Rescheduling of proposed 2nd Agenda Meeting of AIGETOA dated 10.05.2021

The proposed second formal agenda meeting of dated 10.05.2021 of AIGETOA with the management has been rescheduled by mutual agreement between the association and management in view of the expected Board Meeting to be held on 11.05.021 for creation of Benevolent Fund as discussed in the associations and unions meeting with management on 6th May-2021 over ZOOM.

Now, the proposed meeting of AIGETOA will be held on the next working day of the Board Meeting as decided in the discussion held between the association and Sr GM SR, BSNL CO New Delhi. The association agreed to reschedule the meeting in the light of the fact that creation of Benevolent Fund was initially spearheaded by AIGETOA, which was later welcomed by the management and the works in its direction started by the management to get it realize in a time frame and the proposal of AIGETOA for equal contribution by Employer and Employees was also agreed by all stakeholders. Hence considering sensitivity of the issue of creation of the Benevolent Fund, we agreed to reschedule the meeting by 2-3 days.