MOST URGENT PLEASE – Update on Group Insurance

Dear CS/CP,

This is once again informed that NO PLAN change request is feasible to entertain. So, kindly reach out to all such person and apprise it and ask them to get their data corrected (by requesting deletion of extra) by sending the correct information on mail ID by 11:00 am of 05.05.2021 (WED) else their enrollment will not be included in the final list to be submitted to New India Assurance by afternoon of 05.05.2021.

Further, if such person doesn’t agree with above line, they may seek thier cancellation of enrollment and refund by sending a mail as apprised above from their registered mail ID by the cut off time as above. The association will arrange the refund in a reasonable time.

Also, any other correction/edit in data will not be entertained beyond 11:00 and the error case will not be included in the final list to be submitted.

Kindly adhere cut off time as given above, else the responsibility of exclusion will fall on the concerned person and Circle will not raise it.

Laxman Banoth ji is the nodal to coordinate it.

Copy to: All enrolled Members if the GHI Policy of AIGETOA