GS Letter for Extension of Five Advance Increments

GS Letter for Extension of Five Advance Increments

GS AIGETOA writes to management for Extension of five (5) advance increments as an interim measure in the basic from the date of joining to post 2010 JTOs/JAOs including SRD batch JTOs, directly recruited JTOs, promoted LICE JTOs, promoted JAOs & GATE JTOs, who got recruited on minimum of IDA Pay Scale of E1 i.e. Rs.16400-40500, till incorporation of E2 Scale, 20600-46500, to the JTO and JAO Grade. Our Submissions there of as per the discussion held in Formal Agenda Meeting with Recognized Representative Association i.e. AIGETOA on 15-09-2020.

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GS letter for consideration & resolution of the pay loss issue

GS AIGETOA writes to management for Consideration and resolution of the Pay Loss Issue faced by the executives recruited in JTO/JAO Grade in pre-revised E1A Scale (9850-250-14600) after 01.01.2007 by extending them initial basic of 22820 – Our submission thereof, as per discussion held in the Formal Agenda Meeting with Recognized Representative Association i.e. AIGETOA on 15-09-2020.

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Notification – Circle Conference Of AIGETOA Telangana

As per the constitution provisions, Circle Conference of AIGETOA Telangana Circle is notified. The AGM cum Circle Conference and will be conducted from 21st & 22nd Oct 2020 through ONLINE mode.

Observers from the CHQ are

1. Shri Madhava Rao AGS-4, CHQ-AIGETOA. 2. Shri M Sridhar Babu, JS(South), CHQ-AIGETOA.

All the members of AIGETOA, Telangana Circle are requested to participate actively and make it a grand success.

Schedule of the election of New Governing body of Telangana Circle:

  1. FILING OF NOMINATIONS: 07-10-2020 to 15-10-2020
  3. WITHDRAWAL OF NOMINATIONS: 17-10-2020 to 18-10-2020

For NOMINATIONS, please mail to

For WITHDRAWAL OF NOMINATIONS, you must send written request to

Use a valid email address. You will receive an email notification that let’s you edit your nominations.

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Mandatory Utilisation of BSNL/MTNL Network by all Govt Departments, CPSEs & Bodies

Government of India approves mandatory utilisation of BSNL/MTNL Network by all Ministries, Departments of Government of India, CPSEs, Central Autonomous Bodies for availing Internet/Broadband, Landline and lease line services. Accordingly all Ministries and departments have been issued directions to issue necessary instructions including CPSEs/Autonomous Bodies under their control to utilise the capacities of BSNL/MTNL for the aforesaid services. Click here for the order of DoT in this regard.

It will be pertinent to mention that AIGETOA has been the flag bearer of this campaign having raised this issue with Hon’ble PM, Hon’ble MoC, Various MPs, Hon’ble Secretary DoT. It is understood that AIGETOA submissions have been one of the enablers of this campaign with GoI approving the revival package for BSNL/MTNL on 23rd October. We have been consistently following up on issuance of these directions and raised the matter during meeting with Hon’ble MoC also. Unlike other claimants for these achievements who claimed credit after the approval, we have been raising these issues much before the revival package was approved. All are requested to go through our submissions. It can be seen that almost all the major suggestions have been considered by Government of India. This latest instruction is another feather in the cap of AIGETOA.

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Updates on Meeting with Director HR on 13.10.2020

AIP AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met Director HR on 13.10.2020 and discussed the following issues:

AIEL for promotion to JTO to SDE : We thanked Director HR for the publishing of AIEL upto RY 2008. We requested Director HR to direct the concerned cell for expeditious actions to ensure that promotion orders are issued at the earliest. Director HR assured that his team is working on the promotions and all necessary steps shall be taken to expedite the promotions.

