Congratulations on the Indigenous 4G Beta Launch – A Proud Moment for BSNL :

Congratulations on the Indigenous 4G Beta Launch – A Proud Moment for BSNL :

Dear Friends,

Congratulations on achieving the much-awaited 4G Beta Launch. We convey our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all BSNL executives to Government of India under the able leadership of our Hon’ble PM, MoC, MoSC & Secretary DoT. We also convey our thankfulness to the untiring efforts of DoT, BSNL Management and the teams involved in making this day a reality for which each BSNL employee is feeling proud. BSNL is a proud partner in the launch of indigenous 4G technology making India only the 6th country to do so.

Thanks once again to all those involved in ensuring this wonderful day for all BSNL Employees. We once again reaffirm our commitment for all such endeavors taken for the well-being of BSNL and its Executives.



Another Proud Addition to Team AIGETOA – Shri V K Yadav, CP SNEA UP West Joins the Association – Step forward to add all executive cadres under one umbrella :

Today, Shri V K Yadav, the CP of SNEA UPW, joined AIGETOA at Aligarh. He was warmly welcomed by Shri N P Yadav, the CP of AIGETOA UPW, Shri Rahul Kumar, the CFS, and Shri Vaibhav Goyal, CHQ Advisor. We are glad to have Shri Yadav in our AIGETOA family and we hope that his experience will be invaluable in resolving the issues of the executives.

Beta Launch of BSNL 4G Indigenous Services from Amritsar, Punjab –

Today, CMD BSNL and Director CM in august presence of CGMT Punjab and BA heads inaugurated Beta launch of Indigenous 4G Services from Amritsar, Punjab.

Team AIGETOA was also present on this occasion on invitation from O/o CGMT Punjab. On this great occasion we welcomed and greeted CMD BSNL and Director CM with bouquet of flowers, shawl and a mememto.

Today BSNL has made beta launched of make in India completely Swadeshi 200 BTS sites in Amritsar, Pathankot and Ferozepur districts of Punjab Circle.

We congratulate one and all on the beta launch of 4G.

We are thankful of CMD BSNL, Director CM, CGMT Punjab, other seniors officer involved in process, BSNL POC Team and our BA Testing team for putting extreme efforts for completion of POC and making dream come reality.

3rd Membership Verification – A14 Notification

It is proposed to hold 3rd membership verification of executive employees associations in BSNL by way of secret ballot under auspices of the Ministry of Labour for identification of majority representative association and grant of recognition in accordance with the provisions of BSNL (Recognition of Executives’ Association) Rules 2014, with date of poling 12.09.2023.

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The schedule of elections through secret ballot will be as under :

Date of Polling : 12th Sept 2023

Date of counting of votes by AROs in BA/OA Headquarters : 14th Sept 2023

Declaration of result by CRO : 14th Sept 2023

Pride Moment of AIGETOA – Very Senior, Experienced, Stalwart leaders of two major association Sh Vivek Wankhede CS MH AIBSNLEA, Sh R Kolapar, Ex-AGS SNEA, Sh V B Kokate, Ex-CS MH SNEA & Sh M B Sangle Ex-AGS SNEA have shown their allegiance to the AIGETOA :

A pride moment for AIGETOA has occurred on 12th July 2023 in Pune. Good work done by AIGETOA and its inclusive approach has been appreciated by one and all. The approach of AIGETOA and it’s working is being accepted not only by executives but also the senior leaders across the associations in BSNL.

Conference at Pune is testimony of this fact, where very senior, experienced, stalwart leaders of two major association have shown their allegiance to the AIGETOA In presence of GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma and Patron in Chief Shri A A Khan. Leaders who opted membership of AIGETOA are :

  • Shri Vivek Wankhede, CS MH AIBSNLEA
  • Shri R Kolapkar, Ex AGS SNEA
  • Shri V B Kokate, Ex CS MH SNEA
  • Shri M B Sangle Ex AGS SNEA

They have lauded the working of Association for the welfare of executives and enumerated various work done by it for the welfare of executives like

  • Transparency in transfer and posting by OTP.
  • Execution of promotion in various cadres JE to JTO, JTO to SDE, SDE to AGM
  • EPF Higher pension.
  • GHI in Covid period.
  • Working for the growth and development of BSNL.
  • Touching the very basic and vital issues like E-DPC, E-Office, E Roster and getting them implemented in BSNL which has made things smooth for BSNL Executives.

They have praised the AIGETOA leadership for its Maturity, temperament, and fighting spirit shown by them while dealing with various issue of paramount importance for the welfare of executives in BSNL. They were of the firm view that AIGETOA is the only association which has the capability to get the Standard Pay Scales, Pay Loss Issues and 3rd PRC implemented in BSNL.

They also exposed the hollowness in the leadership of other association who don’t have the will to question management and their approach is to create division in Executives.

GS Ravi Shil Verma expressed his gratitude to the leaders for showing belief in AIGETOA and expressed confidence that the vast experience of these leaders will definitely give greater force to AIGETOA in resolution of long pending HR issues. He expressed surprise, how the other association failed to recognize and utilize this experience. He was also of the view that they are creating division not only in Executives but in their own association where they are disowning the legacy and experience of their own association in the name of version upgrade 2.0. He said that any leadership which doesn’t owns its own legacy will never own the responsibility of resolving the issues, will again try to find the excuses and finally will lead the executive a back to pre 2020 era of despair, dejection and demotivation. He further said AIGETOA is an association which owns not only the credit for success but also the responsibility of failures.

Friends it’s high time to realize the fact that we have miles to go, this is just beginning of new era of development, prosperity of BSNL and its executives. He further elaborated upon the future action plan of AIGETOA with respect to the pending issues, significance of BMS in taking the voice of BSNL Executives to the highest Echelons and requested that the positive change which has begun in BSNL after AIGETOA becoming MA should not be allowed to be drifted away. He requested one and all to Join AIGETOA.

We once again emphasize that by Joining AIGETOA, You will be the part of the change Yourself.

The only Alternative to AIGETOA is an even more strong AIGETOA.

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