Breaking News: Circle Secretary of AIBSNLOA, Chennai TD Sh M Vijaya Kumar Joins AIGETOA

In a significant development, Sh. M Vijaya Kumar (DGM CP&DC Mtnce), the Circle Secretary of AIBSNLOA in Chennai TD (Telecom District), has joined AIGETOA. The AIGETOA team in Chennai TD warmly welcomes Sh. M Vijaya Kumar and expresses their gratitude for his decision to join their esteemed association.

The switch from AIBSNLOA to AIGETOA is a testament to Sh M Vijaya Kumar’s dedication and commitment towards the betterment of executives in BSNL. His invaluable experience, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication will significantly strengthen our association in Chennai TD.

This move is expected to inspire and motivate the members of AIGETOA, while also bringing new perspectives and ideas to the association. The AIGETOA team is confident that Sh. M Vijaya Kumar’s presence will contribute to the growth and progress of our association in Chennai TD.