Successful Protest Demonstration under the banner of Joint Forum against the restructuring notification

Successful Protest Demonstration under the banner of Joint Forum against the restructuring notification

The protest demonstration under the banner of Joint Forum against the restructuring notification was organised successfully with full participation from all the Executives across the country. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the executives for lending the support to the program. We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure promotions in a time bound manner for all the Executive and that we are prepared to go to any extent to ensure the same.

Today AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma and GS Shri Wasi Ahmad also met PGM Pers BSNL CO and enquired about the discussion with respect to handling the promotional aspects including that of stagnation. We reminded that Honble CMD BSNL Committed for initiating the discussion with respect to the promotional avenues and stagnation after 15th November 2021. However no action has been initiated yet despite his assurance including diversion of MT Quota vacancies to DPC despite approval from BSNL Board.

PGM Pers informed that committee for amending various RRs have been constituted which will look into all the aspects. Committee for amending BSNL MSRR will also be notified within this week only.

We registered our strong resentment on keeping stagnation of 12 years for promotion to JTO to SDE despite categorical rejection by association. We once again reiterated that management should look into making the promotion time-bound in line with the earlier approved CPSU proposal. We said that erstwhile BSNL Board has approved a timeline of 15 years for reaching to the post of AGM and same should be honoured.

PGM Pers advised us to exercise patience and assured that committee will look into all the aspects hampering the promotional avenues of executives including revisiting the 12 years stagnation clause in JTO Cadre and discussion with Associations shall be initiated soon. We also requested PGM Pers for immediately notifying the diversion of MT Quota Posts to DPC Quota as approved by BSNL Board. We also said since there is moratorium on external recruitment, hence all the posts should be filled up from internal candidates through DPC Route.

PGM Pers again reiterated that committee constituted for amending the RRs will look into all the aspects and said that very soon developments will be seen. We said that in the absence of an early action, association shall be forced to resort to intense orgnasitational actions and hence immediate necessary action should be initiated to avoid industrial unrest.

Click here for notification of constitution of various committees for amending RRs

Letter for BSNL MS RR shall also be issued within this week.

Immediate & Strong protest on 24.11.2021 by burning the copy of order and staging Lunch Hour Demonstration against the Man Power Planning Order announced today

Dear All,

It has been decided to lodge our immediate and strong protest on 24.11.2021 by burning the copy of order and staging Lunch Hour Demonstration against the Man Power Planning Order announced today with introduction of stagnation period of long 12 Years for SDE Promotion (beyond the sanctioned strength), introduction of Ext MT and Not Meeting of our Demand for Time Bound Promotion OR Required Number of Posts in promotional grades for promotion of all eligible Executives as demanded by the Associations.

All CHQ, Circle and District / SSA OBs are requested to make arrangements of the protest immediately by reaching out to all Associations.

Deferment of ongoing Agitation on the Appeal of Director HR

Dear All,

BSNL Management has issued one more appeal to defer the ongoing call of the AIGETOA in line with the discussion held with the Director HR on 22.07.2021. Although few major points have been left in the record of discussion issued and these have been raised to the Sr GM SR as per the discussion held on which she has assured to bring to the knowledge of Director HR BSNL. In the meantime, the restructuring meeting is also scheduled to start with AIGETOA on its submissions from 28.07.2021.

CHQ governing body in the meeting held yesterday night unanimously decided to consider the request of the Director (HR) to enable the discussion in an amicable environment and defer the ongoing agitation program with a believe that resolution of issues will happen in 2-3 months time as assured in the letter. Further, we believe that the management will cease the opportunity and consider our request to ensure sufficient number of promotional post in restructuring as submitted by AIGETOA and one promotion to all eligible executives before implementation of restructuring.

The decision to defer the appeal has been taken in view of the discussions held on 22.07.2021 wherein Director HR categorically told that management is considerate on all the issues and they shall be taking positive action on all the genuine issues related to executives. Director HR also told that management has already shown it’s positive intent by moving forward on JTO to SDE DPC despite many criticalities. He reaffirmed his commitment for taking care of left out JTOs and also promotions in other streams and grades. With respect to Restructuring issues, he said that management is considerate on the subject of promotional avenues, stagnation and number of posts and discussion on these aspects should be given a chance before moving on to extreme steps. Director HR also told that within next 2-3 months, things will be visible on ground and results of the efforts will definitely be seen. Association side also expressed that while we also believe that amicable resolution should be given a priority, but time and again, changing stand by management on issues forces us to do so. However, as per the request of management, AIGETOA can consider deferring the program but any change in the stand of management may force us to resume the action programs and that too with more vigor.

Accordingly, we have decided to defer the programs as of now. However this deferment is subject to be launched immediately in case we feel that there is deviation from the assured path. Despite the deferment, whole rank and file of AIGETOA should be ready to react immediately in case things do not settle as per discussion and satisfaction of AIGETOA especially that with respect to covering the left out Candidates for JTO to SDE DPC and ensuring sufficient number of posts in various streams and grades.

