove that their contention has Merit and current AGM promotion is going to affect the seniority of their client adversely and that process of AGM Promotions is not in line with MSRRs.

After hearing all sides next date of hearing is fixed as 14th Sept 2022. The stay continues till next date of hearing.

Issuance of AGM Promotion today and reversal issue

The matter of Reversal issue was taken up with Hon’ble CMD BSNL yesterday by GS AIGETOA during his return journey to Delhi. GS elaborately explained all the details of the reversal issue to CMD BSNL and tried to explain the real cause behind this injustice. GS emphasized that it will be a huge injustice to these candidates if they are left out in promotion orders. The fault was always on the part of BSNL which couldn’t clarify in time about the eligibility and kept on issuing ambiguous letters. In fact BSNL has accepted in documents issued by them and in noting obtained through RTI that relaxation by virtue of Junior Senior clause is applicable in LDCE also. Hence now denying the applicability of clause 12.5 of SDE RR to LDCE candidates is simply uncalled for. It was also explained that the court case which BSNL is taking as alibi to deny justice is based on Clause 12.3 ie pertaining to date of exam and not on 12.5 which deals with the Junior Senior clause.

GS also presented the bulleted points to CMD BSNL along with supporting documents. He listened all details carefully and apprised that he has been explained by his team also on that matter, which is subjudiced. On GS insistence, he agreed to look into it afresh and read the submitted documents once again to ensure right decision and justice. The hitch on BSNL part was that matter is subjudice and many cases are pending at various courts on which GS Stated that already BSNL has agreed for an out of court settlement which is well captured in the minutes issued by BSNL to AIGETOA. It is very clear that still there is reluctancy on the part of management on this issue however association is fully committed to ensure that no wrong happens with these candidates and there 14 years of service in SDE cadre do not go waste Association will take all efforts to ensure justice to all these candidates.

Click here for the bulleted points of the issue and supporting documents

The orders for first lot of promotions is expected today. AIGETOA Team is constantly monitoring the situation and has taken all efforts to put everything in line.

The matter of transfer and posting was also taken up at the level of Director HR and CMD BSNL. Association demand to make long stay as criteria of posting outside was also taken up and management has shown it’s positive inclination towards making long stay the criteria instead of sending Juniors in the list outside. Juniors going outside has never been accepted by AIGETOA and accordingly it has vouched for transfer posting on the basis of long stay only. AIGETOA also requested to keep the transfer posting at minimum required level and to allow all promoted executives to join on as is where is basis to avoid any last minute hitch. Required transfer posting if any can be done in next one week or 15 days. But for the time being candidates should be allowed to join in their current places of posting only.

It is understood that there will be Minimum displacement of the candidates and only surplus circles will be touched as done in the case of JTO to SDE promotions. Those displaced shall also be tried to be accommodated in the immediate nearby deficit circles. We also requested that specialized circles like ITPC etc should be spared as after lot of efforts, this specialized experience is gained. We sincerely hope management understands the complexity and considers the requests.

Friends, after much efforts and pursuance by AIGETOA, the promotions are going to take place anytime now. Yes definitely, our aspirations will be fulfilled only when last eligible candidate is promoted in the list. But starting the process of long struck promotions was an imminent necessity and accordingly this call has been taken. Those left out in the list should not get demotivated as management has assured for considering them in second lot.

We assure one and all that AIGETOA is going to ensure that the process for second lot starts soon and completed well in time so that all gets their due promotions without any delay. We are pursuing for promotions in AO to CAO cadre and AGM/CAO to DGM promotions. It’s our firm endeavor to ensure that promotions happen in all grades and streams without any delay.

If all goes well, we can hope for promotion today as per discussions with management.

