AIGETOA Meeting held with Hon’ble Director HR on E2-E3 issue on 18.07.2022:

A meeting of AIGETOA held with Director HR on the issue of Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 in line with previous discussion of 14-July. The meeting was attended by Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIC, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS from association side and management side was represented by Sri Saurabh Tyagi PGM Estab and AGM Estab in the presence of Hon’ble Director HR, who presided over the complete one and half hour discussion.

A comprehensive discussion was held to settle the demand of the association for approval of E2 scale for JTO/JAO and E3 Scale for SDE/AO equivalent. The whole discussion centered on the recent communication of the DoT stating that approval of E2 will invariably lead to cascading of all scales. Management wanted to discuss the issue with the association to find a probable solution of the long pending issue especially in the light of cascading point raised by the DoT.

Association shared it’s roadmap for achieving the replacement of initial two scales without cascading and the solution which can be implemented. Other side establishment cell shared its apprehensions on the points raised by DoT. After detailed deliberation, some probable solutions as suggested by the association were listed for further analysis and its possible applicability. Finally, Director HR in consultation with association decided to form an informal committee with 2-3 persons from association side and two persons from establishment section, who will jointly study the impact of all the options, both financially as well as on EPP (impact on EPP is the main concern of DoT) and submit the analysis within 7 days.

Association has decided that Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and Shri Sunil Gautam will contribute from the association side considering their exposure on the issue and they will work with Establishment Team as decided. Once the committee will present possible solutions with its impact on EPP and financial outgo, one of the most appropriate solution will be chosen and taken up with the DoT as a way for final solution towards settlement of E2-E3 Scale.

After the meeting on E2-E3, it was pointed out by us that MT process which has yet not been stopped and no action initiated by the management for stopping and scrapping the process. It was informed that they are not moving ahead, on which we said action needs to be done in black and white with firmness. We categorically told that without stopping MT, we are not going to budge an inch. We told that the discussion on issues can only be fruitful if management stop the current process and initiate action for scrapping the RRs and replace with fast track promotion mechanism in MSRR as stated and decided. We apprised that the resentment in the executives is running very high and management can’t ignore it else it may bring detoriation in the peaceful atmosphere of the organisation. Director HR told that he will speak on the matter with CMD BSNL, who is completely busy in the ongoing revival package meetings, and will revert back after speaking to him. We informed that the organizational call starts from next week, where thousands of executives will reach Delhi from 25-July for indefinite Dharna. Hence management has very less time to act if they are interested in amicable resolution of the issues served through the notice.