Update on Meetings with CMD BSNL, Director HR

The discussions and efforts are paving the way for much awaited promotions into AGM cadre. AIGETOA team comprising of Dy. GS Sh Pavan Akhand and Chairman Sh Ravisheel Verma and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam had marathon discussions and meetings in the last week to clear the stalemate with regard to promotion as well as Seniority issue.

The team (Dy. GS Sh Pavan Akhand and Chairman Sh Ravisheel Verma) met CMD BSNL, Director HR and GM (Pers) yesterday and requested to way forward nod for the promotions. The meeting ended on positive note and CMD BSNL was kind enough to issue firm Directions down the line. We also requested CMD BSNL for initiating the process for the next lot of promotions without any further delay. We also apprised CMD BSNL that with new MS RR, BSNL has finally recognised the need for pushing the deserving ones further up in the career but we highlghted that certain things have been missed out which are needed to incorporated to ensure that a firm and rugged system is in place with equal opportunity to all the deserving ones. CMD BSNL assured that while management has tried it’s best to ensure a merit oriented path for Executives but they are open to further suggestions and all genuine inputs shall be considered. We sought a detailed meeting under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL to present our views. Our AIGETOA Team is studying the MSRR draft and shall be presenting it’s views after haiving a detailed study and inputs from all concerned.

We sincerely hope that the aspirations of senior executives and junior executives who are placed in various cadres and streams will be satisfactorily cleared. Further with regard to ongoing AGM promotions also, we are firm on our path to ensure Promotions for all within the shortest possible time and CMD BSNL has also assured us that once the process takes a start, he is open to discussion on next course of promotions,

We also highlighted that while the thrust of MSRR is on IPMS, the same is not being implemented in a scientific manner and instead targets which are assigned to the executives are unreasonable and practically unachievable most of the time. CMD BSNL recognised our concern and told that he also agrees that IPMS should be a firm and rugged system with reasonable and practical targets and assured that they shall be taking firm actions to ensure the much needed reforms in the system which includes hiring a consultancy firm also.

Later Dy. GS & AIC held discussions with CGM (NTR) PGM(SR), PGM (Est), GM (Pers) and held brief discussions with regard to draft of MS RRs. We told that though many inputs are covered but still certain things have been left out which are needed to be taken care of while amending the RRs. Committee Members asked us to provide our inputs. We told that we shall be reverting after having a detailed study. It is further understood from the discussions that there are some inadvertent errors with respect to the eligibility criteria are there in the draft which will be rectified while finalizing the RRs. We are very sure management will listen to our genuine apprehensions and will take necessary steps to accommodate the same.

Friends, slowly and steadily we are moving forward towards the change which we wanted to introduce in the system. We are aware that many things are still there to be taken care of but with our firm and United approach, we will be able to ensure that all lacuna is plugged off and finally we will succeed in creating a win win situation for all.

Need is to have firm faith and patience.

Together We Can. Together We Have. Together We will.