All outstanding dues of SAB deposited by BSNL as assured to AIGETOA:

Congratulations 👏👏👏

As assured to AIGETOA in meeting dated 02.08.2022, all pending dues of SAB Pension Fund Amount cleared by CMD BSNL on last Friday. The amount will be remitted in each account by 31st August’2022 as announced by CMD today itself. We extend our heartiest thanks to the CMD BSNL for keeping the promise and clearing the total outstanding of SAB of amounting Rs 200 Cr to make it up to date. We request to CMD BSNL to enhance the quantum of SAB Pension to make it 30% total.

Team AIGETOA meeting with BSNL Management on 24.08.2022:

GS AIGETOA along with other CHQ Team members of AIGETOA met various authorities of the management including Hon’ble CMD, Hon’ble Dir(HR), GM(Pers) and GM(Admin) at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi.

Meeting with Hon’ble CMD:

A late evening meeting with Hon’ble CMD BSNL was held and brief discussion took place. Team apprised CMD BSNL that delay happening in the issuance of AGM Promotion despite the clearance by DoPT is causing serious anxiety and demotivation. The process is in discussion since last four months and now even one day is difficult to digest. We apprised that we have already requested to maximize the promotion by utilizing complete strength of AGM/DGM grade to ensure maximum promotions. CMD BSNL echoed our concern but stated that delay has happened due to existing litigations and he himself is keen for ensuring promotion and hence has personally intervened and got some direction from the DoPT. After the recent revival package and new business requirements, series of reviews and meetings are being held on daily basis at Ministry and DoT level and due to these pre-occupancies, he was not able to go through the exact details pertaining to AGM(Telecom) Promotions and that is the reason for delay. However he assured that a decision by the management will be taken within this week and a final nod on the process and SDE to AGM(T) Promotion will be issued paving the way for promotion orders immediately thereafter. We requested Hon’ble CMD to ensure the issuance of orders within this week itself. We also raised the matter of vacancies and SDE Reversal on which he assured that He is aware of the things and will discuss with his team once he gets free from his preoccupied schedule. On CAO Promotions and DGM Regular promotions and other issues, it was assured to be discussed in next meeting. A brief status on 4G roll out and fund allocated under revival package for clearance of outstanding/resources for the services were also raised by us and he briefed on them and apprised that he is fully dedicating his time for the speedy processing of the things and told us that discussion on the first batch of 4G with TCS is final stage and other arms of Revival Package are also well on track and the effect will start to be visible very soon. He has assured to hold a detailed agenda meeting with the association very soon on all pending matters of HR as well as organization.

Meeting with Hon’ble Dir(HR):

A meeting with Director (HR) was also held in the evening on AGM(T) Promotion and associated matters. Director (HR) apprised that clarification has been received and HR Team is working with full zeal comprising of all associated works to complete the task at the earliest once the final nod given for the DPC of AGM(T) Promotion. He apprised that the matter has been well deliberated and now only one final meeting at the level of CMD is slated to be held in this week before moving ahead on the Promotion. We raised the matter of SDE Reversal candidates and told that his firm assurance for consideration of the issue as one time measure settlement on various occasions should now be made a finality. We requested to consider them also in the ongoing process for AGM Promotion else it will be a great injustice for these candidates. He agreed with the views expressed but told that before taking a decision on the matter, we can’t move ahead. The HR committee is working on the issue and assured look for speedy disposal in line with the assurance given earlier. On the matter of enhancement of vacancies, he appraised that only DPC quota of vacancies of AGM grade will be utilized in first instance as stated time and again. The matter of qualification was also discussed in line with our submissions earlier. However he was non committal on the same. The issue of AO to CAO Promotions, DGM Regular promotions and other HR Matters were raised but it was apprised that the discussion will be held subsequently after issuance of AGM(T) Promotion.

