AIGETOA meeting with CMD BSNL on 11.02.2022

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP met CMD BSNL on 11.02.2022. We invited CMD BSNL for the upcoming event of All India Conference at Bhopal and requested to grace the occasion as Chief Guest in the Open Session to be held on 13th March, 2022.

We also had discussions on career progression issues with CMD BSNL and he has shown his positivity towards ensuring proper career progression and creating polices for taking in house talent to the highest levels in BSNL. In this direction, he assured that thorough discussions shall be held with AIGETOA on our inputs and aspirations while modifying the MSRRs and he also assured to create a pathway for internal executives to reach the highest echelons of the management. It is a major change in thought process of the management when they have shifted their focus from external recruitment to giving proper avenues to deserving internal pool for higher posts. On Promotions in AGM and DGM Cadres, he informed that DoP&T has sought certain inputs from BSNL and it seems DoP&T is also keen to end the stalemate at the earliest. It seems that we can expect firm and positive momentum from DoP&T after the next hearing at Hon’ble Supreme Court in 24th February. In the meantime, Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure uploading of APAR grading for all eligible SDEs at the earliest.

We also held discussion on the ongoing support of the government to BSNL for the second revival package, 4G roll out, transmission backbone strengthening and CAPEX infusion. The process is moving in very positive direction and government is seen positive for sustainability and positive trajectory for BSNL. The announcement made by Hon’ble Finance Minister has to be rolled out and it is expected to be the major booster for BSNL in coming days.

The Team also met other Directors of BSNL Board and invited them to our All India conference at Bhopal and they assured positively. Thereafter we had detailed meeting with PGM Pers where discussions were held on various issues including the SDE RR, OTP, SDE Transfer on Promotion Cases and Inspection Circle issue. It was agreed that the inputs of the association will be judged on merit and thorough discussions shall be held with association on the issues of contention.  For other issues also the PGM Pers assured to look into the concern raised by the association and assured to address as per the provisions of defined rule.

Friends, we need to keep our focus on the current progress and specially the RR part as our future is being rewritten and no point should be let loose. We also request all to not to get demoralized or demotivated by the vicious campaign by the lie master and one of the proclaimed legacy association of BSNL. He may only know the reasons! Why he is indulging into such mischievous campaigns when his focus should have been on the new RRs which are being rewritten. We all know how the best talents were recruited by BSNL as JTO/JAO Grades and how these proclaimed corners left no stone unturned to ruin the careers of all the Executives in last 20 years in their era. Now after devastating everything like Pay, Promotion and Pension of the Employees recruited by BSNL, they are giving sermon to AIGETOA. Whether 20 years were not sufficient to the so called mighty association that now they are doing Karun Krandan. From their utterances on their lie machine, it is very clear that the heart of these proclaimed corners are burning by seeing the BSNL Recruited youngsters and other executives on the path of growth.  So now all they are is to tell lies and indulge into mischievous information campaign to mislead all executives. Anyways, AIGETOA is committed to ensure that all executives get their long awaited dues in all respect.