Good Positive Development on the resolution of Standard Pay Scale issue of E2 and E3 at DoT:

One very good development at DoT with respect to resolution of standard pay scales E2 and E3 for JTO/JAO Equivalent and SDE/AO/Equivalent.

After the tripartite meeting at DOT with BSNL, DoT and BMS affiliated associations and unions, AIGETOA was asked to submit a detailed representation stating how the issue can be resolved without cascading effect and keeping the 5 Time Bound Upgradations in EPP Intact. AIGETOA submitted its detailed representation to Member Services which was under examination at DoT. Informal discussions between BSNL and DoT officials also took place on the issue. Team AIGETOA CHQ consisting of GS Ravi Shil Verma, AIP Shri Veerabhadra Rao, Chief Patron Shri A A Khan, AGSs Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar, Organising Secretary Shri Harjinder Singh were also constantly pursuing the issue and had almost 4-5 rounds of discussions at DoT. After our last round of discussions and submissions with the senior officers at DoT who are dealing with the issue wherein we were able to explain our point of view and the same was responded with positivity from DoT Side. After our meeting, discussions took place within the higher ups at DoT and it was observed that the submissions of AIGETOA have merit. Accordingly, it was decided to call for a formal meeting with higher officers of BSNL to discuss upon the submissions of General Secretary AIGETOA. The meeting between DoT and BSNL officers will take place on 9th May 2024 and shall be chaired by Hon’ble Joint Secretary (Admin). After taking inputs from BSNL, further actions shall be taken by DoT.

Friends, though apparently small, but It’s indeed a big achievement that DoT has finally decided to move forward on the standard pay scales issue else earlier their categorical stand was always that issue is closed in line with their letter written to CLC during reconciliation proceedings with one association. This achievement is a testimony to the consistent efforts of Team AIGETOA to clear the issues under the able guidance of our umbrella organisation BMS. Slowly and steadily, road blocks are getting cleared and we are very sure that one by one, all issues shall be resolved including the issue of 3rd PRC

It may also be noted that while pursuing the pending important matters of 2nd PRC implementation (SAB dues & E2-E3 pay scale) through the official corridors of DoT/ BSNL with the active support of our strong umbrella BMS, the legal entangles are also being pursued by team AIGETOA side by side. The appeal at Hon HC is being filed and wrt E2-E3 the reply being submitted to DoT/DPE where the next listing date is 21/5/2024 at Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam.

Further, our efforts for the road blocks created by one group on the LICE of SDE to AGM is also on and we assure one and all that AIGETOA will defeat their designs to stop the promotions. Our team is working and pursuing on the issue and suitable action is being taken. We have also prevailed upon management to not to go loose on any milestones because of the court stay and all activities for issuance of LICE Results should be on track as per the schedule finalized earlier. Further our endeavours for promotions for all eligible is also on. Team AIGETOA has made a conclusive progress on PWD promotions as per the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court- ( Final outcome will be visible soon) and we are also actively pursuing for implementation of Hon’ble Lucknow CAT Bench orders with respect to SDE 2007 Reversal issue and have covered a lot of distance in this regard. We are also pursuing for issuance of promotions through DPC mode across various grades.

We are sure that the unwavering support to AIGETOA by all concerned will definitely yield the positive results for the genuine cause of executives and the resolution towards PPP issues. Progress is slow but steady and we thank our umbrella organisation BMS for their support and keeping the issues on track with their active monitoring on developments.

We also extend our thanks and gratitude to our Honourable Minister of communication for his intervention on the issues after our submissions to his good self in the series of meetings with AIGETOA.

We once again request all executives to support AIGETOA in its efforts going beyond association lines.