Meeting with GM Pers on settlement of SDE 2007 reversal issue and status on promotions in AGM grade for PWD candidates

Meeting of Team AIGETOA consisting of Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand, AIC Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGSs Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar with GM Pers on settlement of SDE 2007 reversal issue and status on promotions in AGM grade for PWD candidates:

SDE Reversal Case :

Team AIGETOA reminded GM Pers about the discussion with Director HR wherein Hon’ble Director HR has categorically directed to settle the SDE 2007 reversal issue without any further delay. We firmly told GM Pers that he should realize the agony of the affected candidates and should not delay the action anymore. We requested GM Pers to call for committee Meeting and resolve the issue by next week as these candidates have already faced enough hardships and this mental torture and agony must end now. GM Pers assured that he will do the needful and speak to Hon’ble Director HR in this regard. We also informed GM Pers that all Candidates are open to out of court settlement and legal tangles in various courts will not be any issue provided management takes firm initiative to end the dispute and reinstate the Seniority of these candidates. As far as the current status is concerned, their names were in DPC and seats are kept reserved for them. Team AIGETOA shall be taking this matter further with Director HR early next week.

Promotion in PWD Quota

With regard to promotions in PWD quota, it was informed that action for DPC has been taken in line with the Directions of Hon’ble PCAT and further necessary action shall be taken after getting directions from Hon’ble PCAT in next hearing.

Promotion for all eligible SDEs to AGM & AO to CAO

Earlier with CMD BSNL and Director HR, Team AIGETOA raised the issue of promotions for the all eligible SDEs to AGM grade, AO to CAO promotions and also the left out JTOs for the SDE promotions. It was informed that management remains open to the promotion within the ambit of rules and structure. We told Hon’ble CMD that within the ambit of current structure only, the promotions of all eligible SDEs are possible, the need is to recognise the injustice met out to competitive quota candidates belonging to list 12 and 13. There are enough precedence in the organization both recently as well as earlier which can ensure much awaited promotion to all eligible SDEs to AGM grade.

Promotion of left out JTOs to SDEs

Similarly now it’s high time that promotion to the remaining left out JTOs to SDE Cadre is executed immediately to avoid perpetual losses in their careers. We also requested CMD BSNL for AO to CAO promotions and informed him that now with both sides willing to sort out the issue with consensus amicably, management must not miss the opportunity to ensure Promotions in AO to CAO cadre.

While meeting Director HR also, we raised the same issues. Director HR assured to take our submissions into consideration.

Friends, A lot of apprehensions are going on in the minds of all executives. We firmly and non ambiguously affirm that we will ensure the promotions to all eligible before moving on to the amended MS RRs.

We would like to convey that while we don’t hesitate in applauding the good efforts of our management, in the same manner we don’t hesitate in standing tough and tall against the actions which are contrary to the interests of the fraternity as well as organisation.

We request one and all to remain united and lend their firm support in our endeavors to ensure the best for our executive cadre.

Together we will achieve everything.