Update on Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Hon’ble CMD BSNL and Director HR:

Team AIGETOA consisting of GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India Convener Shri A A Khan, Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand, AGS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, FS Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam met Director HR Dr. N Kalyan Sagar Ji and thereafter CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar Ji on dated 19th Jan 2024. The team had an extensive discussion on the issue of Pending Promotions across various grades, Remedial actions pertaining to co-existence of the ALTTC and DoT, Protection of UG Cables from theft lying in duct in exchanges. We apprised CMD BSNL about our discussions with respect to issues of Pay, Promotions and Pension with Hon’ble MoC during the series of meetings done in one month by CHQ team and other representatives across India.

1] Promotions across various Cadres:

We apprised CMD BSNL of our recent discussions with Hon’ble MoC on the issue and the assurance of Hon’ble MoC to ensure the promotions across various grades and streams. The pending promotions across various cadres were discussed in detail with association suggesting various measures on how to ensure the promotions of all eligible executives.

We requested CMD BSNL to initiate the process of promotions from AGM to DGM grade across Telecom and other streams. Discussions on our submissions given earlier took place and CMD BSNL informed that he has already directed his team to ensure promotions wherever there is no stay from court of law. We emphasized that there is a way out and efforts can be undertaken to ensure the promotions from AGM to DGM in Telecom stream also. We once again explained and presented our suggestions on how the promotions can be achieved in Telecom Stream also. CMD BSNL was convinced by our submissions and told that he has no issues if any legal complexity doesn’t arise and there is no contempt before any court. CMD BSNL assured us that he will discuss with his team and if found feasible, he will direct the concerned section to initiate the promotions across AGM to DGM in Telecom Stream also.

We also informed that despite discussions many a time, the seniority list of AGMs promoted in 2018 has still not been issued and requested for his intervention in issuance of their regular seniority list. CMD BSNL assured that he will discuss the issue with concerned section.

We once again placed our request for deputing a Senior Supreme Court Lawyer at Chandigarh CAT for speedy disposal of the pending cases in DGM (Ad-hoc to Regular) case which was reciprocated in a positive manner by Hon’ble CMD.

We requested CMD BSNL for exploring the ways as suggested by AIGETOA earlier so that all the eligible executives can be covered for the promotion from SDE to AGM Telecom grade through SCF route, so that further delay in promotions can be avoided and justice can be extended to the candidates waiting for their long-awaited promotions since long. We also suggested the way out on how the promotions from AGM to DGM can take place and the consequential vacancies arising out of these promotions can be utilized for covering the promotions in SDE to AGM cadre. We also requested Hon’ble CMD BSNL for ensuring that DPC in SDE to AGM Cadre is done without any further delay.

CMD BSNL was very positive on the contentions raised by us in this regard and appreciated the fact that there is need to resolve the issue. He said that as per the earlier discussions with AIGETOA and his assurances, He got the mechanism of Promotions through Personal Upgradation in a fixed time bound manner approved from Board but the same was negated by DoT because of the objections raised by some corners. We requested for trying the same once again on which CMD BSNL though non-committal but was not negative. (AIGETOA doesn’t want to take any names but leave it open for the executives to decide who were those corners who derailed this mechanism and what action they have taken till date to ensure promotions through regular mode after derailing that mechanism).

We also requested to increase the sanctioned posts in promotional cadres across various streams which can very easily be accommodated within the existing total sanctioned strength of the organization. We also requested CMD BSNL for directing the section for placing a fresh prayer before Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT for pronouncing the judgment in AO to CAO case.

CMD BSNL has given his positive assurance on consideration of the consequential vacancies for promotions in the lower grade simultaneously, which will open the channel for promotions in all grades including AGM to DGM, SDE to AGM, JTO to SDE and similarly AO to CAO, JAO to AO. AIGETOA CHQ will continue its pursuance to ensure that all the pending promotions happen at the earliest and slowly and steadily, we are moving towards the goal.

Discussion on the promotional issues of CSS cadre, PA, PS and PPS cadre also took place and we requested for expediting the pending promotions also. We also highlighted that there is some issue in Roster preparation and calculation of posts also on which, no response has been received from the nodal section. We also requested CMD BSNL to consider the promotions from AGM to DGM in CSS cadre also which is pending since long despite availability of the vacancies. CMD BSNL assured for a positive action on the same. We also impressed upon the need for increasing posts in these streams also as there will be a huge stagnation in the respective cadres as per the existing strength.

