The consistent Saga of BSNL Management to fail the career of Executives to prevent them from reaching higher posts :

BSNL Management has completely failed to meet the minimum Career Aspiration of Executives, where one has to wait endlessly to reach next level of promotion. If we see the residency period of JTO/JAO for next promotion is just 3 three Years but people are getting promoted through normal rout of DPC in 15-20 years. Similarly for AGM/CAO equivalent grade the residency period in preceding grade is just seven years but people are waiting for promotion from 9-18 years. This shows that HR has taken a complete back seat in BSNL and management has completely neglected this part of an organization. Now, they are desperately trying to start a lateral entry on the name of Management Trainee which will permanently kill the remaining opportunities for the Executives.

Hence, AIGETOA has served a Notice for Organizational Call to lodge our strong protest. We call upon all Executives to support the call irrespective of the affiliate to any associations or not.

All CHQ OBs must reach BSNL CO 14th July to submit memorandum to CMD/Director HR in person and stay back at Delhi till resolution of issues.

All 11 Circle Executive Committee from nearby circles (

UP West, UP East, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, NTR, Himachal Pradesh, BSNL CO Circle and J&K etc..) to mandatory reach BSNL CO on 14th for submission of Memorandum to CMD/Director HR in person.

All volunteers from various circles to reach BSNL CO on 14th July to submit Memorandum in person to CMD/Director HR.

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