Notional Promotions of the AGMs whose DPC was done in 2018 issued:

Congratulations !! As a first step, notional Promotions of those AGMs whose DPC was done in 2018 have been issued.

This case has been exclusively taken by our Association. We have brought into the knowledge of the BSNL management by writing the necessary correspondence and pursuing the matter at the highest level i.e. CMD & DIR HR. This was one of the pending roadblocks for finalization of seniority of the AGMs promoted in 2018 for consideration of them for DGM Promotions and utilization of these vacancies for promotion in SDE to AGM grade and JTO to SDE grade.

We extend our thanks to CMD, director HR & PGM Pers for issuing these promotions as per their words in the last meetings. Now we look for further promotions across various grades as per the discussions and methodology suggested by AIGETOA.

Click here for Order Issued

Click here for the GS Letter dated 25.09.2023 Letter on Promotions of all eligible

AIGETOA always believes in the policy for all the BSNL executives. The list consist of 41 officers and they have been given Notional promotion from 2018.

This was the first step towards achieving the goal towards consideration of AGMs promoted in 2018 for promotion to DGM (Adhoc/Regular) and counting of these vacancies towards SDE to AGM Promotions and subsequently to JTO to SDE Promotions. For details refer to the AIGETOA letter dated 25th September 2023.

AIGETOA endeavours to promotion of all eligible will continue till we achieve the objective.