We extend our heartiest thanks to our esteemed members and supporters to make the organisational call successful by quitting WhatsApp groups to lodge their strong resentment by Ten Thousand Executives approximately. Now we request all of them to resume the previous position on account of deferment of the call and devote to improve position of BSNL despite of all challenges to bring back our beloved organisation to the path of growth.

AIGETOA meeting with Director (HR) on 22.07.2021:

In view of the protest call, a meeting of the association leaders with management arranged on 22th July, 2021 over zoom to discuss the pending issues and resentment lead for the organizational activities by the association. The meeting was arranged on the initiative of Sr GM SR to take stock of the issues and hold a dialogue between the association and management in the larger interest of the organisation. The meeting held under chairmanship of Director HR and it was attended by PGM Pers, Sr Estab, Sr GM SR, GM Restg, DGM SR and other officers of the BSNL Corporate Office. The association side was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri Wasi Ahmad, Shri Yogendra Jharwal, Shri Badri Mehta and Shri Pavan Akhand.

The meeting held in cordial atmosphere and association extended thanks to the management for releasing long pending JTO to SDE Order but apprised that a serious resentment is prevailing in the field due to lukewarm response on many other long pending issues, recent release of inconsistent speaking order and curtailment of promotional posts in the initial proposal of restructuring, which will result in serious stagnation in the career of all executives. The association raised every issue in length and its repercussion and fallout on the executives and the organisation. The meeting lasted for two hours due to discussion on all issues between the two sides.

Finally, Director (HR) assured for his personal efforts to resolve the issues one by one in a timely manner and requested the association to defer the call at least for 2-3 months and continue the ongoing dialogue process for the settlements of all outstanding issues in the larger interest of the department. The association requested Director (HR) to issue a record of discussion of the meeting to instill confidence in the infuriated executives so that association can arrive at a decision as per the assurance. The Director (HR) assures for release of the RoD.

Accordingly, the association has decided to take a call on the ongoing program after release of the record of discussion.

Updates on the Meeting held with BSNL Management on 22.07.2021 :

Today a meeting was convened by SR cell to discuss and deliberate upon the demands raised by AIGETOA vide it’s notice dated 13.07.2021. The meeting was chaired by Hon’ble Director HR and was attended by PGM Pers, Sr GM SR, Sr GM TRG, Sr GM Estt, GM Restg, DGM SR from management side. Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri Wasi Ahmad, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, Shri Yogendra Jharwal and Shri Pavan Akhand attended on behalf of AIGETOA. All issues mentioned in the demands were discussed threadbare and conclusions arrived on Certain Points. Management Sought two months time for taking the major issues towards settlement and requested the association to atleast defer the action program by 2-3 months.

Association representatives said that whatever that has been discussed and decided be captured in black & white and a record of discussion be issued. We informed that though we welcome the gesture of management towards positive settlement of issues but any decision on next course shall be taken only after issuance of the record of discussions and going through the firm assurances given by management.

The meeting was held through zoom and lasted for two hours.

We have decided to wait for the record of discussions before any decision on next course is taken.

All CHQ, CS and CPs are requested to take note of the above and wait for issuance of recorded discussions.

Representation to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India On CURRENT STATUS of the BSNL and APPEAL for the INTERVENTION

Representation to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on CURRENT STATUS of the BSNL and APPEAL for the INTERVENTION

Dear Friends,

BSNL is passing through a tough time and revival package approved by the Govt of India in Oct-2019 and VRS of more than 78000 employees, reducing the wage bill from 1200 Cr to 560 Cr, have not ended the misery and even the basic right of timely salary and medical needs are absent for the employees. No significant growth in the revenue by BSNL, Non rollout of 4G, No land monetization and ever increasing liabilities of debt is pushing the organisation in a serious vicious cycle. AIGETOA has always raised its voice for sustainability of organisation at all platforms as we understand the serious fallout on the employees recruited by BSNL on account of any mishap in the fortune of the company. In absence of any proper social security measures, the employees recruited by BSNL are very concerned along with other employees for their future due to the current state of the company. So, AIGETOA has decided to raise the voice once again for bringing the organisation on the right track by draw the attention of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and senior dignitaries of the government for the national strategically important asset BSNL.

In this regard, AIGETOA will be running a campaign through memorandum as part its organisation program. The memorandum will be submitted by General Secretary, Circle Secretary District Secretary of the association to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and other senior functionaries of the government from 22nd July, 2021. Our OBs will reach to all employees of BSNL and appeal them to support the movement by submitting the memorandum. We will also be reaching out to the Hon’ble Members of Parliament and the esteemed citizens of the country to support the cause. Every CHQ/CS/DS OBs will try to meet Hon’ble Member of Parliament of their constituency and appraise the prevailing condition of the national asset BSNL and plead for the support by forwarding the memorandum to the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Click here for format of Memorandum to be submitted by GS/CS/DS

Click here for the annexure of the Memorandum


22nd to 26th July 2021: Mass representation by all employees to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Home Minister of India cum Chairman of GoM, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and filing of grievance on PGRMS portal to request for fixing of the reasons/accountability for failure of BSNL Revival Program and wastage of around Rs 69000 Cr of public money of Govt Exchequer.

