GS Writes to CMD BSNL for promotion in the grade of PPS by creation of additional Posts :

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL with request for promotion in the grade of PPS by creation of additional posts.

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AIGETOA has proposed the following suggestions for the career progression and timely promotion of the PS to PPS –

  • As the Merger of BBNL is already taking place and Merger of MTNL is being envisaged, we feel it prudent to submit that there will be change in the managerial posts including that of the BOD position which is bound to increase post-merger. Hence the earlier level of PPS grade posts need to be restored to take care of the increased requirements of PPS posts for manning the crucial positions which will arise after the increase in the number of senior managerial positions.
  • Consequent to Restructuring of HR in BSNL, 37 posts of PPS have been earmarked for all field units. Recently Circles were requested to furnish data of eligible candidates from feeder grade for promotion to the grade of PPS. It is learnt that approximate 15 circles have not submitted any information so far as no candidates are eligible for promotion to the grade of PPS. Whereas, 4 candidates in PS Grade in Corporate Office are eligible for promotion to the post of PPS. Hence, these eligible candidates may be considered for promotion to the grade of PPS by utilizing the available posts of field units and diverting the same to the strength of BSNL CO.
  • Stenographers (Grade-“D”) in the Corporate Office are only 2 and the working strength of posts of PA Grade are 12. Hence, it is suggested that 10 PAs with 12 yrs of service may be promoted as PS (as followed in promotions done in 2018) and to surrender vacant posts in the grade of PA for creating a matching savings for upgrading some PA posts to Sr.PPS/PPS Grade as a one-time measure (Matching Saving) without altering the total number of sanctioned posts for Corporate Office. By doing this, all will get a justifiable opportunity to get a seniority-cum-fitness promotion before his/her superannuation.
  • The Restructuring Review is already in Progress and we sincerely feel that there is ample scope of increasing the number of Sr PPS and PPS posts which will enable suitable career progression to the PSs who will otherwise stagnate in their current positions for next many years. Hence Management must consider creating at least 3 more posts in Sr. PPS i.e. total 6 posts and 4 more in the PPS grade i.e. Total 7 PPS posts for taking care of the responsibility associated with manning the secretarial works of Board Level Positions, CVO and Senior Managerial Posts.