Meeting of Team AIGETOA with CMD BSNL, Director (HR), PGM (Estt) BSNL on 19th Sep 2023:

Team AIGETOA comprising Shri Ravi Shil Verma GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS, Shri A A Khan All India Convener, Shri Pavan Akhand, Dy GS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS, Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam AGS had a series of meetings with the above authorities on 19th Sept 2023. The Team had elaborate discussions as detailed below:

Status of 4G Rollout :

We have sought the status of Pan India Rollout of 4G and CMD BSNL informed that some minor issues are still pending to be resolved but hopefully they shall be taken care of in due course of time. He further informed that equipment’s have been dispatched and within next 15-20 days, their integration will start so that the Network remains ready for roll out. CMD BSNL was positive on the full rollout of indigenous 4G Network at the earliest followed by up-gradation to 5G.

Standard Pay Scale of E2 for JTO/JAO Equivalent:

We have requested to CMD BSNL on further persuasion by management for early implementation of the same. CMD BSNL was categorical in his statement that decision in this regard can only be taken by DoT. We explained him about our pursuance at with DoT and MoC and firmly stated that we are hopeful that with our continued efforts supported by BSNL Management, definitely will make a change in stand of DoT and the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 will be a reality for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and SDE/AO Equivalent.

Addressing of Payloss of Executives :

Association categorically once again informed that the resentment and the huge losses are increasing day by day in the executives who are direct sufferer of Pay loss during the implementation of second PRC. Be it on the E1A recruited executives or the NE-9 recruited non executives, the justice is delayed and till now denied. It is high time that management need to take the cognizance on this severe issue and remedial measures may be done. Association had made several submissions earlier and we requested for a positive response in this regard.

3rd PRC in BSNL:

On this matter, CMD BSNL has informed that possibility of 3rd PRC is difficult till BSNL comes in net profit. AIGETOA informed him about our persuasion and discussions with Hon’ble MoC and at various levels. We communicated to CMD that we have firm belief on BMS platform and things may change in due course with our continued pursuance on the issue.

Promotions in various cadres and counting of vacancies as floating one:

We requested CMD BSNL for expediting the regularization of Provisional Promotions of 2018 and using all the vacancies as floating mode so as to ensure the promotions in cadre of AGM to DGM, SDE to AGM and JTO to SDE. This will enable maximum promotions in the grades. It will be pertinent to mention that the formula suggested by association for calculation of vacancies on floating basis has been accepted and we hope that management will adopt the same for envisaged DPCs in various grades including Civil, Electrical, CSS and PA/PS cadres.

We have requested CMD BSNL for diverting the vacancies of external quota SETs and DR DGM Quota for DPC from SDE to AGM and AGM to DGM. We further suggested that LICE should be for only those executives who have not completed their regular residency period as per RRs and all the executives who have completed their regular residency period must be promoted through Seniority cum Fitness by making available sufficient number of vacancies to take care of all eligible. We have explained the plight of LDCE-2012 executives who are meritorious in clearing the LDCE exam and were further pushed down the list for the reasons not pertaining to them. We further stated that number of Vacancies for the LICE should be fixed every year so that all future aspirants can appear in the exam every year and get equitable opportunity. We also emphasized that all vacancies of LICE quota should be created separately instead of using the regular vacancies. We further emphasized upon the needs for making the syllabus easier by giving options and choice topics instead of compelling all to study all the topics which is virtually impossible while executing the official responsibilities. We further stated that all the aspirants must be extended provision for study leave so that all the eligible aspirants can be given equitable opportunity. CMD BSNL was receptive towards our suggestions with respect to syllabus for LICE and asked us to give our representation/feedback in writing so that the same can be examined.

Inherent lacunae in IPMS, Attendance portal:

We also emphasized upon the need for further streamlining in IPMS, Attendance Portal and that still there is need for refinement in the process as executives are facing a lot of hardship because of these lacunae. CMD BSNL assured that he agrees on the need and will explore the same.

With Director HR, we have requested him for appointment of a Senior advocate in the cases pending at CAT Chandigarh for AO to CAO , DGM (Ad-hoc to Regular) and JTO to SDE and explore the possibility for subject to outcome of the court directions for promotions. BSNL Senior advocate appointed for the AO to CAO case had met sudden death due to dengue this month.

We also requested Director HR for resolution of the reversal issue but he was non-committal on the same. We will continue our persuasion for the same and if needed will reach out to the Hon’ble MoC also.

We further requested Director (HR) for notification of JTO to SDE LDCE with provision of more number of vacancies. We also requested to him for his intervention in settling the Pending Rule-8 Cases. We also requested Director HR for consideration of OTP cases and also the retention and cancellation cases. We requested for ERP relieving of all the transfer cases done under OTP.

We also met PGM (Estt) and requested him for reconsideration on repatriating the JTOs as they all are eligible for SDE Promotions. We requested him for retaining these JTOs at their current place of posting till their regular promotions in JTO to SDE grade happen. We further congratulated PGM (Estt) for his appointment as CGM (J&K).