AIGETOA writes to Dir HR – Implementation of DPE/DoPT Guidelines for Resignation under “Technical Formality Clause” for the BSNL Recruited Employees :

AIGETOA writes to Director HR with request to revise the BSNL guidelines and endorse the DPE/DoPT guidelines to allow the BSNL recruited employees to seek the resignations under ‘Technical Formality clause’ on their selection to another CPSE/Government organisation applied through proper channel.

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BSNL is not implementing the DPE guidelines cited with regards to the resignation falls under the “technical formality clause” only in case of BSNL recruited employees. If a BSNL recruited employee applies to another CPSE/Government organisation through proper channel on their selection, the BSNL recruited employees are not permitted to submit their resignation under technical formality basis. Whereas the DPE in its office memorandum dated 1st Feb 2017 clarifies that “… Resignations under ‘Technical Formality clause’ includes resignations in cases where a Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) employee has applied for a post in the same or other CPSE through proper channel and on selection to the said post, is required to resign the previous post for administrative reasons..”.