Update on Meeting of AIGETOA Team with CMD BSNL and Director HR on JTO to SDE DPC issue

It was understood that a meeting of whole HR Team was held on Friday, 6th November 2020 under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL which included discussions on the ongoing DPC Process also and how to move forward on the JTO to SDE Promotions. Accordingly Team led by AIGETOA President Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met PGM Pers and Director HR on 9th November 2020 to follow up on the promotion issue. It was noticed that AIEL II data received from almost all the circles except few was incomplete as it failed to include promoted, retired, resigned etc JTOs of 2002 to 2005 batch. Accordingly Team requested for issuance of another reminder with clarity on the subject. The letter was promptly issued by Personnel Section.

There after, from the discussions as well as the information learnt from various corners, it was understood that while preparatory exercise of DPC is almost complete, there is some hitch on the part of higher management with respect to promotions and notification of LDCE as they were being linked to the ongoing restructuring exercise and calculation of vacancies. Accordingly CHQ Team lodged it’s strong objection with Director HR and explained him the entire position that while we have been exercising patience as we could see the seriousness on the part of management with respect to actions taken on promotion aspects, but the same should not be taken for granted and any further delay will be strongly protested. Now that the work is almost over, opening a new chapter and linking the same to a never ending exercise of restructuring will not be accepted by the rank and file of Executives waiting for their first Promotions since long. Accordingly, management should immediately act for ensuring a happy Diwali for these executives. We also explained the legal position and complexities which can arise out of this new exercise by management. We firmly told, if management is planning to reduce the vacancies beyond the stipulated guidelines of VRS in the guise of Restructuring, the same is not acceptable to us. Director HR assured that management will not do anything which will be against the career aspects of Executives and there should not be any cause for worry. We said that unnecessary delay is the only cause for worry.

Thereafter, on Tuesday, 10th November 2020, the team led by GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with VP Shri B K Mehta and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar met CMD BSNL and had an elaborate discussion on the promotion issue. We explained the whole issue, the complexities associated with linking the JTO to SDE DPC and other promotions to Restructuring exercise and non conduction of LDCE exams in time to CMD BSNL. We explained to CMD BSNL that organization should not start something which is going to result into an endless mess and will marr the future as well as career of executives for infinite time. Accordingly, management should immediately move ahead with DPC process without linking anything to Restructuring. CMD BSNL was receptive to our Submissions and told that it’s good that the complexities associated with the view of the management has been explained by the association and he will discuss and finalize with his HR team shortly, on the next course of action. He assured us that management has not taken any decision and anything which goes against the career prospects of executives will not be done. We apprised CMD BSNL about the restlessness and the resentment of the Executives because of non happening of promotions in any cadre and requested him to direct his team to ensure DPC immediately. CMD BSNL asked us to meet next week and in the meanwhile he will discuss with his team with respect to the inputs Submitted by AIGETOA.

Thereafter, the team again met Director HR and PGM Pers and apprised them about the discussions with CMD BSNL. Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, OS CHQ was also present in the discussions. We categorically told that we are not willing to wait beyond Diwali and ultimately association will have to resort to organisational actions to ensure justice to Executives. Director HR committed for an early action on the issue.

It was also surprising to learn that those claiming to report from close proximity of BSNL CO has forgotten to tell the executives that this decision of restructuring and DPC was conveyed by management to them during their tenure and they never chose to reject or protest against this, in fact in their recently held central meeting, no resolution with respect to the reduction in vacancies was undertaken. This shows their seriousness on promotional aspects. However, AIGETOA will take care of this. We would also like to suggest to them that instead of trying to raise unnecessary issues and confusions in the mind of management, they should do something constructive for the cadre. We will not hesitate in giving them their due credit, if they are worried about that. We would like to advise them that their recent reward to those responsible for trying to stop the Promotions has exposed their intents and double speak. On one side, they are exercising caution to their Members and on the other side, they are rewarding the masterminds with plum posts.

Friends, as you are aware, that we have set for ourselves a maximum target for Diwali for ensuring DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions, but that does not appear possible as of now as even the Complete AIEL Data has not been sent by Circles yet and VCs/APARs from many circles are still pending. In view of this, CHQ AIGETOA has decided to wait up to the last week of this month to ensure DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions and if management do not come forward with promotions orders by last week, the association will be compelled to serve notice for organisational actions. All CS/CPs/CHQ OBs should immediately start preparing for the same. All CHQ members/CS/CPs should also ensure that missing AIEL data be sent by all circles within two days.

With regard to legal issues created by the members and OBs of SNEA for staying the DPC Process, we would like to reaffirm that AIGETOA CHQ is on job and will clear all these hurdles. We would also like to request all those who are working to stop this DPC that instead of trying to stop the promotion process, they should lend a cooperative and helping hand. They should be aware that we have got the preparatory work started for further batches also and AIGETOA is committed to protect their interests also but still if they prefer to move ahead with the obstruction process, then it’s entirely their wish. We, however reaffirm all, that we will not let anybody either management or executives or any other association to play with the careers of Executives anymore and all such persons shall be dealt accordingly.

So, let’s be prepared for the cause and struggle for ensuring your rightful dues in BSNL. The last week of November is the final time line decided by us. After that there will be only one path and that is the path of struggle and organisational actions.

Come together, let’s Join Hands Together to Ensure the Bright Future for all.

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