Meeting with GM(Pers):

We met GM(Pers) on the matter of Promotion and pending transfer order of retention/modification and issuance of OTP Orders. A detail discussion on the AGM Promotion was held with him including SDE Reversal issue. The detail preparation done by Pers Cell was appraised by him and his readiness for the work once the final direction is received. We apprised about the detail of SDEs put under arena of reversal category was apprised to him and requested to include their name also. He apprised that the case is subjudice and so we are holding back the decision till a final call is not taken on the matter. We appraised our previous discussion with Director HR and his firm commitment and various written assurances given from time to time on the subject. He assured to look into and speak on the matter with Director HR further. He assured that management is very much keen to issue the promotion but some time is being taken due to pre-occupancy of our senior officers in review meetings at various levels in the government.

Meeting with GM(Admin):

We met GM(Admin) on the matter of assurance given to AIGETOA by Hon’ble CMD regarding starting of DRF/GTI for BSNL Employees by the organization to extend needful hand of support to the families of our employees in case of their sad demises. We apprised that on our regular raising the matter of plight of many families in case of death, especially the families of BSNL Recruited Employees has to suffer a lot due to absence of proper social security and no government pension. On our insistence to increase the SAB quantum to provide proper social security, CMD BSNL has agreed that currently he will devise some mechanism of immediate support through DRF/GTI and later we will look into SAB quantum part once the financial position improves. We apprised this matter to the GM(Admin) and requested him to start discussion on this matter of DRF/GTI to frame policy of the same at the earliest. He was kind enough and appreciated the efforts and assured to put his full efforts in the direction after discussing the matter with higher authorities very soon. Other matter of tuition fees, book award and other matters were also discussed and requested to review the amount given under the head and make it at least at par with other organizations. The matter of IDA freezing as 01.04.2020 for Medical Outdoor limit was also raised and demanded that the matter should immediately be taken up to make it as on 1st April of current year as existing. He assured to discuss the matter with senior authorities.

Update on Pay Loss Case : Case Posted for 13th October 2022 for Final Hearing

Due to pendency of cases at Court No 2, the Pay-Loss Case has been transferred to Court No.1 and since the case has not been allotted to any judge, the next earliest date of 13th Oct 22 has been taken by our lawyer in presence of BSNL Lawyer. Both the lawyers were present for the final argument. AGS-2 AIGETOA and ACS Vishal Gautam from the AIGETOA Delhi Circle Team were present in the PCAT for the hearing today dated 25th Aug 2022.

AGM (T) Promotion and MSRR Modification

After the receipt of some clarification from the DoPT, the HR group and higher management are holding continuous discussions on the subject but final course has not been decided yet. Team AIGETOA has met GM Pers on 23.08.2022 and enquired about the development on the issue and OTP Cases. It was informed that OTP cases will be taken up in next month. On the AGM(T) Promotion, it was apprised that one meeting has been held at senior most level in the management but some concern remained to be addressed and pers cell is working on the same. He assured that it will be resolved very soon to move ahead on the promotion. Association told that an inordinate delay has already happened in the matter and the department should expedite the process and take a firm decision and move ahead on the promotion. It was assured that the process of AGM Promotion will be started very soon after taking one last round meeting on the subject. We are hopeful that management will keep its words and issue the promotion soon. AIGETOA is consistently monitoring the process and is committed to ensure that promotions are issued very soon.

MSRR revision was also discussed with the various authorities associated with the matter. It was apprised to us that one meeting at the level of CMD/Dir HR has been held last week and major points have been discussed. Further meeting will be held for some more left out points and thereafter a draft will be prepared to share and discuss with the association. We pressed for early engagement of the association for discussion on the MSRR draft and incorporation of the executives aspirations in the upcoming revision in the policy to en-place a proper management succession plan and grooming of young talents to reach the higher echelons in BSNL.

We have once again categorically vouched for incorporation of stagnation criteria and fast track promotional methodology to make meritorious people reach to the highest level. It is noted that our submissions and deliberations from time to time has been taken in positive earnest by management and they are considering to incorporate our suggestions in the proposed draft despite opposition from legacy mindset groups. We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure a best HR mechanism for all in the forthcoming changes MSRRs.