Operation Lakshya – Final Quest for Justice “Delhi Chalo”

Operation Lakshya – Final Quest for Justice….”Delhi Chalo”

Work/Activities to be Performed Today (22nd July 2022) by all Members, Office bearers.

  • Applying EL w.e.f 25.07.2022 to 30.07.2022 by all members. All officer bearers need to ensure the regular updates.

  • Submission of all pending Memorandum by members to PMO, MoC, Secty DoT, CMD through Speed Post & through Digital platform PMO Portal, CPGRAMS, BSNLPG Portal.

  • Email by all members to MPs (Members of Parliament) both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha.

  • Quitting of BSNL Official WhatsApp Groups by all Members, OBs, if pending still.