We also requested him for issuance of instructions for starting the preparatory work for further batches. Director HR assured us for the same. The letter calling for eligibility particulars of next batches shall be issued in 1-2 days so that process for filling up the remaining vacancies can also be started without any delay. We also informed Director HR that some over enthusiastic persons are trying to misguide executives to file court cases and henceforth BSNL should take all necessary actions to ensure that unmindful court cases by some executives should not derail the whole process. Director HR assured us that necessary directions shall be issued to circles to ensure that such type of derailment do not occur.

SDE 2007 Reversal issue : The SDE 2007 reversal issue was also discussed in detail. We informed Director HR that the letter issued for reinstatement of reverted SDEs has not addressed the issue in totality. Director HR agreed to our view and said that the issue will be resolved in totality. Another detailed meeting on this issue shall be held with Director HR in presence of PGM Pers. We reassure all affected executives that this issue will be dealt in totality and all the underlying apprehensions in this case shall be taken care of.

SDE to DE promotions and AO to CAO promotions: We requested to initiate discussions with all stake holders and contending parties to arrive at a acceptable solution for all. We apprised Director HR that if this issue is tagged with SLP in Honble Supreme Court, no body will get promotions for many years. We also suggested some legal mechanisms based on our discussions with advocates. Director HR said he is looking for all possible solutions and wants to ensure that SDE to DE Promotions and AO to CAO promotions also happen very soon. We shall be pursuing the issue on day to day basis and keep everybody informed.

LDCE notification : We requested for notification of next LDCEs. We requested for simultaneous notification of examination along with LDCE calender for different vacancy Years. We suggested the legal remedy with regard to this based on discussion with advocates. Director HR assured for an early action on this. We expect notification for LDCE also very soon.

Issue of HQ shift of QA and Inspection Circle to Bangaluru : We submitted our strong objection on the process and requested Director HR for rollback of this decision. We said such decisions which are solely based on whims and fancies of individual officers should not be entertained. We also told that if HQ was to be shifted, why the same was not done earlier when restructuring/merger of Inspection QA took place twice. We also told that presence of testing labs at Bangalore can not be a reason for HQ shift because CGM Level officer is not involved in such testing. Director HR said that decision has been taken based on definite justification and not on wishes of an individual officer. He guided us to have a detailed discussion with Restg Cell on the issue and thereafter meet him again. The discussion on same will continue with Director HR after holding the discussions with GM Restg.

The same team also met PGM Pers also and thanked him for the publishing of AIEL. All the above issues along with preparation of seniority list was discussed. The discussions shall continue next week also.

It has come to our notice that some over enthusiastic executives are trying to scuttle the JTO to SDE DPC process by exploring the legal options. By doing this they will be killing their own cause as we are working for ensuring promotions to all eligible batches and no body should feel himself as left out. It is responsibility of our association to protect the interests of all executives irrespective of batch, mode of recruitment and membership. AIGETOA understands it’s responsibility as representative association and there is no reason for anybody to be worried. We request all executives to not to fall prey to individual aspirations of few persons who were surprisingly silent when unjustified promotions were held in June 2018. Anyways let’s hope that good sense prevails.

AIEL Published

Congratulations !! As assured to AIGETOA, the AIEL has been published. The AIEL upto RY 2008 has been prepared and placed in Intranet for omissions and corrections. There were many hurdles and hurdle creators for the process but finally the truth has won. The court case which was being touted by some as reasons for delay has enabled to take the issue to this level by sorting out the ambiguities in the whole process.

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Now the preparatory process for DPC will start to fill up the available vacancies and AIGETOAs endeavour will be to get this process completed as early as possible. In the meanwhile, we has pursued and convinced HR section for starting the preparatory process for the further batches also. The letter for calling the eligibility particulars for further batches is also being issued.

We are also pursuing for notification of next LDCEs also. We hope for early resolution of the LDCE issue also. We are on work for promotions in other cadres also. AIGETOA also requests all to have patience and not to fall into the trap for those spreading mis-information and confusion. AIGETOA assures that interest of every executive shall be protected no body should feel that they will be left out.