22nd July 2021: Quitting of all official WhatsApp Groups on protest.

28th July onwards: Start of Non-Cooperation Movement.

4th-5th August 2021: Applying of Two Days Leave as a Protest.

4th-5th August 2021: Two Days Dharna by CHQ, CS & CP OBs at Delhi CO.

AIGETOA serves revised notice for organizational program

Since, a good and positive environment was created from the management side by considering and acting timely on some agenda points which included one of the major issue of JTO to SDE DPC, the association also reciprocated and did not press organizational programs of the served notice dated 18.06.2021. But the recent unreasonable speaking order issued by BSNL to change its own decision of August 2020 to even deny the quota in a vacancy year (inflicting serious damage to the meritorious candidates) despite of the ongoing discussion is nothing but breach of trust by the management and it has created serious resentments in fields. Further, management’s efforts to curtail down number of posts through restructuring process has made the executives restless as it will be further depleting the very limited promotional avenues available to the executives resulting in huge stagnation in every grades and many other HR issues are also pending for resolution. This forced the association to rethink its earlier stand and as decided in the All India CHQ, CS & CP Meet, AIGETOA has served revised notice for organizational programs with amended schedule to lodge our strong protest and seek the kind attention of the management against the injustice and severe stagnation in the career prospects and settlement of the long pending Hr Issues, Revival & Sustainability of BSNL and Timely Payment of Salary.

Click here for the Notice


  • Timely disbursement of salary on last working day of the respective months.
  • BSNL’s Revival in its true spirit with full focus on maintenance/coverage related issues.
  • Supplementary DPC for left out candidates by re-verification of vacancies and immediate notifications of LDCE for all vacancy years for the SDET Grade.
  • Extending Immediate Promotions in SDET to AGM (T) grade, as SDETs are stagnating in the grade for 8 to 17 yrs. Similarly extending promotion in JAO to AO, AO to CAO, DGM equivalent and parity in promotions in other streams i.e. Elect, Civil, Arch, CSS, CSSS and Telecom Factory.
  • Provision of enough posts in promotional grades as proposed by the association in the ongoing Man Power Planning of Executives (Restructuring Plan) to ensure smooth career progression. Introduction of Internal Fast Track Promotion Mechanism and Scraping of MT RRs.
  • Reviewing the unreasonable speaking order and continuing of SDE Seniority List-9 and circulation of subsequent lists (based on VY basis, in line with Quota specified for LDCE & SCF).
  • Extension of E2 scales for JAO/JTO equivalent grade and E3 scales for AO/SDE equivalent grade and settlement of Pay Loss Issue (E1+5 and 22820/- and Pay fixation of DR JE to JTO).
  • Enhancement of total SAB to 30% (shortage of 8.2%) and formation of PRMB Trust with defined contribution. Deposit of pending SAB amount (due since April-2020) with interest.
  • Onetime settlement of LDCE-2007 SDE Reversion issue as assured in 1st Agenda Meeting and Streamlining of Bond Related issues of newly recruited JAO/JTOs as per agenda meeting item.
  • Compassionate Ground Appointment to nearest dependent of the employees, who met untimely death during the current Covid Pandemic Period by treating it as Death on Duty.


22nd to 26th July 2021 : Mass representation by all employees to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Home Minister of India cum Chairman of GoM, Hon’ble Minister of Communications and filing of grievance on PGRMS portal to request for fixing of the accountability for failure of BSNL Revival Program and wastage of around Rs 69000 Cr of public money of Govt Exchequer.

22th July 2021 Quitting of all official WhatsApp Groups on protest.

28th July onwards Start of Non-Cooperation Movement.

4th and 5th August 2021 – Two Days Dharna by CHQ, CS and CP OBs at Delhi CO HQs.

4th and 5th August 2021Applying of Two Days Leave as a Protest.

Protest Against Unreasonable Speaking Order:

In view of the unreasonable speaking order issued by management, AIGETOA has decided to lodge it’s strong protest against the unjustified order, which deny even the legitimate right of quota within vacancy year in sde seniority list.

The Team AIGETOA under AIP and GS will meet to the CMD and Director HR and personally lodge the protest and convey the strong resentment prevailing in the fields due to this order.

Program at all three levels:

Corporate Office, Circle Offices & SSA HQ

All our members and other executives will assemble in the lunch hour as a protest against this black order to express their resentment and demand for justice.