Letter to Director HR – Seeking Correction in Rosters Circulated

AIGETOA Pay Tributes to Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar

All India Chairman Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar, Shri Sunil Gautam and CS NTR Shri Rakesh Meena went to office of SEWA BSNL and offered floral tributes to Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. Thereafter, the team AIGETOA had a brief discussion on issues and future roadmap with regard to settlement of cadre related issues. Leaders expressed need for constant discussion and deliberations amongst associations and an united approach over issues. Herein, after we decided to meet regularly and deliberate over various pending issues.

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Updates of Meeting with Members of MS RR Committee headed by Sh R K Goyal CGM CN-TX on 05.12.2022

Meeting of Team AIGETOA comprising of GS (I/C) Shri Pavan Akhand, AIC Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Convenor Shri P N Sharma, FS Shri B K Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar was held with Members of the MS RR committee headed by Sh R K Goyal CGM CN-TX held on 05-12-2022 for informal discussion on various clauses of draft MS RR .Team AIGETOA put all the concerns of members as suggested by Internal MS RR committee of AIGETOA according to findings given by internal committee members vide online meeting held on 04-12-2022 . The Team categorically emphasized that AIGETOA first wants to know the vision of management behind drafting these RRs and what level they are envisaging for a fresh entry level executives to reach to while framing this draft. We categorically told that without knowing Managements version, We are not in a position to submit any draft. Thereafter management side explained their vision after which the discussion and deliberations started.

Following Major points were highlighted by Team AIGETOA to MS RR draft committee :

  • We clearly emphasized that there is Lack of overall career progression path and HR vision is missing in the draft RR . While it’s a good thing that management is moving towards meritocracy but at the same time it can be seen that the residency period at higher levels have been raised too high which will stop the career progression at higher levels.
  • Minimum assured career progression for all executives as well as opportunity to reach at apex position by meritorious candidate is totally missing in the draft RR. There should be selection by merit at all levels and mere APAR scores should not be the only criteria to judge the suitability of executives at level beyond DGM. Merit has to be the criteria for selection at all levels.
  • Stagnation clause must be there at AGM/CAO level in the MS RR . Without stagnation clause and sufficient provision to the promotional avenues of existing executives, no MSRR is acceptable to AIGETOA.
  • External Recruitment mentioned in MS RR ( MT & DR DGM) should be abolished and AIGETOA will never accept any lateral recruitment at levels beyond JTO/JAO.
  • Existing Executives who have cleared the residency period should be promoted before execution of new RR .
  • Eligibility criteria for the AGM LICE to be extended for JTO + SDE total service length completed in line with DGM LICE and the minimum residency criteria may be made more liberal for fast track mode.
  • Fast track path vacancies should be Separately created. Already worked out vacancies should be used only for DPC channel.
  • MSRR must ensure with 5 EPP promotions ( E2-E7) intact with increment on same scale working too as in old MS RR.
  • Stringent APAR benchmarks proposed in draft has been pointed out as well as clubbing IPMS to APAR should be avoided incase APAR getting linked with EPP.
  • Weightage of number of completed service year’s to be given in fast track.
  • Foot note 2 must be implemented in right spirit.
  • 3 months relaxation can be given for minimum years service completion on cut-off date.
  • Diploma + 10 years service to be taken equivalent to engineering degree.
  • All mode of recruitment to be completed in a single calendar year to avoid seniority clashes due to administrative reasons.
  • Total seats must be increased on one time basis in all cadres to give sufficient career hierarchy to the executives at all levels and to prevent them from stagnating in the cadre for long.
  • Weightage for higher qualification must be given.

MS RR Committee Chairman Sh. R K Goyal noted all points and told us to submit the inputs as soon as possible and he assured to discuss the inputs thereafter in the committee and to be incorporated up to best possible extent . We told that since this is the first deliberation with the committee, we shall be conveying the management view points to the various stake holders, take their feedback and thereafter we will submit our feedback and for that we need some more time. Committee requested us to expedite the formal inputs. AIGETOA shall be discussing the points of the deliberations with the internal committee formed for the purpose and after detailed deliberations, the draft by AIGETOA shall be submitted probably by next week

Apart from the above points, following points were also raised to resolve before new MS RR :

1] SDE Reversal Case.

2] Promotion for all eligible SDEs to AGM & AO to CAO.

3] Promotion of left out JTOs to SDEs.

4] Promotion to PWD candidates in line with the recently issues DoP&T guidelines.