Team AIGETOA Meeting with GM Pers on 21.09.2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIC, Shri Pavan Akhand AGS-1, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS-2, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS-6 and Shri Wasi Ahmad GS held meeting with GM Pers and his team and had a detailed deliberation on the implementation of recent order of Hon’ble CAT Kolkata, Issuance of SDE to AGM Promotion, MS RR, Declaration of some stations of Uttarakhand as Hard Tenure, Declaration of some stations of Karnataka as Soft Tenure, Release of new GATE JTOS from J&K and other tenure stations, Transfer & Posting.

We extend out thank to GM Pers for holding the meeting and listen the arguments of the association with open mind. Association side apprised all details related to fixation of seniority of SDE from vacancy year 2006-07 onwards and the injustice meted out to LDCE Qualified SDEs with all facts and figures supported by the documents. A detailed document of 300 pages was submitted to him along with updating the sequence of events from the beginning including submission of legal opinion by the Retd Justice of the Hon’ble Supreme Court by the association and assurance of management on account of the direction by the Hon’ble Court.

We apprised that without going into the details of Court Case, the Association is of the firm view that the direction given by Kolkata Bench of Hon’ble CAT for amendment of SDE Seniority List 9 by incorporating SDETs promoted through both modes i.e. SQ and CQ for the vacancy year 2006-07 and publishing of seniority from the lis-9 to list-13 afresh in the light of the DoPT OM Dated 13.08.2021 should be issued and accordingly an speaking order may also be issued. Arguments and counter arguments were exchanged between two sides and the association insisted to implement the DoPT OM dated 13.08.2021 in true sense. Finally, it was agreed by the GM Pers that the matter will be re-examined and discussed at higher level also. We emphasize that management has got an opportunity to undo the injustice meted out to the LDCE qualified SDEs of 2006-07 onwards and this shouldn’t be allowed to slip from the hand.

On SDE to AGM Promotion, it was firmly told by that the Kolkata bench order has not touched the SDE seniority list 8 and only speaks about the revision on SDE Seniority list 9 to list 13 on the basis of DoPT OM dated 13.08.2021. Although the language of the order restraining for issuance of SDE to AGM Promotion is not clear but if read in totality, it is limited to only list 9 to list 13 i.e. the Promotion of the SDEs from list 9 to list 13 should be carried out after revision of these list in the light of DoPT OM 13.08.2021 only. Hence the Hon’ble Court at Kolkata has not restrained the SDE to AGM Promotion of SDE Seniority List 8 and it can be released once cleared by the Jabalpur Bench.

MS RR revision which incorporates stagnation clause for SDE to AGM and Fast Track Mechanism for AGM/DGM grades is in process of final discussion at the highest level and the revised draft of MS RR will be shared once the final meeting takes place at the of CMD BSNL.

The matter of conversion of soft tenure of Almora, Srinagar(Gwl) & New Tehri OAs of Uttrakhand Circle to Two Year Hard Tenure Stations was discussed in detailed and we reminded about earlier submission as well as CGM Uttarakhand recommendation. The matter of declaring five OAs of Karnataka viz. Madikeri, Karwar, Bidar, Chickmagalur & Shimoga as soft tenure stations was also discussed and hardship faced by the Circle for shortage of officers was discussed. GM Pers appraised that both the matter have been discussed with the Director HR and a final decision has to be taken. We requested to expedite the decision considering the situation of these Circles.

The matter of release GATE JTOS under Rule-8 from J&K Circle and NE Circles were also discussed. We apprised that at one side many GATE JTOs are waiting to return to their HOME STATE after completion of five years in these Circles and other side many SDES are waiting for their hard tenure posting at these locations in want of vacancies. As per restructuring, JTO and SDE are interchangeable and so a mechanism can be framed to release the GATE JTOs on Rule-8 for their home Circle after completing five years of service and equal numbers of SDEs can be posted from the waiting list to fill the gap. It will serve the purpose of both sides and address the issue in best possible way. We apprise that one meeting with PGM Establishment has already been done by the association on the subject. GM Pers agrees to look into the possibilities and examine the matter in consultation with the PGM Establishment.

The matter of retention, modification and OTP Transfer Cases also discussed in the meeting and cases handed over also.

The meeting ended on a positive note.