2] Protection of UG Cables from theft and its disposal on “as is where is basis”:

We highlighted that there has been a continuous reporting of theft cases of UG Cables from the duct of exchanges. We expressed that the cables are very costly and suggested their disposal on as is where is basis at local level at least for those primary ug cables which are lying in the duct connected to exchanges. We said that at least these cables must be asked to be extracted immediately and may be auctioned immediately after extraction as per the prevailing rules. Just because, it is difficult to extract the cables lying outside the exchange should not be a reason to delay the cables within the ducts connected to exchange premises.

CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and assured for issuance of necessary instructions to field units.

3] Issue related to co-existence of ALTTC with DoT, Shifting to Jaipur:

We informed our discussions on this issue with Hon’ble MoC and his assurance with respect to the co-existence of ALTTC with DoT. CMD BSNL told that Hon’ble MoC has discussed the same with him also and has expressed his desire to finding out a solution where the existence of both the institutions can be ensured. CMD BSNL informed that accordingly a meeting of Member (Services), Director General and Director HR BSNL is scheduled to be held tentatively on 24th Jan 2024 in this regard to discuss the way forward and to explore if an amicable solution protecting the interests of both the organizations can be found out. We gave our suggestions so that shifting ALTTC to any other city can be avoided and by exploring ways with mutual understanding between BSNL and DOT for Co-existence.

4] Discussion on SDE Reversal issue:

We highlighted the status of the court case before hon’ble CMD and apprised him of AIGETOA Team’s discussions with the committee members and the assurances made by management on the issue. We requested that now that applicants have won in court, BSNL should now issue the promotion orders as per earlier assurances made to this association instead of trying to make the issue more complex under the influence of some other groups and disgruntled elements within the system who doesn’t want this issue to be resolved.

5] Targeting the Whistle blowers by local management, request for intervention by CMD BSNL :

We also highlighted the recent incidences wherein the whistle blowers are being targeted by the local management and requested for his intervention in directing circles to ensure that such whistle blowers are not targeted just because they dared to raise the issue of wrong doings. We also requested CMD BSNL to ensure parity in actions while dealing with cases of corruption and financial misappropriation. We highlighted the instances of recently highlighted cases where management has failed to take any action while the cases of much lesser gravity has been dealt very harshly. CMD BSNL assured us that he is determined to ensure zero tolerance with regard to corruption and action shall be ensured in all such cases which has come to his notice. CMD BSNL also assured that whistle blowers shall be given due protection.

6] Discussion on clearing Rule 8 cases:

We also raised the issue with respect to non-clearance of Rule 8 by many circles. We highlighted another issue faced wherein if any rule 8 applicant changes the option for circle, his application is being counted at the bottom while ideally his waiting list should remain the same. We requested for ensuring a mechanism wherein JTOs can get transferred to their circles. Especially the problem in hard tenure circles and bigger circles like MH is quite grave where there is huge waiting list and accommodation is not being extended to the cleared cases also. We requested for issuance of suitable directions to the concerned circles.

The meeting lasted for almost an hour and various aspects were discussed in detail and we extended our thanks to Hon’ble CMD BSNL for sparing his valuable time and appreciating the concern of the employees associated with the issues.

Earlier the team met Dr. N Kalyan Sagar, Director (HR) and discussed all the above issues and the proposed way forward. We also apprised him of our discussion with Hon’ble MoC. Discussion on Long Stay Transfers, clarification in immunity guidelines also took place with the team.

The issues of Pay and Pension shall be taken up in the next meeting. We have informed management about our discussions with Hon’ble MoC on these issues and we expect a firm positive outcome on the residual issues of 2nd PRC very soon.


Team AIGETOA believes in consistent persuasion and rigorous follow ups. We don’t believe in creating propaganda as we know that issue will be resolved with persuasion, suitable presentation and pointed discussion and not through flattery, personality cult or event management. Accordingly, we have involved ourselves for point-to-point discussions at various levels including that of BSNL Management, DoT, Hon’ble MoSC and Hon’ble MoC. We discuss the issue on merit and we don’t hesitate in raising the issues even if it is unpleasant to management. The results of these efforts will be visible to all very soon. While post MV, others have gone into hibernation and have stopped even updating about the issues, Team AIGETOA remains at forefront in pursuance of issues and is working with same sincerity and seriousness.

We leave it on to the executives to decide by themselves. We request your firm and unparalleled support from for the resolution of the issues.