BSNL CO Issues Promotions from SDE (T) to AGM (T) Grade :

BSNL CO issues promotions of executives as from SDE (Telecom) to DE/AGM (Regular) of Telecom Operation stream against 67% seniority quota.

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AIGETOA congratulates all the promoted executives and conveys its best wishes.

At the same time, we consider it paramount on the part of management to extend justice to remaining SDEs who have completed their residency and are eligible to be promoted. AIGETOA’s fight for extending justice to the deprived lot will continue. We are not going to stop till we achieve our rightful due. We request management to ensure the promotion of all the eligible SDEs. We have already requested management for increasing the posts, diverting the posts from SET quota and introduction of stagnation criteria so as to ensure that all the eligible SDEs gets their promotion. Our pursuance for the same will continue till we achieve the rightful promotions for all the eligible ones