Update on Cadre Strength Review and Revision in immunity guidelines :

As per the discussion held with Director HR on 22nd June 2023, GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma met PGM (RESTG & SR) Smt Anita Johri and discussed on the issues of review of the cadre strength and revised guidelines wrt the immunity.

It was informed that a revised letter containing consolidated guidelines along with the template of complete data required for review of Sanctioned Strength shall be issued to all Circles by next Wednesday. The complete data is being asked in first go itself to avoid delay This review of cadre strength is envisaged to increase the number of sanctioned posts in each cadre and stream which will smoothen the career progression of all the executives.

We further informed that association shall also be submitting it’s input by next week.

With respect to the submission of association for putting on hold the immunity guidelines, it was informed that instead of putting on hold, desired changes by the association has been put up for consideration by higher authorities. The revised immunity guidelines is expected to be issued by next Tuesday. We sincerely hope that all the contentious issues raised by us is taken into consideration.

With respect to OTP cases, it is informed that they are expected to be issued by next week.