Meeting of Team AIGETOA CHQ with GM Pers and his team :

Sh Ravi Shil Verma All India Chairman, Sh Veerabhadra Rao All India President, Sh Sunil Gautam and Sh Rakesh Meena CS NTR met GM(Pers) Sh S N Gupta and Pers Team for discussion on pending issues:

JTO to SDE Promotions :

We expressed our strong resentment on the non issuance of promotions in the JTO to SDE cadre despite approval and notification of the revised SDE RRs. We reminded them about the consistently missing deadlines despite the assurances given by the apex of the organization i.e. by CMD BSNL in meeting dated 21.03.2023 and Director (HR) in the agenda meeting held in February. We said such type of continued ignorance on the long pending issues is basically denting the trust of executives in the system and the same is never good for any organization to flourish.

After detailed discussions, it was finally agreed that all available vacancies upto 31st December 2022 shall be filled up by 25th May 2023. LDCEs shall be also notified simultaneously in which all the eligible JTOs can appear for promotion on the fast track basis. We requested them to expedite the process further and ensure the promotions in next few days. We also insisted that LDCEs should also be notified immediately to benefit more JTOs. Further, simultaneous processing of both the streams will minimize the legal hurdles also.

SDE Reversal Issue :

We told GM Pers that SDE Reversal is another issue which has kept unsettled despite repeated assurances at various levels. We insisted upon immediate conclusive action on the issue to ensure that these innocent SDEs do not suffer any further. GM Pers assured for a speedy action on the issue.

SDE to AGM Promotions and Increasing AGM & DGM vacancies:

We have reminded the deliberations and discussions held in our AIGETOA agenda meeting ( 08 & 22-02-2023 ) and separate meeting with CMD & DIR HR on 21-03-2023. GM pers said that as and when directed by Director (HR), action shall be initiated. AIGETOA Team shall be taking up this issue further with Hon’ble CMD BSNL and Director (HR) for a speedy resolution.

Issuance of OTP cases of Karnataka Circle :

The issue is under consideration and the same shall be processed along with the long stay transfer cases expected to be held soon.

Retention/Modifications/Cancellation cases

We informed that many cases have not been considered and requested to consider the same at the earliest.