AIGETOA taken up the matter for restoration of seniority of LDCE-12 SDEs :

AIGETOA taken up the matter of restoration of seniority of the LDCE-12 qualified SDE. GS AIGETOA has reached out to the Director HR requesting him to comply the order given by the Hon’ble Court in the OA NO 350/01626/2022 dated 13.09.2022, where the matter of allowing rotation of quotas in the particular vacancy year has been addressed. Hon’ble Court has directed to publish the seniority list in the cadre of SDET in the light of DoPT OM 13-08-2021 and address the grievance of the applicant by issuing a detailed speaking order, as per following details of the order of the Hon’ble Court:

“At hearing both the counsels agreed that the representation preferred by the applicant seeking amendment of the provisional seniority list No. 9 (Annex-8) to incorporate promotees as SDE(T) in SQ and CQ by rotation of quotas as per the DOPTs Circulars in tune with the DOPT OM dated 13.08.2021 against vacancy year 2006-07 and in terms of the decision rendered in K. Meghachandra Singh is accorded.”

“Let a detailed speaking order be issued on the representation and let a seniority list to be published afresh in the light of the DOPT OM dated 13.08.2021.”

Association has requested that the merit of the judgment dated 13/09/2022, legal opinion submitted in this regard earlier and the various DoPT OMs under reference may kindly be uphold on true sense and accordingly the direction of the Hon’ble CAT Kolkata in the OA NO 350/01626/2022 dated 13.09.2022 should be complied immediately without any delay.

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