Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD BSNL on 09.09.2021:

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA and SNEA met CMD BSNL Shri P. K. Purwar and communicated that if BSNL management is going ahead with Restructuring and post reduction without working out the promotional avenues for its Executives and finalizing the future road map to fill up the top management positions in the company with meritorious candidates, then it is going to meet stiff resistance and opposition from all the Executives. Normally, norms are framed after conducting extensive work study in the field units, but no work study took place and restructuring process has been converted into a pen paper exercise aimed only for reduction in posts. The inputs given by Associations highlighting the shortcomings of the restructuring proposal has been completely ignored and management moving ahead with drastic reduction in posts which is not at all acceptable.

We said that management cannot simply ignore the fact that BSNL Board has approved a proposal in May 2018 where they want JTO/JAO Equivalent level Executives to reach to post of AGM in a time of 15 years of service. Such type of demeaning of Executives where management wants JTO/JAO/SDE/AO Equivalent grade officers to stagnate for as long as 12 years for their first promotion and 25 years for its second promotion will lead to a disastrous situation in BSNL, where every Executive will be in a state of unrest and will give rise to a serious conflict. We categorically demanded CMD/BSNL to put on hold current restructuring proposal and requested him to deliberate a proposal which leads to a complete transformation of organization in all respects including the work culture, motivation, promotional avenues, and recognition of Merit.

BSNL Board has approved Time Bound Promotion Policy in May 2018 itself and promotions should be ensured in a time bound manner for all eligible Executives, we demanded. CMD BSNL said that he remains open to further discussion and told us to discuss with Director HR, BSNL Board.

Later, both Association leaders met Shri Vivek Banzal, Director(CFA) and Shri S. K. Mishra, Director(CM) also and demanded Time Bound Promotion for all eligible Executives, before the Restructuring.