Rotation of Officers holding sensitive posts in BSNL – GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL :

GS AIGETOA Sh Ravi Shil Verma writes to CMD BSNL Sh P K Purwar Ji regarding rotation of officers holding sensitive posts in BSNL.

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Many lacunae in the rotation of sensitive posts have been observed. It is seen that few officers have been continuously holding such sensitive posts in one way or another by virtue of rotation of chairs within the same section and in the process continue to hold the posts of sensitive nature for period beyond the stipulated time. Such instances and continued presence of officers in sensitive sections are observed in BSNL corporate office also contrary to the fact that BSNL CO must have projected itself as role model for the policy.

In many places at Corporate/Circle/BA headquarters, the rotations are happening for namesake and its being done between sensitive posts within the same administrative units like HR/Admin/Pers/Estt/Legal etc. This automatically defeats the very purpose of such guidelines when it is observed that officers are present in such sections for a much longer period by virtue of rotation from one chair to another and all this while holding the crucial sensitive posts dealing with sensitive administrative matters for a much longer period.

We suggest that officers on sensitive posts for AGM & above level officers must be rotated entirely into different verticals to prevent complacency and to ensure a fresh perspective in decision-making processes and also to ensure that the guidelines of rotation of officials on sensitive posts is adhered to in letter and spirit.

Directions may be issued for rotation of the officers based on sensitive sections/units and not on the basis of Posts and rotation within the same section / administrative unit be avoided. Regular rotation of employees in sensitive positions may also be cross checked, so that all the executives are getting an equal treatment.