Calling Off the Lunch Hour Demonstration on the appeal of BSNL Management :

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you that following a series of productive discussions and meetings, the recent organizational action notice issued by AIGETOA CHQ has been withdrawn. We would like to extend our gratitude to all members for their patience, cooperation, and support throughout this process.

A brief overview of the developments leading to the withdrawal of the action notice is as follows:

Re-conciliatory Meeting with Management:

A meeting chaired by the Director HR, with the presence of PGM (Pers) and PGM (SR), was held on 2nd February 2024. Management acknowledged the concerns raised by AIGETOA and assured prompt and appropriate action on the demands raised, particularly demand number 1.

Assurance on Provisioning of adequate resources and Revision of various Allowances:

Management committed to revisiting the issues related to resource allocation, revision of TA/DA, accommodation, mobile reimbursement limit, Pan India Laptop Policy and other allowances. These matters were slated for detailed discussion in the agenda meeting scheduled for 9th February 2024.

Thereafter an appeal was issued by management for withdrawal of the organisational action program. However, we expressed our unwillingness on the withdrawal in the absence of firm actions from management especially on the issue number 1.

Click here for the Appeal by Management

Meeting with UP (West) Circle Management: Following the issuance of an appeal by management, another meeting was held on 02.02.2024 wherein it was informed that UP West Circle has been directed to investigate and act urgently on the matter. The UP (West) circle management thereafter convened a meeting with AIGETOA at Ghaziabad which was attended by the BA head of Ghaziabad, Representatives of UP West administration, Representatives of Ghaziabad BA admin and District/ Circle office bearers of AIGETOA and CHQ nominees from AIGETOA.

Click here for the Meeting Notice

In the bilateral discussion, the issue was discussed in detail and was resolved to the satisfaction of both the sides.

Follow-up Meeting with BSNL Corporate Office:

Subsequent to the bilateral meeting held at Ghaziabad BA, the report of the UP West Circle was forwarded to BSNL CO along with the minutes. Thereafter the CHQ officers of AIGETOA along with GS had another meeting with Director (HR), PGM (Pers), BSNL CO and PGM (SR), BSNL CO on dated 05.02.2024. The updates of the action taken by UP (West) circle administration and also the issue of lack of resources were discussed and the assurances given on 2nd February 2024 were reaffirmed.

Click here for the Minutes of the Meeting

Withdrawal of Organizational Action Notice:

In light of the positive developments and reaffirmed commitments from management, AIGETOA CHQ has decided to withdraw the organizational action notice. We remain hopeful for further positive outcomes, including the consideration of the revision of TA/DA/Allowances in the upcoming agenda meeting on 9th February 2024.

Click here for the AIGETOA Letter with respect to the withdrawal of lunch hour demonstration

Friends, it’s the matter of fact and record that AIGETOA is never hesitant in raising the issues of genuine concern and we once again re-affirm that whenever the need arises, we will be there standing firmly with the executives on the genuine issues. However, at the same time we believe that the approach should be pragmatic and result oriented and give all possible chances to amicable resolution with pointed discussions across the table.

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of all involved parties in resolving these issues amicably. We express our gratitude to Hon’ble Director (HR), PGM (Pers), PGM (SR) and CGM (UP–West) for their active involvement in resolving the issue to the satisfaction of all concerned. We also express our appreciation for our CHQ nominees Shri A A Khan and Shri Vaibhav Goyal, Circle AIGETOA Team of UP (West) under the leadership of Shri V K Yadav CP AIGETOA, Shri Nageendra Pratap Yadava, CS AIGETOA and the District Team of AIGETOA Aligarh Shri Vikas Kumar for handling the issue in perfection. We also express our gratitude to the leaders of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) for their active support, guidance and involvement in the matter.

Let us continue to work together towards the betterment of our beloved organization BSNL and the welfare of all members.