Meeting with CMD BSNL on 31.05.2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS held meeting with CMD BSNL on 31.05.2022. The meeting lasted for an hour and detailed discussion took place on various issues including AGM(T)/CAO , DGM Promotions and E2-E3 Scale.

The Association expressed its strong displeasure on the unnecessary delay in execution of the Promotions in the grades of AGM(T) despite of the orders by Hon’ble Supreme Court and Executive Instructions thereafter by DoPT. CMD BSNL explained the position of management and said that he is not averse to the promotion and willing more than anyone to move ahead and that was the main reason to direct HR Team to hold discussion with major stakeholders on 12-May 2022. We said on 12th May, all associations have already expressed their concurrence in writing to management which was signed also by PGM SR as well as CLO BSNL both. When a way forward is already decided, citing same issue again and again to stop the process is totally uncalled for and management should show some confidence on its own actions instead of finding excuses out of these to avoid promotions. We said, management should move forward in line with the directions of DoPT which are very clear on the matter and there is no ambiguity at all in these instructions.

CMD BSNL informed that there is some issue in implementation of the DoPT Order in the promotion order due to divergent views of the department and welfare association on the topic of On Merit and Own Merit. The management is still working on it and is in continuous touch with the DoPT for its correct interpretation. He apprised that the management is also waiting for the execution of the order by DoPT, after which BSNL will be following the footsteps for methodology adopted for promotion. We categorically and unambiguously stated that now there is no scope for BSNL to stop the process citing these confusions, Confusions if any needs to be cleared and moved forward. We gave them our inputs on how to move forward and explained the roadmap which has potential to cover all the aspirants for the promotions and which is acceptable to other stake holders like SEWA also because we have already discussed with them on this issue. We also requested to ensure that DGM Vacancies needs to be taken into account and provisions to create more posts to put an end to all disputes. CMD BSNL told that he is open to all suggestions to end the stalemate. He said priority is to finalise the methodology first and thereafter discussion can be done on the topics like number of people to be promoted, more vacancies to be created and also on promotions from AGM to DGM grade.

We categorically and unambiguously intimated CMD BSNL that already enough delay has been made and as majority recognised association, we are answerable to executives and hence cannot accept the delay any more. Executives are in a state of maximum unrest due to unnecessary delay being created now by management. Whatever, that is right in line with the provisions of DoPT should be followed and promotion should be issued else association will have no option but to comeback with the available tools of the organisational program.

Thereafter, a workable solution was discussed in the meeting which we will be discussing with SEWA leadership to find a possible breakthrough in the promotion. Before the meeting also, we had a detailed discussion with their leadership on the possible course of actions and we shall continue with the discussion with them so that an amicable solution acceptable to all can be reached without any delay. However, at the same time we wish to reiterate that while we are not averse to this consensus building exercise but we have categorically alerted management that they now need to show the will to execute the things in the form of actions and results instead of delaying the process any further.

The issue of Pay Scale was discussed thereafter and we demanded immediate intervention by the CMD BSNL at highest level in the DoT. CMD BSNL apprised that currently DoT is completely negative on the issue despite of his consistent pursual on the matter and advised us to wait a little more for an appropriate time. He firmly assured that he wants positive resolution of the issue and that is reason, he is advising to wait a little more so that issue can be firmly resolved in the favour of young executives. We persisted with our demand and said that this is again an already delayed issue and requested him to ensure the resolution at the earliest in the best interest of the youngsters as company is now on a path to recovery and DoT will also not object on this being a motivational tool to perform better. We also requested for the implementation of E1 plus 5 increments as interim measure to all the executives provisionally recruited in E1 scale and demanded that this pending proposal in BSNL Board must now be cleared for all the new recruits.

MS RR Modification Exercise was also discussed on which CMD BSNL said that his team is working on the same and output will be visible soon. We again highlighted the delay and expressed that it seems management has lost confidence on their own actions which is in fact a very serious and worrisome trend. Association can’t allow situation to continue as such. If HR is not at all in priority list, then association will also forget the amicable path and shall come back on streets to set the things right and make HR a priority subject. If results are not achieved, then words and assurances, even from the apex doesn’t hold any value.

Friends, though CMD BSNL has expressed his firm intent on both the pay and promotion issue but seeing the slow movement and inaction on part of his team and various HR Sections, we need to remain vigilant. If within next few days, some concrete output is not reached on these issues, then association will not have any other path than to follow course of organisational actions. We request all executives, office bearers and members to remain prepared for the next struggle.

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